Vispring Luxury High-End Mattresses now at Bedrooms & More

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Bedrooms & More, Seattle now features Vispring Mattresses

In addition to our own line of natural and organic botanical latex mattresses, our store now carries the illustrious, British-made Vispring line. Because we are specialist in non-toxic products, the additional options make our display the most comprehensive selection of clean mattresses in the West.

You can read our official press release below. All Vispring mattresses offered through Bedrooms & More are on display at our Wallingford store.

Official Press Release September 2016


In September 2016, Bedrooms & More will welcome the addition of the luxury mattress brand Vispring. The illustrious, British-made mattress brand, founded in 1901, is an exciting compliment to the Seattle store’s natural and organic mattress selection. As per the core philosophy of Bedrooms & More, every Vispring mattress is two-sided and flippable; that is because they last up to three times longer than ‘can’t flip’ models.

Bedrooms & More shares many of the same values as Vispring, because of that, we make a natural partnership. Vispring is extremely selective with their retail partners; as a result, the line is only available at limited locations throughout the United States. “This is the debut of Vispring in Seattle, which means our customers will have their first opportunity to test this remarkable sleep surface,” says Blake Garfield, General Manager. Now you can sleep like The Queen. That’s right — the Queen of England sleeps on a Vispring.

Vispring believes “that your bed is a catalyst for a wealth of enticing possibilities; a day that follows a night in a Vispring bed is full of potential and positive energy.”

So what’s inside these renowned mattresses? Every Vispring is constructed by hand, from renewable resources. They start with individually pocketed Vanadium steel coil springs, produced at the company’s factory in Plymouth, England. Topping the coils are blends of the finest natural fibers, including: Chinese Silk, Shetland Wool, South African Mohair, and Turkish Cotton. The finished product is a luxurious bed that cradles and supports you for an entire lifetime.

As Vispring states, “Nothing we say about our beds can compare with trying them out for yourself.” Bedrooms & More, located at 300 & 324 NE 45th Street in Wallingford, invites you to try out what very well may become the mattress of your dreams.


Update: Because we need to be the best resource for natural and organic products, we have added even more. With 9 Vispring on display, we have added 6 Hästens mattresses too.

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