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Zest Bedroom on Sale

Zest Bedroom on Sale

Bedrooms & More now has the best pricing on Night & Day’s Zest bedroom collection. We have truckloads full of Bunks, Beds, Dressers, Chests and Night Stands. Here is your chance to get the Night & Day Zest Bedroom on sale. We were presented with an opportunity to buy an exclusive offering of beautiful solid […]

Custom Boat or Camper Mattress – How to Instructions

Custom Boat Mattress

Buying a custom boat mattress is not a highlight for most. I’m going to make the process easy. So, if your time has come to get that special size bed, here are some really simple steps to follow: Step 1: Tape together pieces of butcher paper; because you need it larger than the mattress space. […]

The Story behind Quality Bedroom

Quality Bedroom Collection Blog Title Page

Around 2010 we started to notice changes made by furniture manufacturers in the construction of their products. The changes were small, but far from insignificant, and prompted us to explore our own manufacturing options. Quality bedroom furniture matters to us. Why the change? Massive customer bases give companies like Walmart and Amazon leverage over the […]

Rowe Furniture: Create Your Own Look

Rowe Furniture Header Image

A New Product Line in the Showroom We’re pretty passionate about solid wood furniture here at Bedrooms & More. Bamboo and rubber tree wood are sustainable, durable options that our eco-conscious customers appreciate. But when given the opportunity to add Rowe Furniture’s upholstered bed frames to our collection, we took it! And for good reason. […]

Why You Need a Good Boxspring

Boxspring Blog

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, chances are you want a new boxspring to go along with it. Your mattress needs a flat, even surface to rest on. If you have a platform bed or plan to put your mattress directly on the floor, a boxspring isn’t necessary. If not, make sure you’re […]

Understanding the Latex Mattress Market

Latex Mattress Blog

There are many different styles of latex mattresses on the market. Differentiating one from the other can be really confusing, and oftentimes labels are misleading. Please don’t become frustrated; we’re here to help! Here at Bedrooms & More, we believe that you deserve to get everything you’re looking for when it comes to purchasing a […]

3 Mattress Shopping Rules Honest Retailers Wish You Knew

Field of yellow flowers with headline: 3 mattress shopping rules honest retailers wish you knew

When it comes to mattress shopping, hindsight is 20/20. This we know. You trusted a retailer with whom you did not have a “know, like, and trust” relationship, and he said he’d get you a good deal. You fell for his story about new, magical mattress materials that suddenly eliminated the need for flipping. (As if.) But […]

Health Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

adjustable bed

The health benefits of an adjustable bed are undeniable. I’ve personally enjoyed one for years. Many people suffer from back pain. Most experience a range of problems. For some it’s limited mobility or issues; possibly the result of an accident.  Issues compound as we grow older. The ongoing wear and tear that comes with normal […]

Why Waterbeds Are No Longer Popular

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When I started in the waterbed business at the end of 1970, I thought we were going to change the world with our products. The future looked bright and the popularity of waterbeds was on an upswing. [long, pregnant pause] How many people do YOU know who still sleep on a waterbed today? Certainly, waterbeds have […]

Bamboo Bedroom Furniture from Greenington

Bamboo Furniture

We love Bamboo Bedroom Furniture. Greenington in Kent Washington is our source for renewable, durable bamboo products. We searched for Bamboo Bedroom Furniture starting in the late 90’s. It took us a decade to find Greenington, but we found it! Check out our terrific selection of bamboo furniture. Why Bamboo Bedroom Furniture? Environmentally sustainable – […]