Hästens Seattle: Introducing the Swedish Luxury Brand

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Bedrooms & More now offers Hästens mattresses. Why is this such a big deal? I suppose it’s not unless you’re as obsessed with getting a good night’s sleep as we are!

Who is Hästens?

Hästens was founded in Sweden in 1852 as a maker of fine horse saddles. As time progressed, the company moved into the design and manufacture of other goods, eventually focusing solely on mattresses.

What makes Hästens special?

Where to start? There’s so much to talk about with Hästens. We’ll do our best to do the brand justice.

The Iconic Blue Check

The blue check pattern became the symbol of the brand in 1978. Designed by the father of the company’s current owner, Jack Ryde, the blue check pattern symbolizes the unique quality only found in a Hästens mattress. It’s timeless, enchanting, and memorable.

Natural, Premium Materials

The word “hästens” is Swedish for “horse”. All Hästens mattresses contain premium horsehair.

Other materials include organic cotton, individually-pocketed springs, and pine from the ancient forests of northern Sweden. Sound like a fairytale, perhaps? The company brings your imagination to life with its dedication to bringing you the best night’s sleep of your life.

Hästens Seattle

Hästens carefully chooses the stores allowed to carry their line. We are honored to be the only location in Washington State to feature their line of mattresses and bedding. Seattle’s blue waters, lush green forests, and snowy white mountains create a fairytale landscape, the perfect backdrop for a bed of this quality.

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