Our Holiday Wish List!

Holiday Wish List 2016

10-off-1We’re gearing up for this holiday season with a comprehensive list of great gifts for those special people in your life (yourself included, of course!) From washable wool blankets to botanical latex pillows, you’re sure to find something for everyone on your gift list! You can shop online or visit us at our Bedrooms & More showroom in Wallingford, Seattle. ‘Tis the season for a good night’s rest, everyone!

 And this year we’re offering 10% OFF your purchase of 45th Street Bedding bedding items online! Use code “CHEER2016” at checkout. Offer valid 11/14/16-12/24/16 at 11:59pm.

Let the countdown begin!


10. Bedrooms & More Gift Card

We all have that one person who is impossible to shop for. You know who I’m talking about! Well, this person deserves a good night’s rest. So instead of playing the guessing game, why not opt for the ever-popular gift card option instead? Get the perfect gift every time, guaranteed.

9. Microdenier Comforter

Know someone living in the college dorms? Moving into their first apartment? Just got married? Our Microdenier Comforter is the perfect gift for those just starting out. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and best of all? It won’t break the bank.

8. Cozy Washable Wool Blanket

Nothing is better on cold winter nights than snuggling up close to the fire, warm drink in hand, huddled under a blanket. That’s where our Washable Wool Blanket comes into play. Filled with supremely cozy, breathable wool, it’ll keep the shivers away while you take in the beauty of the season. A great choice for family and friends (or for yourself!).

7. Travel Pillow

For that jet-setter you know and love! We are obsessed with our line of travel pillows, and rightfully so. Whether they’re stuck in the middle seat in economy or jammed between cousin Jed and aunt Tammy on the way to Grandma’s house, they’ll be able to sit back, relax, and dream about sugarplums the whole way there.

You can choose between Shredded Latex and Washable Wool fill. Either way, you win!

6. Washable Wool Pillow Cover

Your pillow deserves a hug this winter, too. So regardless of what your head rests on at night, you should gift it a soft, temperature-regulating Washable Wool Pillow Cover. This quilted bad boy provides protection to the pillow itself, features moisture-wicking wool filling to keep your head cool and dry while you sleep, and is machine washable!

5. Flannel Sheets

Know any aspiring lumberjacks? Make their year with a set of deliciously warm sheets! Sweeter than maple syrup on a stack of pancakes, our line from MALOUF™ is just the ticket to catching those extra hours of shut eye before the sun rises and the “swish” of the axe blade through the air is too tempting to resist.

4. Washable Wool Comforter

For the member of your family who is always freezing come this time of year! A Washable Wool Comforter is the ticket to warm hearts and toasty toes this winter. Filled with washable wool, this comforter won’t clump up in the wash! And since wool is naturally moisture-wicking, your loved one won’t be tossing and turning the whole night through, sticking limbs out from under the covers trying to cool down.

3. Robe

For that friend who would wear pajamas to work everyday if their boss would let them. Our premium selection of luxury robes come in multiple fabrics and designs. Whether you like terrycloth, linen, or plush fleece, you can find it at our showroom!

2. Washable Wool Mattress Pad

For the friend who has everything. Our Washable Wool Mattress Pad is filled with temperature-regulating wool. It’ll keep you cool and comfortable straight through the night. Your friend might arguably have the most comfortable bed around, but this will definitely up the ante. That extra bit of wooly fluff is hard to resist.

1. Shredded Latex Pillow

Possibly the most comfortable pillow on the planet! (I sleep on one at home, so I may be a tad partial. Our other pillows are very nice too, of course, I promise!). Our Shredded Latex Pillow is filled with 100% botanical latex shred, sealed in a double-layer of zippered encasements to keep all the good stuff inside! The pillows come overstuffed, so you can customize to your individual preference. And whatever latex you take out? That stuff’s completely biodegradable! A wonderful gift for the environmentally-conscious sleep-seeker in your life. Or better yet? Buy two and keep one for yourself.

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