A Two Sided Mattress. Not a thing of the past!

The people at Waterworks Sleep Center in Arnold, Missouri. agree with us!

Read there article here www.stlbeds.com

Two sided mattresses are not a product of the past. They are a product of the future!


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3 Responses to A Two Sided Mattress. Not a thing of the past!

  1. Two sided mattresses are making a strong resurgence. It is an uphill battle for companies like ours. However we can make a difference in the industry by chipping away at the giant mattress companies ankles. They only want this disruptive idea of ours and so many other industry proponents of to go way. concerning going back to the flippable mattresses. They want to dictate how the industry to run and were recently very successful in my opinion with the new mandate for mattress fire retardantcy. Go get em Bedrooms and More


  2. Thanks for the great tips.

  3. Doug

    Need my two-sided mattress back…

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