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New Seating Store

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Our new building expansion means more space! Where we once had mattresses and bedroom furniture, we now have a store dedicated almost entirely to seating. This old space turned new again, is laden with terrific options to fill any living room. What was once our latex room, has now become an extensive collection of sofas, […]

Live Large in a Small Space

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Today, more people live in urban areas than ever before. Space is at a premium, and people are learning to do a lot more with a small space. Living this way is not only environmentally responsible, it provides greater financial freedom, encouraging people to shop consciously. Better for your wallet; better for the planet. From the tiny […]

Officially the Best Seattle Futon Store

Is this an honor or what? We have great futon frame options by Night & Day.  Night and Day offers a vast selection of frame styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an armless futon frame like the one below or something with a Zen appeal (maybe even the best Seattle futon). We have you covered! […]

The Best Futon Frame

When it comes to Futons in Seattle, no one compares to our local Vancouver, Washington Futon Frame Manufacturer, Night & Day. Opening a Futon Frame has never been easier and more stable than Night and Days Patented Shoe Fitting. Shoe Fittings™ Operating System Shoe Fittings™ is nothing short of a revolution in futon mechanics. Convenience, ease, […]