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Bedrooms & More Seattle


True story: in 1972, Bedrooms & More opened in Seattle on the corner of 45th Street and Latona in the character-filled, family-friendly neighborhood of Wallingford. Today, we’re going 44 years’ strong and enjoying a season of expansion. Because we’ve always focused first on our customers, their requests, needs, preferences, and priorities, we’ve been able to stay agile and keep growing sustainably even through tough economic seasons. We’re here to stay, and starting in Fall 2016, you can visit us at our state of the art, expanded location just one block east of where it all began. We’d love to meet you and for you to see why our customers call us the best place to buy a mattress in Seattle.

Founders Jeff and Wanda Garfield first opened the store with a focus on waterbeds — at the time, a new and exciting product in the bedding industry. As years passed and times changed, we transitioned our mattress business to include always two-sided, flippable mattress models, solid wood and iron bedroom furniture, and an impressive collection of bedding lines at all price points to help you fully furnish your signature look.

The Garfield family — which now includes three grown sons, their wives, a couple of grandchildren, and even a cousin — still owns and operates the business. We also have a diverse and talented team of employees who feel like family to us. We’re committed to creating customer relationships for life, and are always excited when we get to serve multiple generations of the same family.

Our brick and mortar retail store is located in King County, Washington, which is adjacent to Skagit, Snohomish, Pierce, and Thurston counties. But our delivery and service area extends far beyond even state borders.


We specialize in all-botanical latex products, offering the largest selection of the best latex foam mattresses in the Puget Sound region. After years of research, exploration, and testing, plus traveling to far corners of the globe to experience mattress-making up close and personal, we began manufacturing our own latex mattress cores. We carefully quality-control every step of the process, from designing products, to harvesting and processing the tree rubber, to building, baking, and transporting, all the way to your door (and beyond). Our signature Botanicore™ is hands down the best chemical-free mattress material available — and the best mattress material available, period. It’s durable, consistent in feel, health-enhancing, and eco-friendly.

To complement our mattress collection, we offer a varied range of natural fiber and eco-friendly bedding that includes latex, cotton, and wool mattress toppers, pillows, comforters, and mattress pads, plus linen and bamboo sheets and pillows. Bedrooms & More is also the place to shop for quality bedroom furniture with a wide selection of traditional wood beds, iron and metal bed frames, futons and futon mattresses, platform beds, day and trundle beds, as well as children’s furniture.


We do our best to source our products from right here in the Pacific Northwest to help preserve jobs in the region, as well as reduce energy usage due to transportation. When it comes to getting your furniture to you, we personally deliver to the greater Puget Sound region from Bellingham to Olympia and beyond.

Live far from Seattle? No problem! We aim to be the best place for you to buy your mattress no matter where you live! We’ve hand-picked the best carriers for deliveries to other areas of the continental United States. Just call our store toll-free at 1-888-297-8844 to discuss shipping options.


We’re committed to keeping it real when it comes to educating you about your sleep surface. After all, you spend a third of your life on your back (or on your side, on your stomach, a mix of some or all, etc.). It’s your 33%. How do you want to experience it?

We’ve built our life and our livelihood around making and selling mattresses to people in Seattle and surrounding communities. We only sell good mattresses. It’s what we do. It’s what we’ve always done. You can trust us. True story.

Mattresses Should Be Two-Sided and Flippable

We offer affordable luxury mattresses in Seattle and beyond, at all price points.

Every single mattress we sell — all of them — are two-sided and flippable for maximum durability and comfort life. Up until the first decade of the 2000s, all mattress manufacturers made and sold two-sided models directly to the consumer (i.e. to YOU). Following the takeover by private equity firms, manufacturers began making “one-sided,” “can’t flip,” and “no need to flip” models in an effort to save costs and capture more profit. Worst of all, they marketed these half-mattresses to consumers as superior products, which is laughable at best.

When this industry-wide change became status quo, we at Bedrooms & More decided we couldn’t follow suit. We pulled all one-sided mattresses from our showroom — permanently.

