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Custom Boat or Camper Mattress – How to Instructions

Custom Boat Mattress

Buying a custom boat mattress is not a highlight for most. I’m going to make the process easy. So, if your time has come to get that special size bed, here are some really simple steps to follow: Step 1: Tape together pieces of butcher paper; because you need it larger than the mattress space. […]

The Bedroom Budget: Where to Spend, Where to Save

Where to Save

Bedroom makeover? Whether you’re outfitting your first apartment or remodeling your home, odds are you’re on a budget. We’re here to help you figure out how to get the most for your money in the bedroom. After 45 years in this business, we know a thing or two about where to spend, and where to […]

Different Mattress Sizes and Their Dimensions

Different Mattress Sizes and Their Dimensions

Everyone has to buy a bed, and yet how is anyone supposed to know which of the mattress sizes they should get? What are all the different dimensions and sizes, and what do the different names mean? Buying a mattress is a daunting task for many, and we want to ease some of that stress […]

You Want a 2-sided Mattress. Here’s Why:

You want a 2-Sided Mattress

An Innovation for the Mattress Industry The mattress industry has seen many changes over the past twenty years, but none as impactful as the formerly standard 2-sided mattress being replaced by the “invention” of its 1-sided counterpart. We have Simmons to thank for this historic leap backwards. They introduced the concept in 2000. Some call […]

The Sleep Envelope

The Sleep Envelope Blog Graphic

The “sleep envelope” was introduced to us around twenty years ago. It’s the idea that not one single element of your bed is the key to a good night’s sleep, but rather that every piece works together to create the perfect environment to catch some shut-eye. We must admit, we were skeptical at first. At […]

TXL: The Size Nobody Knows About

TXL Mattress Blog Header

Kids grow up so fast, don’t they? One minute they’re cooing in a crib, the next minute they’re asking to borrow the car. And with growth comes growing pains, not to mention shrinking wallets. My parents raised three boys, and I vividly remember a stretch of time where shoes couldn’t be purchased fast enough to […]

What is Memory Foam?

Memory Foam Header

Memory foam, also known as tempur foam, is used in many aspects of our daily lives. From chair cushions to hospital beds, memory foam appears to be extremely beneficial when it comes to comfort and support. Information on the foam’s benefits runs rampant on the internet. What isn’t so readily available is the ingredient list. […]

Your Gift List is Missing a Name: Yours

Gift List - Gift Giving, Don't Forget Yourself

The holidays are literally right around the corner. How’s your gift list going? Did you include yourself? Treat Yourself to a Good Night’s Sleep Let’s face it, winter is often the busiest season for many of us. With so many holidays packed into a few short months, it’s the time to see family & friends, […]

Recycle Your Mattress!

Mattress Recycling is in this Season

Mattress Recycling is In this Season Of course, recycling is in every season, because taking care of the environment will never go out of style. But we want to spread the word about a specific type of recycling you might not be familiar with. It’s may be hard to imagine, but you CAN recycle your old […]

Extending the Life of a One-Sided Mattress

Increase the Life of Your One-Sided Mattress

One-Sided Mattress vs. Two-Sided Mattress: What’s the Big Difference? Depending on your age, you might not know that two-sided, flippable mattresses used to be the norm. It wasn’t until 2000, when Simmons “invented” the one-sided mattress, that two-sided mattresses became harder to find. The Downfalls of Choosing One-Sided Buying a one-sided mattress is basically paying full price for […]