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Around 2010 we started to notice changes made by furniture manufacturers in the construction of their products. The changes were small, but far from insignificant, and prompted us to explore our own manufacturing options. Quality bedroom furniture matters to us.

Why the change?

Massive customer bases give companies like Walmart and Amazon leverage over the brands they carry. These retailers are pressuring manufacturers to reduce costs in order to offer their customers the low prices they’ve come to expect, and manufacturers are more than willing to cut corners to get their products in front of larger audiences.

It’s not cutting corners, it’s Value Engineering.

It sounds better that way. This is a common practice used throughout industries to improve the value of the products offered. There are two ways to value engineer a product: increase the functionality or reduce the cost. Manufacturers swap out components for cheaper alternatives to reduce costs since the functionality of a bed frame is fairly limited (it’s a glorified mattress platter). We’re all for reducing costs (everyone likes a lower price), but cutting quality is not something we can get behind.

Where do they skimp?

Most furniture manufacturers save by reducing the cost of materials used in parts of the furniture that often go unnoticed by consumers. The center-support systems and slats take the biggest hits when it comes to budget cuts in bed frames (because, let’s face it, nobody is buying a bed for its beautiful slats). Slats get thinner and thinner, while center-support systems dwindle down, or are removed altogether. Savings are created in other furniture by using lower quality materials and simpler construction methods. All of these changes work wonders for the price tag, but durability takes a big hit. Too big for us.

Hence the Creation of Our Own Collection

To combat the changes we saw, we established Quality Bedroom in 2011. This gives us more control over the manufacturing process and design quality, further ensuring our ability to offer you high-quality, durable furniture. 

Why We Care

If you are unaware of the time and effort we put into creating our mattresses, you haven’t been reading our blog! Even the best mattresses in the world can be ruined by a sub-par bed frame. And that is unacceptable.

All the beds in the Quality Bedroom Collection come with an ultra sturdy center-support, completed with solid wood slats.

We don’t skimp, so you won’t sag.

Additionally, our night stand, chest, and dresser drawers are all constructed with durable components and high-quality drawer glides. Why do we put so much care into the drawers? Have you had a piece of furniture with a janky drawer? It’s beyond awful, and don’t nobody got time for that.

Another benefit to manufacturing our own products is the ability to control the eco footprint of our business. The timber industry is rife with bad practices that lead to deforestation and habitat destruction. This is why we chose to manufacture in Malaysia. They have been practicing Sustainable Forest Management since 1901, long before it was the cool thing to do. Their commitment to sustainable practices made this an easy choice.

The Finished Product

The Quality Bedroom Collection is built to look good, and more importantly, to last. With timeless designs, impeccable construction, and high quality materials this collection will be looking good and working well for a long, long time.


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    • Jordan Little says:

      Most of our mattress are made locally in the Pacific Northwest.
      45th Street, Cascade, Sound Sleep, Oregon Mattress Company are all made locally.
      Our Vispring product is made in Plymouth England.
      Some select products are imported from Asia.

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