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Englander Latex Mattress Review: A Retailer Speaks

Englander Latex Mattress Review

<pstyle=”padding-left: 30px;”>This is an open letter from Jeff Garfield of Bedrooms & More in Seattle about internet discussions regarding problems with some latex mattresses. My name is Jeff Garfield. My wife Wanda & I own Bedrooms & More, a mattress & bedrooms destination store in Seattle, Washington. We’ve operated our business in the same location since 1972. We’ve been privileged […]

How to Shop for a Mattress


Mattress shopping can be difficult. We’re here to help. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, consider coming down to Bedrooms & More for our free Saturday morning class. We’ll teach you what you need to know so that you can shop with confidence. No sales pitch, just useful information. With so many types of […]

Where to Buy a Natural, Two-Sided Mattress in Seattle that will Hold its Value

    Starting in 2000, some mattress manufacturers began making one-sided mattresses – and just like that, mattresses stopped holding their value. Manufacturers marketed the “no-flip” mattress as a simpler product for consumers to use, as flipping was no longer necessary. Big brands made the outrageous claim “The lifespan of the mattress isn’t affected.” . […]

10 Tips for Better Sleep

  from The Mayo Clinic Feeling crabby lately? It could be you aren’t getting enough sleep. Work, household responsibilities and child care can make sleep difficult to come by. Factor in other unexpected challenges such as financial worries, layoffs, relationship issues or an illness, and quality sleep may be even more elusive. You may not be […]

Mattress Buyers’ Guide to Off-Gassing

photo of hands holding map with text overlay, "The Mattress Buyers Guide to Off-Gassing"

By now we’ve all heard about ‘off-gassing,’ but what is it really, and how do you know if your mattress is off-gassing? We’re here to alleviate your OGA or Off-Gassing Anxiety. The struggle is real. Off-gassing is a legitimate concern and you deserve to know what’s happening so you can choose what to do about it. […]