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Vispring’s Factory: A Visit to Plymouth, England

Visit to Vispring Factory

Recently my brother Drew and I, headed across the pond to pay a visit to the Vispring factory. Nestled in the quaint, historic town of Plymouth, England, Vispring‘s mattress factory is abuzz. Machinery whirs, while skilled craftsmen and women meticulously craft some of the best beds in the world. It was an amazing experience. I […]

The History of the Mattress

History of the Mattress

From Caves to Castles: The Evolution of the Mattress Mattresses have been around for a long time…a very long time. In fact, the oldest known mattress, recently discovered in South Africa, is believed to be a whopping 77,000 years old! Now, we’re not talking a pile of rusty innersprings and the tattered remnants of a plush […]

Mattress Shopping: It’s Not Rocket Science

Mattress shopping is not rocket science

Since 2009, as a resource for mattress shoppers, I have taught a class on “How to Shop for a Mattress.” I started it because so many people told us they would rather shop for a used car than a mattress. Some people went so far as to say they felt they needed a shower after being […]

Why Waterbeds Are No Longer Popular

Ocean waves with moody sky

When I started in the waterbed business at the end of 1970, I thought we were going to change the world with our products. The future looked bright and the popularity of waterbeds was on an upswing. [long, pregnant pause] How many people do YOU know who still sleep on a waterbed today? Certainly, waterbeds have […]