Different Mattress Sizes and Their Dimensions

Buying a new bed can be overwhelming. There are quite a few mattress sizes to choose from. So we thought we’d break it down for our customers to easily understand.

What are the common mattress sizes?

There are a handful of common mattress sizes that just about any mattress store will stock as well as have bed frames to accommodate because furniture manufacturers abide by the same dimensions. The most common mattress sizes are as follows:

  • Crib
  • Twin (Single)
  • Twin XL (Twin Extra Long)
  • Full (Double)
  • Queen
  • King
  • Cal-King (California King)

There are a few more mattress sizes that are less commonly manufactured and in most cases, these sizes need to be custom ordered depending on the type of bed frame you have.

Everyone has their own idea when it comes to an ideal bed size. We always ask our customers few questions when trying to help them narrow down which mattress size is best. For instance, is the mattress just for you, or do you sleep with a partner? Will you be sharing the bed with children or pets? Do you know the dimensions of the room the mattress will be in? The larger mattress size, the more your dimensions will matter. Below we break down each mattress size and share how popular they are.


27″ x 52″


Crib Size Mattress with Dimensions Included

The dimensions of a crib size mattress are 27″ by 52″ which is standard for all cribs dictated by safety needs for babies. A crib size mattress is used by babies and toddlers alike until they are too tall to fit within the bars of a crib.

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30″ x 75″

(Not common)

Cot Size Mattress with Dimensions Included

Though it is somewhat uncommon, the cot mattress is a good size for a temporary sleep solution. The cot mattress measures at 30″ by 75″ which is comfortable enough for short term, but we recommend anyone with long term plans to buy one of the more accommodating mattress sizes.

Twin – Single

38-39″ x 75″


Twin Size Mattress with Dimensions Included

A twin-sized mattress is great for kids who have graduated from the crib. Though some manufacturers will trim half an inch or so from either side, the dimensions of a typical twin mattress are 39″ by 75″ which suits most children through their teenage years.

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Twin XL (Half King)

38 or 39″ x 80″


Twin XL Size Mattress with Dimensions Included

A Twin XL aka twin extra long mattress is a great option for offspring of tall parents.The extra 5 inches of length allows for your kids/teen to have growth spurts without you having to purchase another mattress, this can save you money in the long run. Measuring at 39″ by 80″ the Twin XL is the standard mattress for college dorm rooms. They also offer the perfect fit for a split-king adjustable bed.

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Half Queen

30″ x 80″

(Not common)

Half Queen Size Mattress with Dimensions Included

The dimensions of a half queen are 30″ by 80″ and is generally used on split queen adjustable beds. The half queen-size is not a desirable mattress size for adults on its own. As a result, like a cot, you should only use this size if you have no other choice.


48″ x 75″

(Not common)

3/4 Size Mattress with Dimensions Included

A three quarter (3/4) mattress used to be common long ago. So antique bed frame still use this mattress size, or some approximation. Verify the dimensions of what your frame can fit including the three quarter size which is 48″ by 75″, because this is likely to be a custom size mattress.

Super Single

48″ x 84″

(Not common)

Super Single Size Mattress with Dimensions Included

The dimensions of a super single mattress are 48″ by 84″ and were originally a waterbed size, though special order mattresses can be made this size to fit those old frames.

Full (Double)

54″ x 75″


Full Size Mattress with Dimensions Included

Once the full size, at a comfortable 54″ by 75″ dimension, was the size that couples preferred, but full has been replaced by queen as the most popular/commonly used mattress size. A full-size mattress is perfect for a guest room, and being a step up from twin, the full-size is suitable for young professionals furnishing smaller studio spaces or apartments.


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Full XL

54″ x 80″

(Not common)

Full XL Size Mattress with Dimensions Included

The Full XL (aka Full extra long) is primarily used on adjustable bases. It’s longer length is preferred to over a standard regular full size, because the bending action of an adjustable base shortens the mattresses length. The full extra longs extra five inches in length makes up for the lost height during adjustments of the feet and head.


Sleeper Queen

60″ x 72″

(Not common)

Sleeper Queen Size Mattress with Dimensions Included

The sleeper queen size is 60″ by 72″ (variable) which is specific to mattresses in sleeper sofas. Most sleeper sofa mechanisms use short queens so that they will stow away down inside the sofa. Replacement sleeper queen mattresses are available from many manufacturers.


60″ x 80″


Queen Size Mattress with Dimensions Included

The queen size mattress is the most popular size bed in the United States. Its dimensions measure 60″ wide by 80″ long which is great size for most whether sleeping solo or with a partner. A queen size mattress is a sure fit in almost any size bedroom no matter where you live. You’ll also find great, stylish bedding options because it’s such a common size.

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60″ x 84″

(Not common)

Cal Queen Size Mattress with Dimensions Included

Originally a waterbed size, the dimensions of a California Queen are 60″ by 84″. Cal queen mattresses can be special ordered from manufacturers to fit those old frames that we all hold so near and dear.

Olympic Queen

66″ x 80″

(Not common)

Olympic Queen Size Mattress with Dimensions Included

Done at one point by Simmons in the 1990’s this mattress size has fallen out of fashion. The Olympic Queen dimensions are 66″ by 80″. This size can still be ordered by many manufacturers as a custom size.


76″ x 80″


King Size Mattress with Dimensions Included

If your bedroom has the available space, the king size mattress is the most commonly chosen. It measures 76″ wide and 80″ long providing ample space for sleeping with a partner or additional room for small children and/or pets. The popularity of the king mattress also makes bedding easy to shop.

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72″ x 84″


Cal King Size Mattress with Dimensions Included

The Cal-King (aka the California King) was originally a waterbed size. However, over the years it’s been adopted as one of the more popular conventional mattress sizes. The Cal King measures 72″ wide by 84″ long, so if you’re over 6’6” tall, your feet will no longer have to hang-off the end of your bed! This extra 4 inches in length compared to a queen or king sized mattress is really nice for taller sleepers. The Cal King has become so popular, that finding bedding is a breeze!

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Athletic King

80″ x 98″

(Not common)

Athletic King Size Mattress with Dimensions Included

The athletic king is not common, and rather difficult to find bedding for it. But if you’re tall enough that you need a mattress just over 8 feet long at 80″ by 98″, it may just be a must. This size will definitely be by special order and it may be difficult to get this bed through standard doorways, but the wait and the work might be well worth it.

Did you find this Mattress Size Chart helpful?

Have you heard of other mattress sizes that we didn’t mention? Drop us a line below and let us know!

3 thoughts on “Different Mattress Sizes and Their Dimensions

  1. Krista Ryan says:

    What about the Wyoming and Alaska King sizes? They’re square, so can be rotated all ways. I’ve seen them in hotels.

    • Blake says:

      Through the years niche sizes have come and gone. Jumbo was a size which was 9′ x 7′ back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. It’s possible to find some “off the shelf” bedding for these for a time, and then they are impossible to find. Frustrated consumers are later forced to buy custom bedding later in the life of the product.
      Time will tell if these two niche sizes become common across the industry. I’m hopeful for the 84″ x 84″ “Wyoming King” because square beds can be turned and flipped more directions, especially if they are flippable. If it were 80″ x 80″ it would fit in more homes and be more broadly useful, but that size has never stayed around when it was introduced in the past.

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