Englander Latex Mattress Review – The Real Review

An open letter from Jeff Garfield, Bedrooms & More in Seattle about comments on the internet regarding problems with some latex mattresses

My name is Jeff Garfield and my wife, Wanda, and I own Bedrooms & More.

It is difficult to read about problems about any latex mattress when we believe in them so strongly. I know that people who love a product rarely write reviews. Someone who has problems or receives bad service is most likely to complain. We get more referrals to our store by latex mattress owners than any other product we have carried since 1972.

Englander has been in business for over 100 years. Like many national companies, Englander licenses use of it’s name to different manufacturing plants throughout the country. For the 22+ years we have dealt with “Englander,” our manufacturing plant has been Tualatin Sleep Products, Tualatin, Oregon. The national “Englander” organization has been very weak, with each franchised plant pretty much building whatever mattress styles they wanted with little national consistency. Our Tualatin Sleep Products builds more than 800 different mattress styles with many dozens of those being latex or part latex. These exact same mattresses are not available through any other plant. We know this from occasionally trying to buy models from different plants to avoid shipping them across country to our customers. How other plants deal with dealers or customers is not standardized throughout the country, however, this is due to change as the individual franchisees have just completed purchase of the Englander name with a goal of standardization.

We have carried, or currently carry, mattresses by Sealy, Stearns & Foster, Englander, Serta, Simmons, Kingsdown, Restonic, King Koil, Springcraft, Springwall, Natura, OMI, Temperpedic, Select Comfort, Boyd and Somma. I have yet to find a perfect product and there are pluses and minuses to all. Some of these brands we found to be unacceptable for various reasons and we took them off our floor. Englander, of all the brands mentioned, we have found to be the most recommended and the company (Tualatin Sleep Products) to be most responsive to warranty and comfort concerns. From articles on the internet, there may be other plants and/or dealers that do not respond as well. Are Englander products perfect? No, of course not. As I said, I have yet to find a perfect product. How do they compare? Our experience puts them right at the top of the list for satisfaction and responsiveness.

I think a lot of the problem with mattresses today is that customers want plusher, thicker mattresses without understanding that the addition of soft surface materials allows for some impressions. One sided, so called no-flip mattresses have contributed significantly to the problem with impressions. When mattresses were all two sided, and hard, thin mattresses were the norm and very few impressions would form. Usually the only material on top of the spring system would be a firm pad, very like a thick carpet pad. This pad would have very little compression plus the warranty would call for regular turning and rotation of the mattress. The mattresses would retain their smooth tops but would offer little in the way of comfort. Firm mattresses now account for fewer than 25% of sales on the West Coast. The plush mattresses lessen pressure points and help reduce tossing and turning. Manufacturers have come up with many types of soft foams and fiber combinations to provide this soft surface. Almost all of these materials have some degree of compression.

A foam manufacturer I spent some time with said that their goal was that, after break in, the soft foams should retain 80% of their thickness and that that thickness could be expected at the 10 year point. This points out that the less soft foam or fiber there is, the less the impression. If a mattress has four inches of soft foams above the spring unit or other core, the compression would be about 8/10’s of an inch. If there are six inches of padding, an impression of 1 1/4″ can form. I have not found a brand of mattress that in a very plush version cannot get some impressions if not turned and rotated to insure an even break in. I suspect that many people are unwilling to do even minimal maintenance to ensure a long lasting product and then are surprised that there is pocketing right where they sleep.

So, does latex stand up to impressions? First, Englander uses 100% rubber latex cores, not synthetic latex (sometimes called pure latex). It has been our experience in 23 years of carrying latex, that latex does not take an impression over long periods of time (most customers say 15 to 30 years). The latex itself, although it can be molded in different densities, is still pretty firm (hard) and so sometimes other materials are used on the top to provide plushness. The less soft material on the surfaces, the less chance of any impressions. Latex only mattresses should have no impressions as there are no softness layers on top.

Here at Bedrooms & More. First, we have about 30 latex models on our showroom floor. About half of those come from our local Englander plant. We have these made especially for us and are made two sided; both sides have identical comfort layers. We recommend, in person and in writing, a turning and rotating schedule to get the most life and comfort from the mattress.  We oftentimes recommend one of the natural models that uses only latex and suggest a topper that can be replaced or turned as necessary for the longest life. A comfort topper can be a great choice as our bodies change over time. What we like today may not be right for us 5, 10 or 15 years from now. Changing to a different topper during the long life of a latex mattress can keep you comfortable for years without the major expense of a new mattress.

