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Zest Bedroom on Sale

Zest Bedroom on Sale

Bedrooms & More now has the best pricing on Night & Day’s Zest bedroom collection. We have truckloads full of Bunks, Beds, Dressers, Chests and Night Stands. Here is your chance to get the Night & Day Zest Bedroom on sale. We were presented with an opportunity to buy an exclusive offering of beautiful solid […]

Sturdy Bunks for Bro’s?

Sturdy Bunks

Quality Matters Bunks that are sturdy enough for rowdy frat guys, might even be strong enough for your kids 😉 We’ve been outfitting fraternities and sororities in the UW greek system for decades, and the word has gotten out. Every year before school starts we have urgent calls from B.O.T. members and house moms, saying […]

Becoming Seattle’s Best Seating Store

Becoming Seattles Best Seating Store Blog

We have all of this extra space in our West Building, where we had mattresses and bedroom furniture before, that we have now turned into a seating store. It’s chock full of products to create a cozy living or guest room. When you step through the front door, you’ll notice our wool rugs from India. […]

New Seating Store

New Seating Store Blog Header

Our new building expansion means more space! Where we once had mattresses and bedroom furniture, we now have a store dedicated almost entirely to seating. This old space turned new again, is laden with terrific options to fill any living room. What was once our latex room, has now become an extensive collection of sofas, […]

Fjords and Your New Year’s Resolutions

Fjords Ringing in the New Year

It’s that time of year again! New gym memberships are through the roof, kale and quinoa sales are spiking, DuoLingo’s site traffic is exploding, and cigarette sales have slowed, all in response to the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions. We know how this goes: Week one went so well that you can afford to cheat for the […]

Your Gift List is Missing a Name: Yours

Gift List - Gift Giving, Don't Forget Yourself

The holidays are literally right around the corner. How’s your gift list going? Did you include yourself? Treat Yourself to a Good Night’s Sleep Let’s face it, winter is often the busiest season for many of us. With so many holidays packed into a few short months, it’s the time to see family & friends, […]

The Story behind Quality Bedroom

Quality Bedroom Collection Blog Title Page

Around 2010 we started to notice changes made by furniture manufacturers in the construction of their products. The changes were small, but far from insignificant, and prompted us to explore our own manufacturing options. Quality bedroom furniture matters to us. Why the change? Massive customer bases give companies like Walmart and Amazon leverage over the […]

Rowe Furniture: Create Your Own Look

Rowe Furniture Header Image

A New Product Line in the Showroom We’re pretty passionate about solid wood furniture here at Bedrooms & More. Bamboo and rubber tree wood are sustainable, durable options that our eco-conscious customers appreciate. But when given the opportunity to add Rowe Furniture’s upholstered bed frames to our collection, we took it! And for good reason. […]

Need Extra Storage? Try a Captains Bed

Need Extra Storage? Bedrooms & More, Seattle, has been in the Captains Storage Bed and Mate’s Bed business since the day we opened in 1972. A Captain’s Bed, generally taller with more storage space than a Mate’ Bed, will add storage and save you space. Captains storage beds are platform beds with drawers underneath. Some […]