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Founded in 2009 by Jordan Schwartz, Wallyhood is the Wallingford, Seattle, neighborhood blog. Their goal is to foster community and communication between Wallingford residents by creating a voice and storyline for residents to follow and to participate in. They cover local personalities, events, daily life, and everything relevant to the Wallingford neighbors, including Bedrooms & More.

Bedrooms and Wow

October 9, 2018
“Jeff Garfield, owner of Bedrooms and More gave me a sneak peek tour of the new building they’re putting up at the corner of NE 45th and 4th Ave NE and, while it is actually pretty incredible, and will serve well, I believe, as the northwest corner of the Gateway to Wallingford, it was something Jeff told me about their existing store, half a block to the west, that amazed me the most.”

Bedrooms and More Parking Garage Vandalized

September 27, 2016
“Krystal, the office manager of Bedrooms and More, alerted us to a crime that happened in their parking garage on Friday, August 19th.”

Bedrooms and More Ground Breaking on June 28th

June 20, 2015
“It has been a long time coming. Five years and now we break ground. We will be having a ceremonial groundbreaking on Sunday, June 28th with the official bulldozing starting on the 29th.”

Bedrooms and More (Welcome New Sponsor)

October 14, 2009
“Sponsorship and editorial can be a tricky mix. We’ve been lucky here at Wallyhood in that there has never been much of a conflict over what we want to say and what our sponsors would like us to say […]. Our newest sponsor, Bedrooms and More, is no exception.”

Bedrooms and More

August 12, 2009
“Jeff Garfield from Bedrooms and More dropped us a line recently with a bit of history on his shop. It’s nicely written and helps paint a picture of how the neighborhood has developed, so we thought we’d share what he wrote with you.”

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