What of other brands? The big “S” mattress companies (Sealy, Simmons, Spring Air, Serta) have sold out to financial groups – they are no longer owned by “mattress people”. These companies have gone to single sided, can’t flip mattresses as there is a savings of almost 30% in the manufacturing process. This 30% is not being passed on to you, the consumer, or the retailer. Unfortunately, these large manufacturers do not necessarily have your best interests at heart. These one sided mattresses sold by many major companies have very short life spans and getting warranty service can be iffy. It is now recommended that these “can’t flip” mattresses be replaced in 5 to 7 years. We see many of these people when they are replacing mattresses after only a few years and unsatisfactory warranty service. Often, latex is the best answer for these people.

If you don’t want to worry about impressions, get a latex only mattress and add a topper. Even if the mattress is not only latex, you can expect a longer life (of the mattress) if a reasonable turning and rotating schedule is maintained.

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  1. thanks.

    I am in the market for a latex mattress.
    You article is very helpful.
    What is your take on the Sters & Foster latex mattress,


    phyllis yuen

  2. Hi Phyllis,

    The Stearns and Foster Mattresses are all one sided. We do not carry any one sided mattress because they do not last that long. With that being said latex is an extremely durable product and really does not have to be flipped. However, Stearns and Foster puts a lot of cushioning in the form of Poly Foam and or Memory Foam on top of there latex. Which will break down. We had been a Strearns and Foster mattress dealer as recently as last year and some of them have had body impressions. The problem with most manufacturers of latex mattresses is that they topfoams other than latex which will break down. You may not want to buy a latex mattress unless it is flippable or has a removable cover that alows you to flip and rotate it.

  3. I was looking into getting a latex mattress… I’ve been having a few sleepless nights on an old “foam” mattress I got a few years ago – I believe it to be the cause of some of my recent back problems. I’ve tried a couple of “Englander” models I found on craigslist however they seemed way too soft – what model latex bed do you recommend that is not too firm or too soft ? – I believe the ones I tried were 8 to 10 inches thick – I think I’m looking for something more in the 6 inch range for comfort. Also, do you offer a trial of some kind in case the bed isn’t a match for back? Thanks!

  4. Hi Eric,

    The latex models that we sell most do not have any of the poly foams or other sorts of padding that is used in almost all of the other Englnder Latex Models out there. Im pretty sure these are the models you are talking about. Being Englanders largest dealers in the United States gives us the privilege of having the ability to custom build the models we carry. With that said we have 2 models that are our best selling beds that have an almost non existent cushioning on top of 7 3/4″ of latex that is available in a Medium (the one you may like) or and Extra Firm feel. We do also carry two 6″ models with no cushioning in a Medium and Extra Firm feel also.

    We do offer a 60 Day Comfort Exchange on all mattresses.

    What size are you looking for? Please email me shawn@bedroomsandmore.com and Id be happy to send you the pricing on these.

  5. Thanks for “the real review.” It is honestly the most straightforward article I have read about the problem with mattresses. I have been reading and searching for a good, reliable mattress for about 5 months now, and up to this point I have refused to purchase one because I don’t have money to throw away at a mattress that I’ll be replacing in a matter of months. So again, thank you – I’ll be emailing you for more info!

  6. Thanks Keith. I’m glad the information was helpful. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

  7. I’m in California and have been looking at Englander, which is made here in their Stockton, CA location. It’s hard to get good information on their product, since most salesman don’t truly know what they’re talking about. I’m a little concerned now over the different plants and quality controls at each…but thought your above article was very sincere- thank you.

  8. I recently found an English made 4 poster bed, the dealer said Englander is the only one that has a mattress for that size bed. We want the new latez pillow top My husband is a disable vet and he needs a great mattress. The dealer told us you make the best. Where do we find this mattress and how much is it? We are in Oregon.

    thank you

  9. Thank you for this web site, and some straighforward answers about mattresses (hard to find!).

    I’m hoping you can answer my questions. I’m having a hard time believing the answers I’m getting from my retailer (we’re on the other side of the country from you).

