Meet Our Team: Drew and Blake Garfield

Blake and Drew Garfield in flagship store

The Leaders Carrying The Legacy Forward

Meet Our Team: Drew and Blake Garfield. Bedrooms & More has been a family-owned business since 1972 when Jeff and Wanda Garfield started The Waterbed Store. With the help of sons, Blake and Drew, the Garfields transformed The Waterbed Store into present-day Bedrooms & More with our premium retail showroom only 2 doors down from our original location, and a growing eCommerce business. The name of the store may have changed over the past 50 years, but the core value of being a family-owned business remains the same.

Still to this day, Blake and Drew are carrying on their parents’ legacy, not only making Bedrooms & More the biggest organic home goods store in Seattle, but also providing unmatched service, high-quality products, and helping people have a good night’s sleep.

From Brothers to Best Friends

Let’s get to know the brothers! Blake and Drew are not only just brothers and business partners, they’re best friends. Growing up, the brothers loved playing sports with one another and they still carry that on today.

“Back when we were little,” says Blake, “when I was 12 and Drew was 6, we would play stuffed football in the hallway all the time. We would get on our hands and knees while trying to get the stuffed football past each other. The hallway was like 15 feet long and we would do this every day. So to me, it feels like every day was a field day playing with Drew.”

Their bond grew stronger playing sports at home. “We just play games,” Drew adds. “We had one of those basketball hoops hung on the door, so we would play that. And we would play baseball, hitting home-run derby. Blake would turn a pair of socks into a baseball and we would hit that toward the fence. It was really fun. So it’s like every day, all we do is play sports all the time at our home.”

Blake and Drew Garfield as kids

Sports continued to build their strong chemistry as they grew older. While Drew has played football at Lakeside High School during his junior and senior years, Blake coached him, looking out for his little brother and guiding Drew to be an exceptional quarterback.

As best man at Blake’s wedding, it was a heartfelt moment for Drew to be standing by his brother’s side on one of the best days. Yet, this doesn’t come as a surprise because, in their eyes, they have already considered each other best friends since they were little.

Business Partnership

Blake and Drew Garfield teenagers

Some people would say, “don’t ever work with your family because family members don’t work well with one another.” Well in this case, not for Blake and Drew. In fact, they love working with each other.

“Blake always cares a lot about my experience,” says Drew. “He was never the older brother that liked to put down or diminish. He is the older brother that always wants me to have a good time in my social life and business life as well. I never felt like Blake was in a competition with me. It was always about us having a good time together.”

“I trust Drew,” Blake adds. “I never have to doubt his motivations, I know that he’s coming from the right place 100 percent of the time and even if we disagree on something, it’s only on the approach. It’s not on the desire of results.”

Drew and Blake started working in their parents’ business since high school and moved to management eventually – Blake in the retail store while Drew managed the warehouse. Their contributions helped their family business grow significantly. In 2018, the family expanded into a premium 5 floor showroom, displaying all kinds of home goods like seating, lamps, area rugs, furniture, mattresses, bedding and more. Despite all of this success, Blake and Drew still want to carry on their parents’ legacy.

“The main takeaway that I’ve gotten from Jeff and Wanda is whatever the situation we are in,” says Drew, “we have to do what’s right for the customers. Because that is what pays dividends.”

“Not just in a business sense but also in an emotional sense,” Blake adds. “Doing what’s right for the customers is certainly more rewarding. We can always go to sleep at night and feel good about what we are doing. The other thing is only carrying things that we are proud of. The choice to only carry certain things and the decision to only focus on others is not only driven by doing the right thing, but also it’s one of those things that let you sleep better at night.”

Blake Garfield portrait

Doing what’s right for the customers means providing high-quality and long-lasting products. The family has chosen to carry only two-sided mattresses while other companies decided to sell less durable, one-sided beds. The brothers want to make their customers satisfied with what they get which has been a key factor for their parents’ business over the last 50 years. Blake and Drew are planning to keep doing so for the next 50 years and more. It’s what makes our family-owned business unique.

“We get to make decisions based on what feels like the right thing to do,” says Blake. “It’s never about what’s the most profitable thing to do. Yes, we want to be profitable, but it’s about doing the right thing and not having to justify it to anybody.”

Fun Facts About The Brothers

By now, we all have a good idea of who Blake and Drew are as business partners and as brothers. But what’s the one thing that best describes them?

“I’m just a classic Virgo,” says Drew. “Yeah, I’m a Virgo and that’s the one thing that you should know about me.”

“I’m a problem solver,” says Blake. “I love to create and solve things. And being here gives me the opportunity to do so while working alongside my brother.”

There you have it! So next time, if you have happen to run into them while you are shopping at our Flagship Store or Outlet Center, feel free to say hi. They are certain to greet you with a smile.

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