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Find Complete Relaxation in a Recliner

Comfort Matters We take pride in being different and when it comes to seating; everyone has their own unique comfort needs. It is hard to be fully relaxed. Imagine sitting in a movie theater. We always want to lean just a little further back, but the seat prevents it. Furthermore, some rest their feet on […]

Custom Boat or Camper Mattress – How to Instructions

Custom Boat Mattress

Buying a custom boat mattress is not a highlight for most. I’m going to make the process easy. So, if your time has come to get that special size bed, here are some really simple steps to follow: Step 1: Tape together pieces of butcher paper; because you need it larger than the mattress space. […]

New Seating Store

New Seating Store Blog Header

Our new building expansion means more space! Where we once had mattresses and bedroom furniture, we now have a store dedicated almost entirely to seating. This old space turned new again, is laden with terrific options to fill any living room. What was once our latex room, has now become an extensive collection of sofas, […]

Shopping for a new mattress? There’s a class for that!

How to Shop for a Mattress Blog Banner

At Bedrooms & More, we’re not afraid to do things differently. From selling only two-sided mattresses to emphasizing natural bedding materials, we’re used to going against the current. But we want to offer more than just great products; we want you to know how to shop for them. That’s why we hold our “How to […]

Hästens Seattle: Introducing the Swedish Luxury Brand

Hästens Seattle Blog Image

Bedrooms & More now offers Hästens mattresses. Why is this such a big deal? I suppose it’s not unless you’re as obsessed with getting a good night’s sleep as we are! Who is Hästens? Hästens was founded in Sweden in 1852 as a maker of fine horse saddles. As time progressed, the company moved into […]

Live Large in a Small Space

Small Space Blog Header

Today, more people live in urban areas than ever before. Space is at a premium, and people are learning to do a lot more with a small space. Living this way is not only environmentally responsible, it provides greater financial freedom, encouraging people to shop consciously. Better for your wallet; better for the planet. From the tiny […]

Recycle Your Mattress!

Mattress Recycling is in this Season

Mattress Recycling is In this Season Of course, recycling is in every season, because taking care of the environment will never go out of style. But we want to spread the word about a specific type of recycling you might not be familiar with. It’s may be hard to imagine, but you CAN recycle your old […]

Our Holiday Wish List!

Holiday Wish List 2016

We’re gearing up for this holiday season with a comprehensive list of great gifts for those special people in your life (yourself included, of course!) From washable wool blankets to botanical latex pillows, you’re sure to find something for everyone on your gift list! You can shop online or visit us at our Bedrooms & More […]

Officially the Best Seattle Futon Store

Is this an honor or what? We have great futon frame options by Night & Day.  Night and Day offers a vast selection of frame styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an armless futon frame like the one below or something with a Zen appeal (maybe even the best Seattle futon). We have you covered! […]