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How To Flip & Rotate Your Mattress

Why do you need to flip your mattress?

That’s a great question! Not flipping and rotating your mattress causes uneven wear which causes a breakdown of your mattresses materials. Keeping up with a regular flip and rotation schedule ensures prolonged comfort for you and a longer life expectancy for your mattress. It will also save you time and money because you won’t have to shop for another mattress in just a few short years. In this blog we’ll cover how to properly ‘Flip & Rotate’ your latex or innerspring mattress.

Don’t let the prospect of flipping a mattress stop you from making a smart purchase.


We recommend flipping or rotating your mattress quarterly. You don’t need to do both at the same time. In theory, you should flip your mattress, wait 3 months then rotate your mattress and so on. This allows your mattress time it needs to break-in evenly.

Flipping and rotating can extend the life of your mattress up to 15 years plus.

Flipping/Rotating a Latex Mattress

Our latex mattresses are more flexible than most innerspring beds due to all-natural materials like botanical latex, wool and cotton. However, this also makes them a little heavier, but not harder to flip or rotate. In fact, you may even find it simpler than lifting an innerspring bed.

Let’s flip!

Before you start, we recommend removing any items near your bed to prevent damages. Although this process is simple, we would recommend having two people to flip or rotate any mattress for the sake of your safety.

Step 1: To start, you and your partner will need to identify the tag, also known as the “law label,” located on the mattress either at the headboard or at the footboard. You might have to look underneath depending on which side it is on. If the tag is at the headboard or the footboard, pull it up and let it rest on top of the other half like a taco.

Step 2: Grab handles (on the sides of the mattress) or fabric of the bottom half of the mattress and pull it back to its flat form.

Let’s Rotate!

Step 1: Pull up the head or foot of your mattress and fold it into a taco form. Then, you and your partner can turn it 180Âş, from your side to the other.

Step 2: Then grab handles or fabric of the bottom half of the mattress and pull it back to its flat form.

That’s it. You did it! Now it’s time to give your partner a high-five or an elbow bump.

Flipping/Rotating an Innerspring Mattress

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to fold your inner-spring mattress like you can a latex. This is because innerspring beds are not as flexible. Don’t worry, the process is still simple. In fact, flipping an innerspring bed may take you less time.

Let’s flip!

Have one person hold the handles on their side of the mattress then lift it up and carefully let go so the other person can catch it then adjust it back on the bed.

Let’s rotate!

Find the law label then rotate your bed 180º. In theory, if the label is at the headboard, turn it all the way to the footboard. Yes, you can rotate your mattress as it is sitting on your bed frame. Be sure there’s nothing sharp underneath your mattress.

Simple, right?

We told you! Whether you’re doing it by yourself or with a partner, there’s no reason to stress yourself out. Flipping a latex mattress is easier than you think.

If you still have questions about the proper way to flip your mattress, you can always give us a call: 206-633-4494. Or, even better, come by our store in Wallingford, Seattle. We’d be happy to demonstrate for you.

Service with a Smile

Still overwhelmed? We offer a Flip/Rotate service for our customers where we come to your home and do it for you. Sign up for our service and receive 4 schedules of rotations or flips for only $200. You read that right. We take care of our customers!

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