    My wife and I went to a furniture store to buy a qulaity mattress. We bought an Englander Splendor King set. Part of the advertising for this mattress was “Odorless.” My major problem is that it smells of stale cigarette smoke. We’ve had it now for 3 weeks, and the smell is the same as the first night. We don’t need to move on the mattress to get the smell, we can be off the mattress and bend down to get our faces close to it and the smell is obvious. I’m having trouble sleeping on it.

    The store tells me this is normal and that the mattress is “off-gassing”, and that the odor is also trapped by the mattress cover and sheets. From what I can read, off-gassing was a problem with some memory foam mattresses, but should not be for natural latex. Also off-gassing, when it is a problem, normally stops after a week or so. Also, would those gasses smell like stale cigarette smoke?

    When we bought it no one advised us that this was an issue, or suggested we should do anything different than immediately put it to use.

    Can you help clarify this for me?

    Thank you.

  10. Hi Bill,

    Im not sure what the smell is coming from but it sounds to me that it is a latex mattress but not 100% . A mattress can be 12″ Thick and have only 4″ of latex in the center and be called a Latex mattress. I know its a shame. I would request the company who sold it to you to show you the specs.

  11. Hi Marcy,

    We have lots of different mattress in our store. It may be best if you were to give us a call so that we can ask a few questions and qualify what mattress would be best for you. My name is Shawn and I can be reached at 206-633-4494.

  12. I purchased a Spring Air King size mattress less than two years ago and within 18 mos. it had such deep body impressions that both my husband and I are now miserable. The Leeds store where we purchased the mattress acknowledged that this mattress has “problems” and has been returned by countless customers. Its easy to see from online reviews that Im not the only one having problems with this mattress. The store was willing only to sell me another mattress at cost. Ive now read countless articles and reviews on mattresses and believe that, as you state, a latex mattress with a topper that can be replaced as needed is the way to go. Both my husband and I prefer a firm mattress and wonder which one you specifically recommend? I used to live in Seattle and wish that I still did so I could visit your store and thank you for this article! It is by far the most comprehensive article I have read.

  13. Wow! My husband and I are just about to go mattress shopping. I literally stumbled on this web-site looking for Englander dealers in the Portland, Or area. I wish we could go to Seattle and buy ours from this store! I am printing out all of this information and comments so my husband can read it in depth. We have a mattress that he turns and rotates religiously, and is probably 20 years old! It’s simply wearing out. Thank you for this useful information!

  14. MY problem with my Englander latex is it is WAY to hard, still- about 4 years of owning it.

    I TRIED very hard to have the retailer take it back by the 90 day trial, but they were SO insistant that “it will soften up!!” They fooled me! I cry sometimes, to this day, I should not have been so soft and given in to them. I paid 1200 for this mattress- no chump change to me! I can’t afford to buy another mattress, but this one is still way way too hard.

  15. Hi Debra,

    Latex can be firm but gives good support. Use of a topper of wool or other materials can cushion the mattress and still give the benefit of the firm, latex core. Many of our customers choose to purchase a firm core latex and then select from a dozen different toppers or combination of toppers to get the comfort they want.

  16. Hello,
    We are curious if you have a Showroom in the Portland, Or. area? We live close to the Tualatin Sleep Products Store that you have found to be the most recommended and the company to be most responsive to warranty and comfort concerns. I have been researching organic latex mattress for weeks now and have learned latex is quite heavy, true? Our friends are happiest with their Englander premium latex with lumbar support (10″ deep pocket, non-flip) they have had since 1999 and they think they purchased it in Tualatin?

    If we must take a trip up north to your store, we will, but was hoping we could try before buy locally?

    Thank you, Noveta

  17. Hi Noveta,

    We only have one store its in Seattle. We however build all of our Englander Latex mattresses a little different than the others out there. All of ours are Two sided and Flippable and consist of mainly latex. Not that a latex mattess has to be turned or flipped but the one sided mattresses out there are built generally with some polyfoam in them which can break down and over a short time. The Beauty of latex is it wont break down and get body impressions like all other foams out there. We are well worth the trip up here and can arrange for pick up at te Tualitan plant. Let us know if we can answer any other questions you may have. Thanks.

