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Best Bedding for Summer Heat

Best Bedding for Summer Heat Blog

Night Sweats Are you tired of waking up at night covered in sweat? You are not alone! Numerous people face this problem every night. Sweating is a part of the human condition. Science shows that most adult bodies are more than 60% water. We sweat during exercises and even daily activities like eating and sleeping. […]

How to Sleep Vegan

Sleep Vegan Blog Header

The Vegan Lifestyle is Taking Over! The vegan movement continues to gain popularity in Seattle. You see it everywhere you go. Restaurants are offering more plant-based options, grocery stores stock meat and dairy alternatives, and health and beauty products proudly boast cruelty free practices. It seems like there’s no end to the animal-free positivity going […]

Easy Eco: Homemade Disinfectant Wipes

Easy Eco DIY Disinfectant Wipes

Easy Eco is back! This time we’re focusing on how to keep your home clean the healthy way with a tutorial for how to make your own reusable disinfectant wipes. If you’ve ever gone shopping for cleaning products, you know how expensive they can be! But what you might not know is that pretty much […]

Easy Eco: Laundry

Easy Eco Laundry Blog Header

Despite the record-breaking rainfall in Washington the last two months, it’s Spring. Which, for a lot of people, means it’s time to Spring Clean! This yearly ritual allows everyone to make their space a little more habitable for the warmer seasons. However, these massive cleanings and de-clutterings often come with quite the eco-footprint. So, in an effort […]

Put these plants in your bedroom for a better night’s sleep

Plants that Help you Sleep Blog Header

Plants. If you want to sleep better, you should seriously think about adding some of these bad boys to your bedroom. Heck, go ahead and add them all over your house! With great health benefits and a variety of options to fit every lifestyle, there’s no reason not to go green with your space! Pick your plants […]

The Coziest Trend of 2017: Hygge

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Things in the US are a little tense. We have a new President vowing to shake things up, climate change could diminish food supply for our grandchildren (and their grandchildren), celebs can’t stay alive, refugees need homes, citizens need affordable homes, and we’re all still reeling after the Brangelina break-up. All this uncertainty and tension has given way […]

A List of Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds Blog title

Here in Seattle at Bedrooms & More, a fair-sized contingent of our customer base are allergy sufferers. It’s no surprise, really: the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology reports that “worldwide, sensitization to foreign proteins in the environment is present in up to 40% of the population.” That’s a lot of red, runny eyes, sniffly […]

Could Sleep Problems Be Caused By Your Mattress?

Sleep Problems Caused by Mattress

Do you suffer from sleep problems such as sleep apnea, Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), snoring, numbness, or nightly aches and pains? If so, your daytime health choices may not be entirely to blame. The mattress you’re sleeping on could be a factor. Listen in as Bedrooms & More family member Blake Garfield chats with Pete from Kiro […]

Is It Time To Move Beyond Organic?

time to move beyond an organic mattress

If you’ve never owned an organic mattress before, and you’re thinking about it, this is the post for you. Wondering if organic mattresses are worth the money? If you’re reading this post, what you’re probably looking for is a clean mattress with no chemicals that won’t off-gas. What we’re here to tell you is that you […]

Natural Spring Mattress with Zero Flame Retardants

It seems like every flame retardant mattress’ use is going to kill you. Finding a natural spring mattress without adding chemicals  these days can be quite hard. At our store in Seattle however, finding a clean mattress is easy. It’s so easy at Bedrooms & More, that we make it fun. Here, you aren’t limited […]