Fjords and Your New Year’s Resolutions

Fjords Ringing in the New Year

It’s that time of year again! New gym memberships are through the roof, kale and quinoa sales are spiking, DuoLingo’s site traffic is exploding, and cigarette sales have slowed, all in response to the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions.

We know how this goes: Week one went so well that you can afford to cheat for the next 51. It’s a common occurrence, but we’re hoping this blog shows you how a new recliner from Fjords can help you stick to that resolution.

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Resolution Mindset

New Year’s Resolutions all boil down to essentially the same thing: Altering bad habits. Contrary to our “need it now” culture, the easiest way to successfully change a habit is slow and steady. Science shows that it takes about two months of consistent action before something becomes habitual. Take this into account when planning out how to tackle your resolutions. Don’t dive into the deep end and expect to swim right away; wade into the shallows and build up your breaststroke beforehand.

Weight Loss

While a new recliner can’t help you establish better eating habits, it can help with your workout routine. Rest days are just as important as gym days because recovery is a key aspect of building muscle. No better way to spend a rest day than kicked back in an ergonomically designed recliner from Fjords. The continuous support and comfort will relax your entire body, allowing blood to circulate more freely, greatly aiding in the recovery process.

Learn Something New

Plan on finally mastering the French language or garnering a better understanding of how to effectively slap da bass? Consistent practice is needed to accomplish these goals. Picking up a new skill will be much easier if you’re comfortable during study sessions. The ultra-strong steel gliding mechanism in a Fjords recliner allows you to adjust your position at the push of a button as many times as you need while logging countless hours of practice.

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Don’t read in bed, you’ll just fall asleep! Instead, crawl into a Fjords recliner with your new book club’s monthly selection and have at it. The seat and back elements of these chairs are wrapped in an extra layer of Dacron Fiber to provide extra softness and improved comfort. No need to worry about a sore backside when you’re scouring the pages of Atlas Shrugged looking for excerpts that illustrate Rand’s support of laissez-faire capitalism.

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Check out the Relax Collection from Fjords!

Quitting Your Vices

This is an especially difficult resolution to stick to because, for many people, vices play a major role in structuring their social life. Trying to quit requires the user to spend less time around the vice, which, for many, also reduces social time. While your friends might wane in their support for your clean living, you know who won’t? That’s right, your Fjords Recliner. With cold cure molded foam in the seat and back, this chair will offer unfailing support throughout your journey towards sobriety.

More Family Time

Placing comfortable recliners around the house encourages family members to linger in rooms longer, creating the potential for more family time. The steel frame design of these chairs ensures that they will be one of the most durable pieces of furniture in your home, meaning that the grandkids can roughhouse all they want with no adverse effects (on the chair, at least).

New Job

Maybe you’re a recent grad in search of that first career job, or maybe you’re looking to pivot into a new industry; either way, prepare for an indeterminate amount of hours foraging the internet for open positions. “How do they expect me to have 7 years experience for an entry-level position?” you ask, slamming your head into the desk repeatedly. Not to worry! Fjords recliners come with an Active Release System mechanism that provides incredible support for your newly sore neck.

Have A Baby!

Finally put an end to all those awkward conversations at family gatherings! Babies are renowned for their cuteness, though not their cleanliness or intelligence. Which means you’re going to have to spend some time baby-proofing the pad. Good thing the base of your new Fjords recliner is constructed from laminated wooden components. These make them super durable. Good luck scuffing that up, baby!

Give more to Charity

Many people wish to spend the new year giving back to the community. Maybe you’re thinking of volunteering at the food bank, or starting a coat drive for the needy? An easy way to help out charities is to donate items that you don’t use anymore. Goodwill, Value Village, The Salvation Army, and many more will gladly take that old recliner or couch off of your hands to make room for your new Fjords chairs.

Good Luck!

We here at Bedrooms & More wish you the best of luck in tackling your resolutions head on!

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