  18. We have a new Englander Cashmere. Our first one smelled so horrible and was so “mushy” that we returned it and got a second. The second was almost as bad with outgassing. We finally settled for the floor model, and it has minor outgassing, but I don’t think it should have any. It’s also very difficult to keep it “flat”…the hole gets deeper even though we try to sleep on the middle and keep moving about to help prevent this. I’m really disappointed. We didn’t get ours at Tualatin. I wish I’d just gotten some normal mattress. This one has been a nightmare.

  19. Hi Marti,

    Sorry you’re having an issue with your mattress. It sounds to us like the mattress you have is one sided and has lots of poly and or un natural foams, thus the offgassing. Our store only sells two-sided, flipable mattresses from Englander. If your bed is a King size you can turn the bed 90 degrees and lay across the higher portion of the mattress and break-in the center part of the mattress. If you are still having issues you might contact your local Englander plant for assistance. You may be able to turn the mattress over and purchase a mattress topper, to use on top of the bottom of the mattress.

  20. Dear Jeff, I have been reading the internet for days and your column is the best I have read. Can you help me? I have an elderly Mom, 86, 4′ 10″, weighs 95 lbs. and it s side sleeper. Her old mattress is wearing out and the side edges do not give any support. She fell out of bed twice last week because she was too close to the edge. I need a mattress with a strong edge guard, not too high off the floor, no body impressions and a two sided mattress. She also wants an Englander. She wants a separate pillow top. I am at my wits end. No-one even mentions edge guards, etc. Since she is older she does not want to adjust to a foam mattress. Is there any mattress made that can fill her needs?
    Thank you so much.

  21. Hi Carole,

    If your mom does not want to try a latex foam rubber mattress I may recommend the one of the Englander Tension Ease Mattresses that we carry. They are specially built for us two sided and flippable, offer a really strong edge support and have an individually pocketed coil that is easier on the body than any other coil out there since they conform to the body separately and are not connected to each other.

    If she want to have the softer top separate from the mattress you could combine this Englander Mattress with our 45th Street Wool Topper that would create the softness.

    How does this sound? Let us know were happy to help.

  22. Thanks so much for your reply!! As my Mom is always too warm, is there another topper that is cooler?

    Also, we live in Maine. I gathered from your site that not all Englander’s are built the same as yours. Is there some way I could ship a mattress, or possibly find out if the ones built in the northeast (Portland, ME?) are as good as yours.
    Thanks again,

  23. Hi Carole,

    Im not sure if they make Englander two sided mattresses in your area. Yoiu could check your nearest Englander Manufacturer

    We ship mattresses all the time. If you’d like send me an email to info@bedroomsandmore.com with the following information and I can get you a quote.

    Mattress Size
    Mattress Only or with Box
    Destination Zip code

    For the Topper – Wool is a great temperature regulator so I wouldn’t worry too much. Wool will cool you when your warm and warm you when your cold. However if If wool was too warm a White Loft Silk Topper that we recently started carrying may be a good choice.


  24. Obviously, I’m in the market for a new bed. Found this string while searching the web for two-sided mattress options (this one-sided crud is infuriating). We live near an Englander-Tualatin plant in Stockton, CA. Are they associated with your Tualatin plant & would their products be comparable? Respectful of your ability to ship, we really want to test the product before committing to it to ensure a given combo of coils and toppers, etc will meet our needs. Thanks for the help !!!

  25. Hi Johnelle,

    We are the only company that we know of that is having all of our Englander Mattresses made double sided. Our plant is in Tualitan Oregan. These 2 plants are not associated however. With that said. Englander does have a lineup called the “Tension Ease” which carries and individually pocketed coil that should be available from most Englander Dealers. If you have tried one of those out please let me know which model you tried and we could try to line up the specs with ours.

