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Vispring’s Factory: A Visit to Plymouth, England

Visit to Vispring Factory

Recently my brother Drew and I, headed across the pond to pay a visit to the Vispring factory. Nestled in the quaint, historic town of Plymouth, England, Vispring‘s mattress factory is abuzz. Machinery whirs, while skilled craftsmen and women meticulously craft some of the best beds in the world. It was an amazing experience. I […]

Sturdy Bunks for Bro’s?

Sturdy Bunks

Quality Matters Bunks that are sturdy enough for rowdy frat guys, might even be strong enough for your kids 😉 We’ve been outfitting fraternities and sororities in the UW greek system for decades, and the word has gotten out. Every year before school starts we have urgent calls from B.O.T. members and house moms, saying […]

How to Flip a Latex Mattress

Flipping a Mattress Blog Header

Flipping your Latex Mattress is Easy Don’t let the prospect of flipping a mattress stop you from making a smart purchase. Flipping a latex mattress is easy. In the videos, we demonstrate the easiest way to turn a mattress without straining yourself. So whether you are flying solo or working with a partner, there’s no […]

You Want a 2-sided Mattress. Here’s Why:

You want a 2-Sided Mattress

An Innovation for the Mattress Industry The mattress industry has seen many changes over the past twenty years, but none as impactful as the formerly standard 2-sided mattress being replaced by the “invention” of its 1-sided counterpart. We have Simmons to thank for this historic leap backwards. They introduced the concept in 2000. Some call […]

Why do We Carry Vispring?

Why do we Carry the Vispring Line?

Recently, Bedrooms & More began showing a selection of the Vispring line. After visiting their manufacturing facility in Plymouth, England, Jeff & Wanda Garfield were convinced this maker of fine, luxury mattresses needed to be featured in our store. Handcrafted Products with History and Heritage Vispring went into business in 1901 and continues to produce high-quality […]

Vispring Luxury High-End Mattresses now at Bedrooms & More

Vispring Mattress Blog Banner Image

Bedrooms & More, Seattle now features Vispring Mattresses In addition to our own line of natural and organic botanical latex mattresses, our store now carries the illustrious, British-made Vispring line. Because we are specialist in non-toxic products, the additional options make our display the most comprehensive selection of clean mattresses in the West. You can […]

[VIDEO] A Flippable Mattress Changes Everything

screenshot from an animated video about 2-sided mattresses

Do you have a two-sided, flippable mattress? If not, you might be experiencing the same problem as the character, Sam, in our new video. A ‘can’t flip’ mattress wears out faster than a flippable mattress because only a small area of the entire mattress bears all of the body impressions. When buying a new mattress, always make sure what […]

What To Do When Your Mattress Is Sagging

Mattress Sagging Blog Header

Is Your Mattress Sagging? It’s a widespread problem, especially if you have a ‘can’t flip’ mattress. At our bedrooms store in Seattle, we sell only 2-sided, flippable mattresses. Because you can flip and rotate them, allowing the materials to wear more evenly over time, they last up to 3 times as long as one-sided mattresses. […]

Could Sleep Problems Be Caused By Your Mattress?

Sleep Problems Caused by Mattress

Do you suffer from sleep problems such as sleep apnea, Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), snoring, numbness, or nightly aches and pains? If so, your daytime health choices may not be entirely to blame. The mattress you’re sleeping on could be a factor. Listen in as Bedrooms & More family member Blake Garfield chats with Pete from Kiro […]

Why Are Plush Mattresses So Popular?

Photo of a white frosted cake with text overlay reading, "Why Are Plush Mattresses So Popular? & Why So Many Mattresses Look Like Fluffy Layer Cakes"

Step into a mattress store and you can tell the whole world’s gone plush crazy. Beds are like layer cakes. 16, 18, 20″ deep from foundation to quilt top. Laden with swirls of plush padding rising to the surface. It’s as if manufacturers are playing a game of How Tall Can YOUR Mattress Get? Why the craze […]