How To Make Your Bed At Home Feel Like a Hotel Bed

how to make your bed at home feel like a hotel bed

Traveling can be a drag. Long days, airport food, squishing yourself into an airplane seat, breathing only recycled air for hours.

But when you finally arrive at your hotel, weary and bedraggled, you know you’re in for a treat. You check in and you’re escorted to your room. You peruse the amenities and pull back the tasteful curtains to take in the view. But what you’re REALLY interested in is the bed.

Exhausted from your day of travel, now you can rest deeply.

There’s just something about those beds at better hotels. What is it, exactly, that makes sleeping in them so sublime? Is it the mattress? The crisp yet soft sheeting and super fluffy duvet? The pillows?

The answer: it’s ALL of it. Everything working together to create that luxury experience that’s like no other.

If you’ve wanted to know the secret to making your bed at home feel like a luxury hotel bed, you’re in the right place. We’ve got some insider tips for you, straight from the mattress and bedding experts at Bedrooms & More Seattle. Consider us your own personal concierge de boudoir.

Luxury Bedding Doesn’t Have To Cost a Fortune

You don’t have to be a frequent five star hotel guest to afford to sleep like one at home. Affordable luxury is a real thing!


What Is Luxury Bedding, Anyway?

Does ‘luxury’ mean expensive? Not necessarily. (Surprised?)

Does it mean silk, satin, or brocade, with tassels? Not exactly. Depends on your style.

The definition of luxury is ‘the state of great comfort or extravagant living.” When it comes to your bed, we think you should feel extravagantly comfortable every night.

More than that, we think luxury means high performance. Luxury products perform excellently, even when expectations are high.

Have you ever dined at a five-star fine dining establishment? Think about the treatment you’d expect to receive at a place like this. You’d expect: every detail to be anticipated, then executed seamlessly; the service to be impeccable — timely, gracious, solicitous without hovering; the dish you order to be among the best you’ve ever tasted; the wine to be a perfect complement to your entree, bringing out the flavor profile to a keen degree, and the dessert to be out of this world.

You should expect something similar of luxury bedding. When it comes to five star bedding, it’s not just about how it looks and feels, but how it behaves. Every detail, from the corners to the hem to the topstitching, should be something special, something intentional, there to provide you with an experience that’s actually better than average.

How to know if your home bedding is better than average? Do the sheets have moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool as you sleep? Is the pillow fill effortlessly responsive? Does it retain its loft over time and bounce back from compression in a way that feels pleasing? These are just a few of the features you might expect from luxury bedding. When you pay more for bedding, you should get more — not just get fancier packaging.

Luxury, Locally-Designed

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned about what materials sleep well & we’ve put it all into our 45th Street Bedding line. You can count on a wonderful night’s sleep with this high quality, well-made, eco-friendly, breathable bedding.


When it comes to luxury bedding, it’s not just about the fiber or material (i.e. natural silk, Egyptian cotton, soft Minnesota wool). It’s about how that fiber or material performs when in use night after night.

Luxury Starts With a Good Foundation

There’s more to a good night’s sleep than meets the eye.

You can put all the fancy layers in the world on top of a bed, but if the foundation is faulty, you’re still not going to be comfortable. Every element on top of, inside of, and underneath your bed needs to be top notch to ensure your comfort.

Ever visit a nice bedding or home goods store and walk through an area with beautifully made-up beds, piled high with pillows? The whole ensemble looks so inviting, you’re almost feeling a bit sleepy gazing at it. But once you get closer, you notice a small sign nearby that says PLEASE DO NOT SIT OR LIE ON BEDS. FOR DISPLAY ONLY. What a bait and switch!

Unfortunately, all too many beds in people’s homes might as well have a sign reading For Display Only. The bedding may look lovely and even feel soft to the touch, but if the mattress is worn unevenly, if the box is wearing out and sagging, or if the platform or bed frame isn’t stable built properly, actually getting any quality sleep in the bed will be a long shot.

It’s what’s underneath and inside that makes all the difference between tossing and turning and sleeping like a baby.

Secure your sleep foundation with a properly constructed platform bed, solid wood bed frame, or iron bed frame. A solid foundation will do justice to layers of bedding above, giving you a truly excellent night’s rest.

Luxury Is In the Layers

Think back again to that amazing hotel bed. Climbing into that bed, getting all cozy beneath the covers, feels like a complete package — with you at the center. You’re not quite sure what you’re sleeping on, or underneath, but it sure feels incredible.

The secret to this encompassing yet lightweight feel, the secret to sleeping at the perfect temperature all night long, is in the choosing of high quality natural materials (like cotton, wool, and botanical latex). It’s also in the layers: a high quality mattress topper to add plushness, a dense firming pad to give support, a soft and fluffy duvet cover, a rich blanket with just the right drape, and sheets that feel buttery soft and yet somehow a bit crisp at the same time.

Luxury feels custom. When you climb into a bed layered with top quality bedding, you can feel the difference. Every layer is purposeful and chosen for its unique characteristics and qualities. The mattress pad may be moisture-wicking to keep you cool all through the night. The pillow may offer a nuanced degree of conforming support, coupled with enough loft. Every layer works together to create a wonderful sleeping environment unmatched by anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Many customers don’t realize just how much they can customize their home beds to their liking. Your sleep surface doesn’t just have to be ‘as is.’ You can add a mattress topper for added plushness, like our Silk Filled Topper or Washable Wool Topper. You can firm up your surface by slipping a firming pad between your topper and your mattress. In fact, couples can customize each side of the bed to their own liking by using these luxury add-ons. Imagine both of you with the hotel bed-at-home of your dreams, for a sliver of the cost of replacing your mattress!

Luxury Design, Luxury Style

When it comes to luxury feel and performance, the smallest details can matter most.

Complete your hotel-bed-at-home with accessories like coordinating pillows and shams, a bed skirt, and an irresistible throw blanket. These finishing touches take your bed’s look from ordinary to over the top, in just the right measure.

For those who love a template, here’s a brilliant visual tutorial on how to layer your bed pillows and accent pillows in an attractive way, from our Bedroom Design Ideas Pinterest board.

We hope we’ve inspired you to bring the feeling of sleeping in a hotel bed home to your own bedroom. You deserve it.

Get a luxury hotel bed experience at home

We offer toppers, super soft comforters, pillows, & more to help you create a special sleep environment every night.


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