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I went on New Day Northwest to talk guest solutions with Margaret Larson. We discussed the versatility and comfort of Cabinet Beds by Night & Day Furniture. I also showed off the American Leather Brandt, and the Elevate Sleeper Bunk by Luonto.

This was my 3rd or 4th time visiting the set of New Day Northwest. They are very generous with their time and gracious on set. Furthermore, Margaret is professional and makes even the most novice guest comfortable. Therefore it felt like a simple conversation.

So far we’ve talked adjustable bases, guest solutions, natural mattresses and more.  It is a great forum to share the value offered at Bedrooms & More. Therefore, when opportunities like this arise, we need to say yes. It’s also a chance to share our philosophy as a business. Quality is never compromised.

On this episode, the ease of use for all three styles of guest solution is discussed. The video shows how quickly the bunk opens and closes. However, the regular sleepers, and the cabinet beds are similarly user friendly. Additionally, there is no substitute for trying them in person. Discover what works for you.

Bedrooms & More has several samples on display from multiple manufacturers. You can find your style, and discover what’s right for your space. Fit the solution to your lifestyle, not the other way around. 

Don’t miss the mention of our How to Shop for a Mattress Class toward the end of the segment. I remind Margaret of the importance of knowing how materials wear. The mattress class is held twice every week. Thursday at Noon and Saturday at 9:30am, you can learn how to find the right bed for you and your family.

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