A New Stressless Dealer in Seattle: The World’s Best Seating & Reclining System

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We’re pleased to introduce Stressless!

Makers of amazingly comfortable and stylish recliners and sofas.

We are now a licensed Stressless dealer in the Seattle area.Recognized by stylish circles worldwide, Stressless is a distinctive Norwegian brand. Design and production is in the Sunnmøre Alps of central Norway.

Stressless dealers offer a wide range of contemporary furniture.

Products cover many categories. Come in and discover the classic Stressless reclining chairs, ottomans, love seats and sofas. There are also fully customizable home theaters. Stressless makes seating accessories and coordinating furniture pieces too. As a result, you’ll find the combinations and configurations are endless. Therefore, you can design the perfect space for hanging with family and friends. Or you can create the perfect space for reading and watching TV.  If you’re working from home, you can also get comfortable in a stressless office chair.Customize seating with an abundance of styles. Stressless makes configurations to fit your body. Regardless of comfort preference, lifestyle or taste, we have the stressless for you. Most fun of all, we offer a huge array of gorgeous leathers, fabrics, and colors to choose from. You can get the look you want that feels just right to the way your body.


Looking for your new ‘comfy chair? in the Seattle area’

Stressless is the world’s best seating and reclining system, because it’s ergonomically, orthopedically designed to give you:
  • Total Body Support
  • Equalization of Body Weight Distribution
  • Proper Skeletal and Spinal Alignment
— and all that equals better health.Stressless patented Glide®, Plus®, and ErgoAdapt™systems optimize positioning for ultimate comfort. Adjusting the Stressless Glide® wheels automatically shifts seating positions using body weight alone. Additionally, the Plus® system adjusts to the correct head, neck, and lumbar positions automatically as well. ErgoAdapt™ tilts to the right seating angle the moment you sit down. Because specialized ergonomic features respond to natural movements of your body, Stressless provides superior support and comfort. One perfect sit-down session and you’ll agree, Stressless’ form is surpassed only by its function. And its beauty is only surpassed by its comfort. Now there’s a great Stressless dealer in Seattle."Ekornes_Tombras_Norway_Day1-16547""6865_Buckingham+54388""Image3"Image4""4305_Reno_P5L6093""4088_Consul+9-00005""Wave3sL700x308"

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