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Recently there has been an explosion in the number of people asking about adjustable bases for their bedrooms! With people focusing more and more on health, it’s no surprise these beds are gaining in popularity. Here is a little overview of the various health benefits of having an adjustable sleep surface, as well as some features to look for in your dream adjustable base!

What Aches and Ailments could they help?

Back Pain/Sciatica

Back pain has become an all too common problem in today’s society, and an adjustable base offers nighttime relief. By elevating the head and foot of your adjustable base, you remove all the pressure placed on the spine by a traditional flat sleeping surface. Removing this pressure allows the spinal cord to sit at a more natural alignment, and reduces tossing and turning, leading to a better night’s sleep.

Asthma/Snoring/Breathing Problems

Gravity is behind most breathing problems that arise from a traditional bed. While laying flat the airway is compressed under the weight of the neck. Traditionally, to combat this issue, people use stacks of pillows. This creates an inconsistent sleeping surface, oftentimes leading to neck stiffness and alignment issues. With an adjustable base you’re able to raise your head, neck, and shoulders on a uniform surface. With even a slight incline the weight shifts away from the airway and lungs allowing for better airflow during the night. This has two major benefits: it reduces or eliminates snoring, and it delivers more oxygen to the body.

Edema Pain/Restless Leg Syndrome

For people who are on their feet a lot during the day, or for those who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome, raising the feet while sleeping has been shown to reduce pain, swelling, and other symptoms associated with these common problems (including varicose veins!).

Heartburn/Acid Reflux

Adding an incline at the head of the adjustable base helps the stomach retain acid, preventing it from creeping into the esophagus and keeping you up late nights after pizza day at the office or that deceptive 3-star Phad Kee Mao.

Headaches and Morning Pains

By finding your optimal sleeping position with an adjustable base you could improve airflow and blood circulation, reduce spinal cord tension, and find yourself having deeper, more healthful sleep cycles. All of these benefits are proven to greatly reduce the amount of little aches and pains we all feel the morning after because the body is able to recover more efficiently while you sleep.

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What to look for in an Adjustable Base:

The Basics:

Durable Chassis: This goes without saying. Make sure the base is sturdy, and that the lift capacity is enough to support you and your partner!

Head and Foot tilt: Another obvious one! In order to be a truly adjustable bed, there needs to be powered head and foot tilt! Make sure to go through the full range of movements, and pay attention to how noisy the motor is.

Preset/programmable memory options: It is best to get a model that has a couple programmable positions. Once you find that perfect sleep stance, you should be able to save it, so that you can quickly return to that position if the bed is adjusted. Some options come with factory presets that cannot be altered. These can be beneficial, but are oftentimes not customizable.

Advanced Options:

Wall-hugging capabilities: With the more basic models, when the head tilts up, it pulls the mattress away from the wall and headboard. That means it also pulls you away from the nightstand, which makes it difficult to comfortably switch off that reading lamp. The wall-hugger feature keeps you positioned up against the wall, next to the ever-important nightstand.

Power-outage backup: Don’t let windy winters strand you in the upright position! Some bases offer back-up power features that allow you to continue to sleep comfortably, even if the power goes out.

Built-in Massage: Yup, some of them have this feature! It is usually two mechanisms, placed at the foot and head of the bed, that gently vibrate the mattress.

Fancy Remote Options: Fancier models offer various options for the remote control. Some offer wireless remotes, some of them light up when you grab them, some even offer voice control.

Super Advanced Options:

Smartphone/Bluetooth capabilities: Maybe you don’t want a remote at all? Some adjustable bases are programmable to your smart phone.

Snore Control: This button allows you to adjust your partner’s side of the bed if they start to snore.

USB Ports: Allows you to connect and charge devices without leaving the comfort and warmth of your bed.

Built-In Speakers: For those who benefit from white noise machines, or soft lullabies before bed!

Under-Bed Lighting: Makes navigating the bedroom without disturbing your sleeping partner a breeze.

Coffee-Maker: We haven’t actually seen this on the market… but come on? Seattle would be the place to sell it!

Loving the idea of an adjustable bed?

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