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Botanicore Latex: Why We Manufacture our own Latex Foam

Botanicore Botanical Latex mattress Core Comparison

Here at Bedrooms & More in Seattle, we’ve specialized in latex mattresses and bedding for almost thirty years. We use only botanical latex straight from the rubber tree. Every latex mattress we sell is made with our signature core, called Botanicore™. We choose to sell no other types of latex in the store, either in […]

Why Are Plush Mattresses So Popular?

Photo of a white frosted cake with text overlay reading, "Why Are Plush Mattresses So Popular? & Why So Many Mattresses Look Like Fluffy Layer Cakes"

Step into a mattress store and you can tell the whole world’s gone plush crazy. Beds are like layer cakes. 16, 18, 20″ deep from foundation to quilt top. Laden with swirls of plush padding rising to the surface. It’s as if manufacturers are playing a game of How Tall Can YOUR Mattress Get? Why the craze […]

Is It Time To Move Beyond Organic?

time to move beyond an organic mattress

If you’ve never owned an organic mattress before, and you’re thinking about it, this is the post for you. Wondering if organic mattresses are worth the money? If you’re reading this post, what you’re probably looking for is a clean mattress with no chemicals that won’t off-gas. What we’re here to tell you is that you […]

Are Mattress Industry Problems Creating a Race to the Bottom?

Is the Mattress Industry in a Race to the Bottom

I’ve seen many cycles during my 45 years in the furniture and mattress business. Mattress industry problems are part of a cycle starts with a good product. Something is well made and well received. Soon other manufacturers and retailers notice the product. Then the inevitable cheapening of the product begins. Corners get cut, quality is lost […]

Dunlop vs. Talalay Latex Manufacturing Process

latex manufacturing process, all botanical latex core, botanicore

Let’s do a comparison of latex foams. Talalay and Dunlop are each a latex manufacturing process for creating latex mattress cores. Dunlop and Talalay can be layers, toppers and pillows. They are not types of rubber. We want you to make that distinction. Don’t make a potentially costly decision. Informed yourself. Calling latex Dunlop or […]

Confused About Mattresses and Shopping For a New Bed?

Confused Mattress

My husband and I have been in the business of both selling and producing mattresses and related products for 47 years. Our industry has gone the route of the appliance industry. We used to purchase refrigerators that lasted beyond the desire to have harvest gold or avocado green! A few years ago, I purchased a […]

One-Sided Mattresses? ‘Can’t Flip’ Mattress Rant

Woman raises her fists & shouts in a rant about "can't flip," one-sided mattresses

I’m pretty frustrated with the mattress industry. I’ve been in the sleep business since 1970 and a retailer of mattresses and bedding since 1972. Since the Private Equity Firms (the wonderful folks that helped bring about the recent financial troubles in the U.S.) bought up all the major mattress companies (Simmons, Sealy, Stearns & Foster […]

Why Waterbeds Are No Longer Popular

Ocean waves with moody sky

When I started in the waterbed business at the end of 1970, I thought we were going to change the world with our products. The future looked bright and the popularity of waterbeds was on an upswing. [long, pregnant pause] How many people do YOU know who still sleep on a waterbed today? Certainly, waterbeds have […]