How to Flip a Latex Mattress

Flipping your Latex Mattress is Easy

Don’t let the prospect of flipping a mattress stop you from making a smart purchase.

Flipping a latex mattress is easy. In the videos we demonstrate the easiest way to turn a mattress without straining yourself. So whether you are flying solo or working with a partner, don’t flip out at the idea of flipping a mattress!

Why do I need to flip my mattress?

Great question! Regular rotation and flipping ensures a longer life for your mattress, and prolonged comfort for you.

Take a look at these two videos. I bet you’ll be surprised at how little effort is needed to properly flip your mattress.

Simple, right?

We told you! Whether you’re flipping your mattress by yourself or with a partner, there’s no reason to stress yourself out. Flipping a latex mattress is easier than you think.

If you still have questions about the proper way to flip your mattress, you can always give us a call. Or, even better, come by our store in Wallingford, Seattle. We’d be happy to demonstrate for you.

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