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Creating Space for Guests

Bryson Room Sleeper Open with No Cushions

Need More Space? The holidays are right around the corner. People, including myself, are looking forward to spending time with friends and family. I love this time of year. Nothing is more heartwarming than sitting on a comfortable couch with my loved ones, eating chips and dip, and watching football on Thanksgiving Day. While we […]

Best Bedding for Summer Heat

Best Bedding for Summer Heat Blog

Night Sweats Are you tired of waking up at night covered in sweat? You are not alone! Numerous people face this problem every night. Sweating is a part of the human condition. Science shows that most adult bodies are more than 60% water. We sweat during exercises and even daily activities like eating and sleeping. […]

Make your own Pillow Spray

Pillow Spray

Your nose knows what’s up Our sense of smell is the most potent of the five. Smells strongly evoke memories, and our memories can either make us feel at ease or put us on edge. Of course, we’re talking about sleep in this blog post, so we’re interested in those ease-filled memories, like the ones […]

Back to school: Your bedding needs are covered

Back to School Bedding

Can you believe it? In a few short weeks summer will be over and it’ll be time to hit the books. If you or your child is headed back to school in the near future, make sure you’re outfitted with the right dorm room gear. Without the right back to school bedding, they might not […]

Caffeine & Sleep

Caffeine and Sleep

If you live in Seattle, odds are you drink coffee. As the birthplace of Tully’s & Starbucks, we like our morning buzz more than just about anything, except maybe our afternoon pick-me-up. But is this way of life affecting more than our energy levels? Studies warn caffeine can negatively impact our sleep. Is it possible to find balance? The […]

Put these plants in your bedroom for a better night’s sleep

Plants that Help you Sleep Blog Header

Plants. If you want to sleep better, you should seriously think about adding some of these bad boys to your bedroom. Heck, go ahead and add them all over your house! With great health benefits and a variety of options to fit every lifestyle, there’s no reason not to go green with your space! Pick your plants […]

Find Your Perfect Pillow

Your Perfect Pillow Blog Header

I want to know how you and your current pillow met. No, not your decorative pillow collection, not your oversized teddy bear, but your main squeeze pillow. The one you cuddle up to every night when you crawl into bed. The one with your drool stains permanently imbedded into the fabric. How did you find that pillow? Was it […]

A New Sleep Schedule for the New Year?

New Sleep Schedule Image

It’s a brand new year. Like most of us, you probably have a few resolutions to tackle in the months ahead. Maybe you want to get healthy, travel more, worry less, or have more time and energy to do the things you enjoy. Whatever your resolution, sleep likely plays a major role in your success, whether you realize it […]