How To Customize Your Mattress When You and Your Partner Sleep Differently

How to Customize a Mattress for Partners who Sleep Differently

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I like a softer mattress but my partner likes a firmer one. Short of sleeping in different beds, is there any way we can both get comfortable?


Mismatched for Sleep

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There are many couples who find themselves mismatched when it comes to sleep comfort preferences. One likes a firmer bed; the other likes a plusher bed. And neither one wants to move into the spare bedroom! Fortunately, there are a couple ways to customize one mattress to meet different partners’ sleep preferences.

When it comes to a mattress itself, your most dramatically customizable option would be a Split Queen or Split King mattress. You like an Extra Firm surface feel while your partner prefers Extra Plush? No problem. A split mattress is just what it sounds like — a custom-built mattress that is one-half what you want and one-half what your partner wants, but in the typical size you’d like (Queen, King, or California King). Then, beyond firmness levels, each partner can use mattress pads and toppers to fine-tune the feel of their side through the years. This is a way to create a sleep surface that’s truly unique to you, without giving up on sleeping next to your sweetie. A split mattress uses a standard box size (unless you’re using a platform bed frame, for which no box is needed). If you’re familiar with adjustable electric beds where each side can adjust independently, a split mattress is the type you’d need for one of those.

Another mattress option is a zip cover mattress. This type of mattress allows partners to customize the components on each side of the bed to their liking. If you have a mattress with a zip cover, like our Wallingford, Woodland Park, Thackeray, or Meridian, all you have to do is remove the cover to swap new layers in or out, depending on the feel you want. Each partner can perfect the feel they like.

A mattress topper is another brilliant way to customize the feel of a bed to suit two partners’ different sleep preferences. Desire a softer, plusher surface feel? Add a mattress topper on one side for enhanced cushioning, while your partner retains the firm feel they enjoy.

On the other hand, one partner can firm up a mattress that’s a bit too soft. Try a firming pad over your mattress (but beneath the topper, if you’re using one) for added support.

Mismatched, we hope this advice helps you and your partner create your sleep panacea — a place where you can both get comfortable.

Yours in Great Sleep,

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I can’t find a brand that carries a mattress topper that is half soft and half hard. We have a Queen size bed and have a topper on it but the topper is too soft for my husband. but I love it and two twin toppers equal a King not a Queen. Can you give a brand name of a topper that would work for us?


So, short anwser is yes it would be something we could do for you. Only thing is it would almost all be custom work because split queen toppers are not something we regularly carry.The other thing is that topper are meant to be soft so for the hard half it would almost be entirely custom. Also, for a king it’s actually going to be two TwinXL that make up a king.