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Today, more people live in urban areas than ever before. Space is at a premium, and people are learning to do a lot more with a small space. Living this way is not only environmentally responsible, it provides greater financial freedom, encouraging people to shop consciously. Better for your wallet; better for the planet.

From the tiny house movement to the rise in popularity of micro-apartments, we’re going back to basics. But small doesn’t need to be restrictive. Versatile furniture, clever storage tricks, and a shift towards a more minimalistic way of thinking make living in a small space not only possible, but pleasurable.

Less space equals more opportunity

Your home should make you feel warm, cozy, and happy. What it shouldn’t do is cause you stress! And if you have too much clutter in your home, your blood pressure is bound to rise. Ditch the mess, ditch the stress. Get organized with these space-saving ideas that will help you fall in love with your small home or apartment.

Choose Versatile Furniture

Many new, innovative products are available to help accommodate individuals living in smaller spaces. Ideally, you want your furniture to do four things for you: 1. A primary function, 2. A secondary function, 3. Be comfortable, 4. Look great. Sound like a tall order? Not at all. Trust me.

I am obsessed with tiny houses right now, and I looked at dozens of models while doing research for this post. A troubling trend surfaced; many of these tiny houses had furniture that looked SO uncomfortable, not to mention unpractical. Stiff-looking couches and built-in benches above storage drawers were the worst culprits. Even though the latter made double use of space, that aspect couldn’t make up for the obvious lack of coziness present in the design.

Never compromise on your comfort. This is your home we’re talking about!

Take a couch, for example. In a small space, your couch can function as seating during the day and pull out into a bed at night. A great option for guests, or if you don’t have the space for both a bed and seating. The photo below features our Breckin Convertible Comfort Sleeper, made by American Leather. It’s stylish, comfortable, and versatile. Also, you can purchase this piece in several different sizes to fit your space!

American Leather Breckin Comfort Sleeper® Sofa Open


Another great option to consider is a futon. The word might bring to mind your days in a college dorm, but these furniture pieces offer versatility and quality at a more affordable price point.

Clever Storage Spaces are a Must

Small spaces are just that, small. You don’t have a ton of place to put things. This can be a good thing. It forces you to scale back on your belongings, only buying what you really love and need. But we’ll get to that a little later on. Right now, let’s focus on the fact that you’re going to need strategic places to put things.

Under-the-bed storage is always a good idea, making use of what is otherwise dead space. If your bed rests directly on the ground, there are multiple options for lifting it. If you already have a bed frame you love, consider adding some customized drawers for underneath.

A bed frame with built-in drawers is a great option for people living in a small space. Why? It eliminates the need for a dresser! Heck, if you’ve gotten really good at practicing minimalization, these drawers can take the place of an entire closet. You can look for a bed frame that comes with drawers built right in, like this captain bed by American Woodcraft.

Or, if you already have a bed frame you love, consider having specialty drawers made to fit underneath. They’re so much nicer than plastic storage containers, and you’ll keep them for years to come. We offer a wide range of options to choose from here.

Make Longterm Investments, Not Short-term Fixes

This makes sense regardless of your floor plan. But it’s definitely vital if you want to maximize the benefits of a small space. 

When you’re on a budget, it’s easy to justify purchases that can only be described as “short-term” fixes. I completely understand that lower price tags make economical sense in the moment, but over time those smaller purchases add up to one big bill. Buying quality items saves you more money over time because you won’t need to replace them every couple of years when they wear out or break. Talk about a better practice for your wallet, the environment, and your overall wellbeing! It’s a win-win-win in my book!


We’re big fans of the Stressless collection. These armchairs are comfortable, beautiful, and definitely durable. The perfect addition for any home where space is at a premium. Honestly, they’re so comfortable that an overnight guest would be hard-pressed to complain about cozying on up in one for the night! Some of the models we offer have table attachments, functioning as both a desk and a side table.

Only Buy what You Love

Shopping is great, don’t get me wrong. But the practice of buying only those things that you need and love frees you from drowning in possessions. Remember, if you’re living in a small space, you don’t have the room to be impulsive. What you do have is the ability to do more with less, and invest in those few pieces that will fill the available area.

Also, why would you ever want to be surrounded by things you don’t love in your home? That doesn’t seem very logical, now does it?

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