  26. Hi Jeff, Since the most recent review posted is from November of 2011 I’m hoping that I might still receive a reply. I live in a rural town in Louisiana and am having an extremely difficult time trying to decide on a mattress. I have a Temperpedic Allura that we purchased 2 years ago. Paid almot $5000. & it is the cause of the back pain that I’ve been experiencing. I toss and turn because the mattress is so hot and then I feel even hotter because it’s so hard to reposition myself on such a firm mattress. I can see myself not being able to move on this mattress as I age. There is a furniture store in Marksville, LA offering an E-GEL Englander mattress. Can you give me any info on this particular style? I’d appreciate any assistance that you can provide. Thanks! :)

  27. Jacquie

    Thanks for your response to my blog. I am sorry you are not sleeping well on your mattress. Complaints about memory foam are very common usually centering around heat and inability to turn. The third complaint, not necessarily in this order, is toxicity from the chemicals used to make memory foam . Englander has many plants throughout the country, all of which produce mattresses to their own designs. It is unlikely that the exact same mattress would be available from another plant. Many of these will be one-sided, can’t-flip mattresses and I won’t sell them. Our Englander plant continues to make two-sided, flippable mattresses for us, to our design. As you have probably read on my blog, I am on a quest to offer the last mattress you will ever have to buy – one that will provide good support and hold up without the breakdown being experience by most mattress buyers. You didn’t specify the size mattress you need, but botanical (not synthetic or blend) latex mattress, with a solid core is the way to go for support and longevity. If you let me know your requirements (firmness, cushioning, size) I will be happy to offer recommendations. We carry 28 different botanical latex models starting at $1000 in queen size.

    Thanks for your question and interest.
    Jeff Garfield

  28. In April, 2012 I bought (total price $881 plus tax, including delivery, set up and removal of old bedding) a full size mattress and box spring manufactured by the Englander factory in Commerce CA. It’s represented as made of 94% latex and one sided. So far, it’s comfortable although quite firm. The company recommends that it be rotated but it’s so heavy that I’m tempted to just let it be. Do you have any thoughts as to whether I made an OK decision by this purchase? Also, how important do you consider the issue of rotation?

  29. I need to buy an adjustable bed. I cannot sleep on my back without head elevation and side sleeping is bad for my hips. I would like a twin size mattress, preferably extra long, soft enough to make me feel cradled. I can’t abide any off-gassing. I also can’t lift a mattress and can’t see me hiring movers to come flip my mattress. All the mattresses offered in my local store that can actually be tried on an adjustable bed seem to bottom out at the base of my spine when the head is raised, not under my seat but on the slanted part just above it. Can you suggest anything?

  30. Suzi

    Thanks for your question. The best mattresses for adjustable beds, without off gassing, are made of botanical latex with no synthetics. Many mattresses represented as being “natural” are made of polystyrene butadiene or synthetic rubber (also known as SBR) so it is important for chemical off gassing to get botanical latex. Botanical latex mattresses are also the longest lasting and least likely to have body impressions or stress where the mattress bends. I strongly recommend a two-sided, flippable mattress as they last significantly longer than one-sided, can’t flip mattresses. All latex mattresses are quite easy to flip because they bend in half easily, however, flipping an all botanical latex mattress is not necessary to last a long time. Just know you have the other side which will be brand new when and if you need it.

    The reason adjustable bed mattresses with springs bottom out where you sit is that the border wire around the mattress that gives stability has to be removed or cut in order to bend; another reason why botanical latex works so well on adjustable beds. Another option is to use a very basic latex core mattress with a changeable cushion topper layer.

    My store carries 28 models of botanical latex mattresses starting under $900 dollars in the Twin Extra Long size (start at $1899.95 for the mattress with Leggett & Platt adjustable base). I do not know where you are located, but shipping is often at no charge.

    In order to do a better job for you I would need to know your firmness requirements and location.
    Jeff Garfield

  31. Hi Lenny

    The mattresses we sell here are 100% botanical latex, as opposed to “natural” latex, which quite often means “natural from petroleum from the ground” natural. Botanical latex will lasts for decades, breathes, so you sleep cool, is antimicrobial and dust mite resistant.
    Our latex comes from plantations in either Sri Lanka or Vietnam. The sap is collected just like maple sap. It then has some air whipped into it, somewhat like making a meringue. It is poured into a waffle iron type structure, baked, then washed with water. Those are the cores of our mattresses.
    All of our beds are two-sided, flippable, and 100% botanical latex, which people often keep for over 20 years. We have many options from plush to quite firm, so you have an excellent selection from which to choose. Having said that, my goal is to listen to your needs and hone in on what would be most comfortable for you.
    We have several topper options as well. One of our most popular is the 45th Street Bedding Deluxe Wool Topper, which has quite a cozy feel.
    Thank you so much for your interest in our products. We would love to earn your business, and we will do a good job for you.
    All the best,

