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Make your own Pillow Spray

Pillow Spray

Your nose knows what’s up Our sense of smell is the most potent of the five. Smells strongly evoke memories, and our memories can either make us feel at ease or put us on edge. Of course, we’re talking about sleep in this blog post, so we’re interested in those ease-filled memories, like the ones […]

Find Your Perfect Pillow

Your Perfect Pillow Blog Header

I want to know how you and your current pillow met. No, not your decorative pillow collection, not your oversized teddy bear, but your main squeeze pillow. The one you cuddle up to every night when you crawl into bed. The one with your drool stains permanently imbedded into the fabric. How did you find that pillow? Was it […]

White Loft Silk Pillows and Comforters

White Loft Pillows and Comforters

Find Them here at Bedrooms and More Seattle! Get the most of your mattress with the right bedding. White Loft pillows and comforters are a great place to start. Plus, if your bed is too hard, they have toppers too Silk Pillows Soft, Resilient Silk filled pillows are soft and flexible, yet the resilient fill […]