How to Flip a Latex Mattress

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Flipping your Latex Mattress is Easy

Don’t let the prospect of flipping a mattress stop you from making a smart purchase.

Flipping a latex mattress is easy. In the videos, we demonstrate the easiest way to turn a mattress without straining yourself. So whether you are flying solo or working with a partner, there’s no need to stress!

Why do I need to flip my mattress?

Great question! Regular rotation and flipping ensure a longer life for your mattress and prolonged comfort for you.

Take a look at these two videos. I bet you’ll be surprised at how little effort is needed.

Simple, right?

We told you! Whether you’re doing it by yourself or with a partner, there’s no reason to stress yourself out. Flipping a latex mattress is easier than you think.

If you still have questions about the proper way to flip your mattress, you can always give us a call. Or, even better, come by our store in Wallingford, Seattle. We’d be happy to demonstrate for you.

Service with a Smile

Still overwhelmed? We offer a service for our customers where we come to your home and do it for you. You read that right. We take care of our customers.

3 thoughts on “How to Flip a Latex Mattress

  1. Elizabeth Huff says:

    Thanks for letting us know! I have recently purchased a latex mattress for my bedroom and find it hard to flip it. I have to call somebody else to help me. Now, after watching your posted video, I think I can flip it alone now

  2. Laura Richards says:

    My latex mattress would never fold! I literally laughed when watching this. It’s 17” thick. Any other ideas? We watched it knock down a mover on its way in…

    • Anthony says:

      You may have a latex mattress with coils? In this case the coils across the middle of the mattress would need to be compressed on each end when folding the mattress. You would then use straps to keep the mattress folded in half. The largest all latex mattress we have every offered was 15′ thick and it was able to fold just like the mattress in this video.

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