    Linda Lendzian

  32. Thanks for your reply about our mattress, which by the way was not cheap. The mattress is horrible with its troughs and holes, and is as you say, not flippable. We feel like we were ripped off because we are sure the salesperson knew this mattress would have troughs and holes. Sometimes I’m stuck in a trough and can’t roll over to a flat space. We turn it a quarter turn every month or so and it’s great for one night. We might have the company take a look and maybe file a claim to get a credit and move forward from there. Horrible!! Englander Cashmere, latex, one sided.
    Sleep is too important to have a mess like this.

    marti brae
    May 10, 2011 at 7:01 am
    We have a new Englander Cashmere. Our first one smelled so horrible and was so “mushy” that we returned it and got a second. The second was almost as bad with outgassing. We finally settled for the floor model, and it has minor outgassing, but I don’t think it should have any. It’s also very difficult to keep it “flat”…the hole gets deeper even though we try to sleep on the middle and keep moving about to help prevent this. I’m really disappointed. We didn’t get ours at Tualatin. I wish I’d just gotten some normal mattress. This one has been a nightmare.

    May 10, 2011 at 1:25 pm
    Hi Marti,

    Sorry you’re having an issue with your mattress. It sounds to us like the mattress you have is one sided and has lots of poly and or un natural foams, thus the offgassing. Our store only sells two-sided, flipable mattresses from Englander. If your bed is a King size you can turn the bed 90 degrees and lay across the higher portion of the mattress and break-in the center part of the mattress. If you are still having issues you might contact your local Englander plant for assistance. You may be able to turn the mattress over and purchase a mattress topper, to use on top of the bottom of the mattress.

  33. I was wondering how the Englander Sunflower Plush mattress would be for my 19 year old daughter (approx. 100 lbs.) who has a herniated disc in her lower back.

  34. Thank you for all the great information you’ve provided about latex mattresses. I have been looking at buying a new bed since ours is causing me pain. I first looked into Tempurpedic because it came so highly recommended by family members. However, I recently discovered I have allergies to formaldehyde and read that it may be used in memory foam production. That led me to looking into latex. Which leads me to my questions.
    ~If I find a store that sells Englander latex mattresses, even if they are one-sided will they feel much the same as the two-sided ones you sell? My husband will not buy a mattress without laying on one first. He is also very “traditional” so the latex issue is a bit of a hard sell. :)
    ~Are all Englander latex mattresses made with the botanical latex that you’ve mentioned or are some synthetic? And what’s an easy way to tell the difference?
    ~What type of base is needed for these mattresses? Can an existing king frame be used to hold them?
    ~What is the average life of the more traditional box spring & mattress combos? We’ve had ours 13 years and I feel like it started causing me problems in the last few years.
    ~Do you know of any Englander distributors in Northwest Iowa? If we could at least test one out somewhere close that would help. Then I’d love to get a quote from you and purchase a double-sided option that you have.

    Thanks so much!

  35. Hi, Gary here.
    You are certainly on the right track looking at the Latex beds! We have carried them for over 25 years, and we all choose them to sleep on. Unfortunately, the models we carry are mostly designed for our customer preferences, so they are not exactly the same as you would lay on if you found an Englander latex mattress in another part of the country. The exception would be the original 6″ flat top mattress which would be the same as long as you are certain it is made from the botanical sap from the trees simply blended with air and baked into the 6″ core. Problem may be that some of the “All Natural” latex beds can be made from a blend of Botanical latex and synthetic latex, which is not the same product. We also insist that any mattress we carry is the same top and bottom if it has any compressible materials, such as spun wool, attached to the surface for comfort and pressure point relief.
    We are located in Seattle, Wa. I’m not sure of your location, but it would be advised if you could actually come in and lay on our many different Latex mattress models to find the best comfort level for you. If that is not possible, then make sure what you are trying out is the pure, botanical rubber, not a blend or layered product.
    Good luck on your quest and feel free to call us with any further questions.
    Thank you,
    Gary Hurst
    Bedrooms & More
    206-633-4494 or 1-888-297-8844

  36. H,
    Just came across your 2009 article on latex/Englander mattresses while researching a few of the beds Costco is offering this week:)
    From reading the posts & replies, I can see that there is yet another reason we would love living in Seattle!
    Thanks for such great info.

