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How to Flip a Latex Mattress

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Flipping your Latex Mattress is Easy Don’t let the prospect of flipping a mattress stop you from making a smart purchase. Flipping a latex mattress is easy. In the videos, we demonstrate the easiest way to turn a mattress without straining yourself. So whether you are flying solo or working with a partner, there’s no […]

[VIDEO] A Flippable Mattress Changes Everything

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Do you have a two-sided, flippable mattress? If not, you might be experiencing the same problem as the character, Sam, in our new video. A ‘can’t flip’ mattress wears out faster than a flippable mattress because only a small area of the entire mattress bears all of the body impressions. When buying a new mattress, always make sure what […]

When We Source Products Offshore

Overseas Suppliers

Many Americans are concerned about the availability of American-made products in the marketplace versus products made overseas. When a customer asks us where an item we sell at our Seattle store is made, we respond with confidence, openness, and transparency: “That was made in Vermont,” or “here in Washington state,” “in Vietnam,” or yes, “in […]