Natural Bedrooms for Kids

Natural Bedrooms for Kids

Looking for natural mattress & bedding options for your baby and/or kids in Seattle?

As a parent, nothing is more important to you than raising a happy, healthy kid. You teach your little ones daily, give them love and attention, nurture their uniqueness, and support them through challenges. It makes sense that you also want to provide them with a healthy, natural home environment, especially in the room where they sleep and play.

At Bedrooms & More in Seattle, we understand parents’ desire to create a sleep environment for their baby and kids that is as chemical-free and toxin-free as possible.

Getting the right products into your home is part of the plan. Finding the right products is the first step! That’s where we come in.

Bedrooms & More offers natural and organic kids mattresses, crib mattresses, baby & kids bedding that’s good for the earth & for your children.

Products For Babies & Kids Shouldn’t Be Made With Chemicals

Your little ones deserve a clean, toxin-free, non-off-gassing sleep environment. Understanding product labels in stores can be difficult. Therefore, at Bedrooms & More, we’ve done the work of vetting products for you.


Here’s a review of what’s available in our Baby & Kids Department:


When it comes to finding the best non-toxic crib mattress for your baby, it pays to do your research. Many mainstream mattress manufacturers will slap an organic label on their product, but what they’re not telling you is that only some of the mattress’s components are organic, not all. This means there may indeed be chemicals in that “organic” mattress!

We’ve scoured the crib mattress market to find the purest ones available at affordable prices. And we’ve brought them to Seattle for you. Check out our selection of natural and organic baby mattresses here.

When your child is ready to transition from a crib to a bed, we’ve got the best kids mattresses in Seattle — or anywhere you may live! (Yes, we ship.) We use high quality, hypoallergenic materials that are highly durable and comfortable, like botanical latex (in our Wallingford series), chemical-free cotton and innersprings (in the Gaia), and cotton, wool, and innersprings together (in the Terra).

We offer both Twin and Full mattresses in every model we carry; additionally Twin XL is available on most models. Because every mattress we sell is 2-sided and built to go the distance, you can expect your child to get many years out of a mattress from Bedrooms & More.


You want the material touching your baby’s skin to be as pure as can be. Sleeping with natural bedding can reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions and eliminate concerns about chemical sensitivity. Many of our breathable, non-toxic sheet collections are available as Crib Bedding or Kids (Twin size) bedding. Check out this organic cotton sheet set, the virgin wool Puddle Pad, or the Solid Latex Pillow in a Travel size, which is appropriate for small children.


If you’re going natural or organic for your kids’ mattress and bedding, why not follow that through to the bed frame itself?

We carry solid wood and metal bedroom furniture of all styles; one of them is sure to be right for your child’s bedroom. Here we’ve rounded up our kids’ furniture, including bunk beds, solid wood platform beds, daybeds, and iron beds. All the styles featured on this page are available in a Twin and/or a Full.

Don’t settle for cute but chemical-laden bedding for your kids.

Big box stores and department stores aren’t the only places to get bedding for your kids. At Bedrooms & More in Seattle, you can get high quality, natural, even organic bedding that’s affordable. With a focus on plant-based fibers and no toxins, this means babies, kids, and parents sleep soundly at night.

Leave cute-but-full-of-chemicals bedding behind

Bedrooms & More in Wallingford near the University District has great natural & organic options for kids & baby bedding — not to mention mattresses & bedroom furniture. Come & explore for yourself!


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