    We bought an Englander in 2000 when we decided to give up the waterbed.
    We live in Sacramento so as I see from the warranty tag, it came out of the Stockton.
    Although interestingly enough, the customer service address is in Tualatin OR.

    The model we bought is the Princess Luxury…a king size.
    We religiously rotated it and were very happy with it until it developed body craters a few years ago.
    It’s not a flippable mattress.
    I called the dealer here and after he contacted Englander, he said Englander would only honor the warranty if we took it to Stockton and the mattress did not show signs of abuse or mistreatment.
    Well there was no way we could haul this thing to Stockton and be without a bed while they determined whether the mattress was faulty so we just figured we’d have to live with it or replace it.

    While it is one sided we have flipped it in an effort to still have a functional mattress. We have a memory foam and a feather bed topper on it.

    So it was with great interest that I read the range of Englander manufacturers. Seems like they are not serving the brand name well by allowing such vast differences.
    I know after this experience, and reading your article, I would think twice about Englander again…unless I could high-tail it to Seattle and buy one of yours!

    Actually that leads to a shipping question…approximately what would it cost to have one of your Englander king size mattresses shipped to Sacramento?

    Am also wondering about a response to one of the postings regarding rotating the king mattresses sideways…is that really doable? Aren’t they longer on one edge?

    Will look forward to hearing back from you.

  37. Sandy,

    Thank you for your inquiry. I’m glad you found our blog to be helpful. We understand entirely the frustration one sided mattresses bring. Many of the national “S” brands (Sealy, Serta, Simmons, Sterns and Foster) are owned by private equity firms and financial groups who are only interested in maximizing the profit margin of each product sold. This has led to a steady decline in the quality and longevity of many mattresses sold. Fortunately Englander still makes quality two-sided mattresses for our store. We also have several local manufactures who produce two sided innerspring and botanical latex mattresses.

    We have had great success shipping mattresses all across the country (California, Hawaii, Alaska, East coast, etc.). Out of state orders are not subject to state sales tax. Often times the tax that in state customers pay covers or comes close to covering the shipping cost out of state customers pay. Shipping a king size mattress from Seattle to Sacramento would cost roughly $300.00. Cost will vary depending on which model you select, whether or not you need a platform box (‘box spring’) and the level of delivery service you select (curbside, white glove, etc.). I’d be happy to request a quote from our shipping company using generic king size dimensions and weights if you’d like a more accurate quote.

    In reference to rotating a king size mattress 90 degrees; it is doable, however they are not completely square. The dimensions of a standard king or “eastern king” is 76″x80″. The reasoning behind a 90 degree rotation is to spread the wear and tear evenly over the surface of the mattress. A 180 degree rotation switches the bulk of wear and tear from head of the bed to the foot of the bed, but the weight still falls in roughly the same two locations on the mattress (one person on the left, one person on the right). The 90 degree rotation allows our weight to fall in areas of the mattress that are not normally used as heavily. The mattress will be 2 inches wider on either side and 4 inches shorter than normal when rotated 90 degrees. If the mattress is on a platform box (or ‘box spring’) it would be very easy to rotate. Certain frames may make it more difficult to fit the mattress if it’s rotated 90 degrees.

    Shopping for a mattress long distance can seem daunting I’m sure. I have personally helped many out of state customers select a mattress over the phone and have had great success. After some thorough questions and explanations of comfort preferences we can narrow the choices and help make the best selection. We also have a 60 day exchange policy if the mattress selected ends up being uncomfortable, though our percentage of exchanged mattresses is very low.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions. We would be happy to help in any way we can and would love the opportunity to earn your business. We’ll do a good job for you.

    Thanks again,

    Matt Burdic

    Bedrooms & More
    300 NE 45th St
    Seattle, WA 98105

  38. I really would like to purchase a latex mattress. My husband is allergic to latex. Is there adequate covering around the latex or will this be a problem?

  39. I really would like to purchase a latex mattress. My husband is allergic to latex. Is there adequate covering around the latex or will this be a problem?

