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How To Shop Safely During The Pandemic 

Everything feels different during this pandemic. It still feels weird to me when I had to put on a mask to pick up food from restaurants or even when I go grocery shopping. As much as I hate wearing a mask, it’s important to be cautious and adapt to this new way of life. Therefore, we have to do what’s necessary to stay safe, especially when we’re shopping.

Shopping in a convenience store among other people might sound unsafe. However, there is a secure way to shop even if there were other people around you. Before heading to a grocery store, I always make sure to wear a mask, and sometimes, I even wore gloves just in case if I have to touch doorknobs or other frequently touched surfaces. Furthermore, I always try my best to stay at least six feet apart from others, especially when in the aisles or at the checkout lines. Lastly, I always use hand sanitizers to clean my hands after shopping to prevent germs from spreading. This part might be tricky, however. Not all convenience or grocery stores provide hand sanitizers for customers to use. This is why it’s always a good idea to bring a bottle of hand sanitizer with you no matter where you shop. Even better, shopping at a store that has these cleaning items available for customers to use could make our shopping experience in this pandemic much safer. 

Searching For A More Secure Store 

I always find it safer to shop at a store that displays hand sanitizers for customer to use. Seeing plexiglass shields installed on a store’s front desk also makes me feel more comfortable. To me, these are the signs that show a retailer cares about the safety of their customers. Still, we all should be shopping at a store that possesses more regulations:

  • Social distancing guidelines 
  • Room capacity signages 
  • Gloves provided
  • Masks provided
  • Hand sanitizers available for people to use

Having these guidelines and safety items would significantly make a place more secure to shop. Not all places have adapted to the new standard, however. I’ve been to a convenience store that didn’t even have a plexiglass shield placed on the sales counter. Worse, some places didn’t require customers to wear a mask. Seeing people in a tight room without masks does seem risky. Which is why shopping at a more cautious place matters. 

How could we search for the right place to shop? Browsing a store’s website before visiting would be a good start. You can read about the store’s health policy or call them to ask about their social distancing guidelines. If a store is reluctant to answer or doesn’t address this health regulation, then that place might not be the one to visit. 

One Of The Safer Places To Shop

If you’re looking for a safer store to shop, Bedrooms & More may just be the one. The store is protecting customers by limiting showroom capacity to 30%. Everyone, including the sales-staff and delivery team, wears masks. If you don’t have one or forgot to bring one, Bedrooms & More does have new masks available for incoming customers to use. Gloves are also provided. Hand sanitizers are displayed in each showroom and at the front desk for people to use. Plus, there are sneeze guards, pillow protectors, and personal mattress protectors for safe product testing. Furthermore, Bedrooms & More has a full-time cleaner to sanitize frequently touched surfaces and products in the showrooms. 

Oh by the way, the store offers excellent products too! The place is rated by Yelp reviewers as one of the cleanest organic mattress stores in Seattle. All mattresses are two-sided and sourced from all-natural materials: wool, cotton, and 100% botanical latex. Combining with the fabulous organic bedding, your health and sleeping experience would improve significantly. So yes, shopping with Bedrooms & More will not only make you feel safer than other mattress places, but you will also get the best products.

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