Need Extra Storage? Try a Captains Bed

Need Extra Storage?

Bedrooms & More, Seattle, has been in the Captains Storage Bed and Mate’s Bed business since the day we opened in 1972. A Captain’s Bed, generally taller with more storage space than a Mate’ Bed, will add storage and save you space. Captains storage beds are platform beds with drawers underneath. Some beds can take the place of a 6 drawer dresser. You gain all of that space underneath your bed. Now that is maximizing a footprint.

All of our Captain’s beds come in real wood construction with many styles and finishes from which to choose. American Woodcraft Captains beds and Whittier Wood Beds are some of our most popular options. The McKenzie has been a real great choice. It comes in three different stains on alder.

Captains Storage Beds on a Budget

We also have some great budget options though Night & Day Furniture. Every one of their beds can become a “captains storage bed” of sorts. They are rolling drawers that fit under the bed. Though not built it, you can definitely still maximize use of the space under a bed.

North American Wood Furniture does some great storage beds that work for kids and parents alike. The City Storage bed is by far the most popular. Additionally, they are available in 18 different finishes. Furthermore, I love the bookcase headboard they do too. Because that’s a great way to get even more storage in one bed frame.

Storage Beds with a Bigger Budget

I’ve fallen in love with some of the Copeland captains storage beds. My personal favorite is the Moduluxe in walnut with the clapboard headboard. They are made in Vermont. You can get the beds in Walnut, Maple or Cherry. Their beds are more modern.

There is no particle board in these beds. The captains storage beds we sell are built to last.

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