  40. Lin,

    We have sold many latex mattresses to people with latex allergies, or concerns about the risk of a latex allergy. People generally do not have reactions because it is very well insulated with a wool quilt, and a cotton cover. Additionally, when people are allergic to latex, they are commonly sensitive to the chemicals used in creating synthetic latex, and ours don’t use the synthetic rubber. With the natural rubber, some people are sensitive to the proteins in the sap of the rubber tree; but botanical latex foam is washed after it has been vulcanized to reduce the presence of this protein. We have not had anyone report any issues with the product in their home.
    That being said, I prefer to send a sample of the latex foam home with a customer prior to the sale of the mattress just to be safe. There is no substitute for spending the night with the material, and seeing if there are any issues. I hope this helps. Thanks,

    Blake Garfield

    Bedrooms & More
    300 NE 45th St
    Seattle, WA 98105
    (888) 297-8844
    (206) 633-4494

  41. I just started looking for a new mattress. I found one that is really comfortable and I’ve been debating on whether or not I should spend that much money for it. I believe it is the Englander Latex Synergy mattress. I’m just scared I’m going to spend a bunch of money and then 6 months down the road, I’ll regret it. Can you help me decide? Thanks.

  42. You wrote: I just started looking for a new mattress. I found one that is really comfortable and I’ve been debating on whether or not I should spend that much money for it. I believe it is the Englander Latex Synergy mattress. I’m just scared I’m going to spend a bunch of money and then 6 months down the road, I’ll regret it. Can you help me decide?

    I am responding to your post on our blog. Almost all mattresses you try in a store will feel great and better than what you have. The next concern after initial comfort needs to be what it will feel like six months from now, or a year, and how long will it last. I don’t know what part of the country you are from so can’t identify the exact mattress you have seen. Each Englander plant is individually owned and will have mattresses unique to them. That being said, the “Synergy” line consists of layers, usually some latex, poly foams and petroleum based memory foam. Often times these are one sided, can’t flip mattresses. I cannot recommend any can’t flip mattresses and would avoid petroleum based foams from a standpoint of longevity and chemical off gassing. It is a little more difficult to find the two sided and non synthetic mattresses but well worth the search to avoid the bitter taste of buying a mattress that doesn’t live up to expectations.

    If I knew where you are from I might be able to recommend some options.

    Thanks for you comments.
    Jeff Garfield
    J & W Marketing, Inc., d/b/a Bedrooms & More
    300 N.E. 45th St.
    Seattle, WA 98105
    (206) 633-4505 or FAX (206) 633-4506

  43. I purchased an Englander Grandaur Mattress 12 years ago. It is the best mattress I have ever slept on. Do they still make this one?

  44. I live in Salem,Oregon and am interested in a two sided latex mattress. Would you please let me know how to obtain one , and if you deliver in Salem, and if you would pick up the old mattress. May I please get prices and composition of your mattresses.

    Thank You

  45. Hi, Gary here. We display over 20 flip-able latex models on our showroom floor here in Seattle, Wa. They include some Englander models which are made in Tualatin, OR and a lot of models from our own creation made here in the Seattle area. All our latex models feature 100% natural rubber from the tree as the support part and quilted with different amounts of softer latex and spun wool to achieve a big variety of comfort and firmness levels to suit your individual needs. All are then covered with Organic Cotton wrappers. Best thing would be if you had the chance to visit our showroom to try out the many options we offer, then we can figure out the best way to get it to you. If that is not possible, visit our web site at “bedroomsandmore.com” to check out our models, then feel free to call us with any questions you may have including pricing and how we can get one to you if you are interested. Looking forward to further communication. Not sure what size you need, but our Queens start at $1299.95 and range up to about $3100.00. Please let me know how we can help.
    Thanks, Gary Hurst “gary@bedroomsandmore.com”
    1-888-297-8844 or 206-633-4494

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  47. Very glad I stumbled onto this forum! I am seriously considering purchasing an Englander Mattress. The one I found is Nature’s Finest Latex “Brampton Plush”
    Specs: states its petroleum free, 4″ natural latex, 3″ of 2 lb HR Super Soft Polyfoam. The mattress is not flip-able though. The top is very plush which seems to be very comfortable. My worry with the reviews is that it will start to make an impression after some time because of the plush top. Can you offer any insight?

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