Recycle Your Mattress!

Mattress Recycling is in this Season

Mattress Recycling is In this Season

Of course, recycling is in every season, because taking care of the environment will never go out of style. But we want to spread the word about a specific type of recycling you might not be familiar with.

It’s may be hard to imagine, but you CAN recycle your old mattress! And it’s probably simpler than you think. Here in Seattle, we’re lucky. We have a mattress recycling center right here in Tacoma.

Spring Back Recycling

With five different locations across the U.S., Spring Back Recycling breaks down old mattresses and recycles their individual components. They are a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization providing jobs to formerly incarcerated men and keeping waste out of our landfills. Basically, they’re awesome and we’re lucky they’re here.

There are currently Spring Back Recycling facilities in Tennessee, North Carolina, Colorado, Utah, and Washington state. Not one close to you? Consider starting one up in your area. Each location operates independently.

You can learn more about their history and mission on their website.

Bedrooms & More’s Mattress Recycling Efforts

How do we factor into all of this? Our company frequently chooses sustainable, environmentally friendly options. Caring about the community and the earth makes you feel good, and is just plain old good business sense. We want to do more than sell you a quality mattress that will last longer than virtually any other mattress on the market. We want you to feel extra good about getting rid of your old one, too.

Once we pick up your old mattress, it’s then taken down to the Spring Back Recycling center in Tacoma. There, components are broken down and recycled. This keeps mattresses out of our landfills, which is great! It’s another reason you can feel good buying from us.

The Bottom Line

When you purchase one of our mattresses, you’re not just getting a product that will last longer than virtually any other one on the market. You’re also getting peace of mind knowing your old mattress isn’t slowly decomposing in a landfill, taking up unnecessary space. We feel pretty good about that; we think you should too.

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