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Natural Bedrooms for Kids

Natural Bedrooms for Kids

Looking for natural mattress & bedding options for your baby and/or kids in Seattle? As a parent, nothing is more important to you than raising a happy, healthy kid. You teach your little ones daily, give them love and attention, nurture their uniqueness, and support them through challenges. It makes sense that you also want […]

3 Mattress Shopping Rules Honest Retailers Wish You Knew

Field of yellow flowers with headline: 3 mattress shopping rules honest retailers wish you knew

When it comes to mattress shopping, hindsight is 20/20. This we know. You trusted a retailer with whom you did not have a “know, like, and trust” relationship, and he said he’d get you a good deal. You fell for his story about new, magical mattress materials that suddenly eliminated the need for flipping. (As if.) But […]

Natural Spring Mattress with Zero Flame Retardants

It seems like every flame retardant mattress’ use is going to kill you. Finding a natural spring mattress without adding chemicals  these days can be quite hard. At our store in Seattle however, finding a clean mattress is easy. It’s so easy at Bedrooms & More, that we make it fun. Here, you aren’t limited […]

Fact: Your ‘Organic’ Mattress May Not Actually Be Organic

Organic Mattress or Not

The industry has been abusing “Organic Mattress” for years. The “Green” bandwagon is filling up with pretenders all over the internet. It appears that the USDA is finally starting to take notice. Furthermore, not only are they investigating retailers, but manufacturers. Anyone claiming to sell “organic mattresses,” ought to watch their backs. They are scrutinizing […]