Best Mattress Advice: Stay Away From the Big “S” Brands

Mom & daughter walking together in field of wheat discussing mattress shopping advice

Recently a customer shared with us some mattress shopping advice her Mom had given her. Stay away from the S’s, she was told.

“Whatever mattress you decide upon, just DON’T get a mattress from a brand that starts with S.” She was referring to Sealy, Simmons, Stearns and Foster, Serta, and Spring Air. (Why DO all the Big Name Mattress Companies have names that start with the letter S, anyway?)

Why do we think our customer’s Mom’s advice was so great? Because all of the aforementioned companies only make one-sided, Can’t Flip Mattresses for the general public! They do, however, make two-sided mattresses for the hotel/motel industry (the buyers for whom WON’T buy one-sided models because they just don’t last). Many smaller, ‘second tier’ mattress companies have followed suit, making and selling only one-sided mattresses to the general public.

We only sell 2-sided mattresses

They last up to 3 times longer, while staying comfortable.


One-sided mattresses just don’t last as long as a two-sided mattress you can flip. Many mattress companies and all “big S” mattress companies have adopted the one-sided, can’t-flip mattress for just one simple reason: there’s more profit in them. One-sided mattresses are about 25% cheaper to produce, yet manufacturers can wholesale them to the dealers and retailers for the same price they did a two-sided mattress. That means more money in their pockets, and more money over time from customers. One-sided mattresses don’t last as long as two-sided models, which means consumers (YOU) will be replacing their mattress sooner.

For an insider’s perspective on why ’no need to flip’ mattresses are the biggest consumer disservice (dare we say fraud?) since . . . ever? . . . read our most popular blog post ever, “Can’t Flip” Mattress Rant.

Visit our store and try out our two-sided mattresses or ones that have removable covers that allow you to refresh the mattress. It’s just the right thing to do and yep, Mom really does know best!

A flippable mattress changes everything

Make the most of your investment. Get a mattress you can flip & rotate.


7 thoughts on “Best Mattress Advice: Stay Away From the Big “S” Brands

  1. DEBRA ROESSER says:

    I Have Bought a Serta Mattress Set, but Was Never Told It Was a Single Sided Mattress, I Hate It!!!! It Is Very Uncomfortable, and I Am Not Getting the Satisfaction I Want from the Place I Bought It. to Anyone Who Listens to This Dont Buy These Products,You Will Regret Your Purchase ,Very Much…… I Want and Requested a Double Side but Since I Didnt Buy a Extented Warranty ,I Am out of Luck ….I Think I Was Duckked ,,, I Was a Exchange but They Only Sell I Sided Mattress. Bull Crap….

    • Blake says:

      Sorry to hear that. It’s important to sell product you can be proud of and stand behind. I hope the next experience goes much better and you can find a retailer that cares. At least this time around you know how to protect yourself much better. You deserve a good night sleep.

  2. pat debari says:

    I purchased a serta, one sided pillow top. I hated it from day one. It was a floor model at Macys, Carl Place, NY. It was an impulse buy at the time. 6 month later, here I am with neck pain and ackes all over. The mattress has, EXTENSIVE contouring. two huge sink holes, and I am not kidding. When my husband leaves for work, I then sleep on the hump in the middle, the only place with support. Tomorrow, I will be purchasing a new TWO SIDED, NON PILLOW TOP mattress. Since this was a floor model, there was no warranty. Customer service would not even issue a gift card to appease me. I understood the purchased as it clause, but it did not remain as is. I was not looking for an exchange but, perhaps an extra percent off, or some thing toward the new mattress purchase. the manager, was uncaring and truthfully, rude. I will be calling the corporate, presidential complaint phone number on Monday morning, to complain.
    My sister-in -law just purchased a serta one sided pillow top, her second one, the first one got a sink hole, only a few years old. She purchased this one because the sales girl was so lovely, and assured her, this one would not have the same problem. I can’t wait for the outcome..
    waiting for a few months to go by and see how that

  3. ronaldo Luis says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with the ‘don’t buy a one-sided mattress’ pitch. I bought one online from US Mattress, figuring that since it was a Sealy Posturpedic it would be fine. Wrong! It was uncomfortable wihin a couple of weeks and it was like sleeping in a ditch. My next mistake was to exchange if for a Simmons Beautryrest one-sided mattress, and needless to say, with the same results. I previously used a Sealy Posturpedic 2-sided mattress which lasted more than 15 years, and I’m currently looking for something to replace the ‘ditch’ I’m currently sleeping in.

  4. M Smith says:

    My husband and I bought a Sterns and Foster pillow top, one sided mattress and where we have slept has sinkholes.
    We weigh 168 and 125 so that can’t be the problem. I might add it is a King, heavy, one sided and we were told to rotate it from headboard to footboard every three months to make it last. We have a ten year guarantee so I hope to get a firm two sided mattress to replace this one. It was so comfortable to begin with.

    • Blake says:

      Unfortunately, that’s a story we hear frequently. Most people reach their breaking point around that 2nd or 3rd year. You should check out our Majestic Parks Collection when the time comes. The Haleakala Pillow Top ( will be a winner for you. It’s 2-sided and has 12 handles to make it way easier to flip. It’s also bendable. Avoid the temptation to make a huge change in feel from what the bed felt like new. Just being on something flat will make all the difference.

    • Lori says:

      Good Luck. Those big S companies (& maybe the others) will not honor a warranty unless it’s a manufacturer’s fault. I was sent 2 wooden blocks & a length of orange yarn to take a picture of the defect FOR them. In other words, laying on it & producing a dip, won’t count.

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