Our all-botanical latex foam mattresses, featuring our signature Botanicore™, are all made from the rubber tree. Our store is a destination for shoppers of chemical-free mattresses. People have flown to Seattle from out of state to explore our selection of very well-priced, non-toxic beds. No other retailer nationwide shows as many latex foam mattresses and eco-friendly coil beds as we do.

Our (Biased) Review of The Best Latex Foam Mattress

If you’re looking for the best latex foam mattress in Seattle or anywhere in the U.S., you’ve come to the right place. At Bedrooms & More we design and manufacture Botanicore®, the world’s best mattress material. Yes, we’re a little biased. But let us tell you why. We think you’ll find that our perspective is based in sound science, earned experience, and years of our customers’ feedback.

Our chemical-free mattresses are the premier product for shoppers looking for a non-toxic, hypoallergenic, breathable mattress. They’re also (as they should be) comfortable, consistent in surface feel, and durable for longer. Affordable luxury that feels better longer.

Botanicore™ latex foam rubber is made from naturally sourced elements. It all comes straight from the tree. Unlike other mattresses made from polyfoam or Memory Foam, our all-botanical latex mattresses do not contain chemicals like petroleum, or solvent-based foams. And unlike some mattresses which are certified organic due to how their rubber trees are raised and harvested, we DON’T pump in chemicals in during processing for additional loft or stability. (Yes, this really does happen, even in ‘organic’ certified mattresses.)

Latex is the sap of the rubber tree. Our latex starts out its life in one of the world’s best-managed sustainable forests. We’ve personally visited the forest where the rubber trees grow and we’ve met the people who manage it. We hand-selected our manufacturer for their integrity, their attention to detail, and their eco-friendly practices. We carefully track and monitor the manufacturing process and insist on quality assurance according to our standards of excellence. When you buy from us, we guarantee you’ll love your new sleep surface, as we’ve meticulously managed the crafting of it.

Any batting we use in our latex foam mattresses is made from plants (cotton) or animals (wool). We use natural fire barriers made of rayon, wool, or cotton that has been treated with boric acid for fire-resistance. There are no chemicals added to our mattresses that would contribute to off-gassing.

Consumers choose to draw their line in the ‘green’ sand where it suits them. We’ve focused our energy on providing the best value to our customers, regardless of budget. We hope you love our choices and get many years of pleasurable sleep from any mattress you buy from us.

We Feature Solid Wood & Iron Bedroom Furniture for Adults & Kids

We sell the very best mattresses available at all price points, from inexpensive to luxury. Your new mattress calls for well-made bedroom furniture to support it structurally and complement it stylistically. We pair solid hardwood construction with non-toxic, beautiful wood finishes for products that are naturally sourced and people-friendly. We invite you to come discover our large selection of wood and platform beds, as well as gorgeous, contemporary and vintage-look cast iron bed frames.

We also have a huge selection of futons, which are solidly built and convert easily from a sofa to a bed and back.

In addition, we have an assortment of children’s furniture including bunk beds, captain’s beds, loft beds, and trundle beds.

We prefer carrying locally-made products, which means much of our furniture is made here in Washington State. Hooray, Upper Left!

Don’t Forget the Bedding

Our natural, organic, and eco bedding selection is second to none and includes a variety of chemical-free comforters, pillows, mattress toppers, mattress pads, mattress encasements and allergy covers, duvet covers, and bed sheets of all types. A highlight of our bedding department is our own 45th Street Bedding collection of washable wool products. Wool is the perfect fiber for temperature regulation, especially in our Pacific Northwest climate. Fed up with sleeping hot? Try our wool bedding and reduce or eliminate your tossing and turning.

Our pillow line-up is extensive with fill options of latex, wool, silk, down, kapok/latex, and woolly bolas. Whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper — or some combination thereof — we have the pillow for you.

Take Our Free Class

Confused about how to shop for a mattress — what to look for, how to get the most value for your money, how to make yourself and your sleep partner comfortable? Join us every Saturday morning at Bedrooms & More Seattle for a free, informative class. We’ll provide you with the tools and know-how you need to navigate the process of shopping for a new mattress. No sales pitch, we promise.


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