What Is A Mattress Encasement Exactly?

Advantages of a Full Mattress Encasement

Did you know an average person can perspire a pint or more each night? That’s right. Everyone sweats. This is why getting a mattress protector of some sort is always a good idea to safeguard your bed. While there are commonly-availably covers and cases, the best and most comprehensive solution would be a full mattress encasement. It provides a fully zippable barrier that surrounds the mattress and shields it entirely.

Protect Your Investment

Let’s face it, mattresses aren’t cheap regardless of what size you buy. So protecting your investment is important because none of us want to revisit a mattress company in a short period of time.

An encasement offers full protection against unwanted dust mites, bed bugs, accidental spills and allergens. If you sleep a little warm, it also prevents perspiration, other moisture and stains from reaching your bed which can permanently soil and wear down the materials of your mattress. Meanwhile top-down pads or covers will typically only protect you from spills and sweats so if microscopic critters are a concern for you, the encasement is the answer.

How to Apply an Encasement on Your Mattress

45th Street Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement

If you’ve purchased a Zippered Mattress Encasement from 45th Street Bedding, but you don’t know how to put it on your mattress, don’t worry, we’ve got you. 

For your safety and convenience, we highly recommend having two people for this process. While it can be done by one person, it’ll just be a little tedious. Just go slow with the same steps below and be careful of your back. Watch our instructional video or read on below:

  1. Take the encasement out of the bag and lay it flat on top of the mattress.
  2. Have one person stand on each side of the mattress and bring the mattress down about one foot toward the footboard and let it hang off the end of the bed. 
  3. Find the zipped end of the encasement. Then unzip it carefully so you won’t break the zipper. 
  4. Shimmy or roll up the encasement to make it easier to apply on the bed.
  5. Fit open end of encasement underneath and over the end of mattress.
  6. Carefully pull top and bottom of encasement toward the head of the bed. Then, adjust the encasement on the sides and top of the mattress to make sure it fits evenly. 
  7. Align the zipper at top of the mattress/headboard and zip closed carefully. Make sure not to force or overlap. 
  8. Slide the mattress back toward head of bed. You’re done!

Congratulations! It feels great to know that your mattress is protected, doesn’t it? With these steps, we hope that you will consider protecting your investment.

Other Suggestions

45th St Bedding Mattress Pad protectorSince the encasement can take quite an effort to put on, it pairs really well with an additional washable mattress pad or cover on top.

That way, you only need to remove the top layer for regular washing and you still get all the benefits of having a well-covered bed.

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