One-Sided Mattresses ‘Can’t Flip’ Rant

Woman raises her fists & shouts in a rant about "can't flip," one-sided mattresses

One-Sided Mattresses ‘Can’t Flip’ Rant

I’m pretty frustrated with the mattress industry.

I’ve been in the sleep business since 1970 and a retailer of mattresses and bedding since 1972. Since the Private Equity Firms (the wonderful folks that helped bring about the recent financial troubles in the U.S.) bought up all the major mattress companies (Simmons, Sealy, Stearns & Foster [owned by Sealy], Spring Air, and Serta) the industry has taken a “consumer be damned” attitude. The introduction of “can’t flip” mattresses or “no need to flip” mattresses in 2000 is an insult to consumers who can now expect three to five years out of their new mattress. That’s one third of what can be expected from two-sided mattresses.

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Like many industries, the mattress industry has gone through a period of cheapening products in order to save on manufacturing costs. Problem is, they market the cheapened product as a “benefit” to consumers — which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Think about home appliances, another industry where the majority of companies are now owned by private equity firms. Depending on your age, it used to be that you would buy an appliance — a fridge, a washer/dryer, an oven — expecting it to last 20 years. If something broke, a repairman would come to your home and fix it. Now, if you get five to seven years from an appliance you’re lucky. And you can forget about repairs; parts either aren’t or won’t be available.

Mattress companies make “no need to flip” or “can’t flip” mattresses to save on their own costs, NOT to give you a better night’s sleep or make your life easier.

The profits manufacturers make on selling half a mattress are too great to go back to two-sided mattresses. Companies can save 25-30% by not including the second side cushioning layer, which is the most expensive part of most mattresses. Companies don’t pass these savings on to the consumer. As you may have noticed if you’ve done some research, some “can’t flip” mattresses sell for several thousands of dollars! They’ve just used the savings to increase their profits and then resell the company to another investment firm. Simmons, for instance, has now been sold many times over.

The added benefit (to them) of selling “can’t flip” mattresses is that the consumer is back in the marketplace for a new mattress every three to five years. Their only other option is to put up with a saggy, uncomfortable bed, and the achy back and body that can result from it.

At Bedrooms & More, when we deliver new mattresses to customers, we offer to take away and recycle (if possible) their old mattress.

Recently, on a day when we delivered 10 new mattresses, we took away three “can’t flip” mattresses. All three were from one of the best known “S” brands. And all just three years old and completely worn out. Not even homeless shelters or charities will take mattresses so saggy, so they ended up in a landfill. These were not inexpensive mattresses — they retail locally for over $2000 each! You’d think that such dramatic wear and tear after just three years would be covered under warranty, but no. These companies consistently deny all but the most extreme breakdowns. They have PLANNED for the failure or obsolescence of their mattresses after 3-5 years. It’s how they do things now.

Retail stores that sell “can’t flip” mattresses often tell people that these companies no longer make two-sided mattresses. It’s not true, but they’ll give you all kinds of made-up reasons for it.

Most manufacturers DO still make two-sided mattresses, they just don’t sell them to the consumer. They make them only for the hotel/motel industry. Owners in this industry avoid one-sided mattresses because they know that they won’t last more than a few years. Doesn’t that show the manufacturers’ true stripes?

That’s my rant. This is why my store won’t sell “can’t flip” mattresses.

In order to be sold on our floor, mattresses need to have TWO sleeping surfaces. That, or they need to have zipper access to the inside so that components can be flipped or refreshed throughout its lifetime. It is not right to sell mattresses that wear out so quickly. A consumer should be able to expect their new mattress to last and be comfortable for at least 8 to 12 years. If they purchase a 100% botanical latex mattress model, it should last even longer.

Been sold half a mattress?

Stop sleeping in a sinkhole. Try a 2-sided mattress & FEEL the difference immediately . . . and 10 years later!

96 thoughts on “One-Sided Mattresses ‘Can’t Flip’ Rant

  1. Ken Russo says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I agree with everything you said in your article about no flip mattresses. My 2000 dollar mattress has just broken down after 3 and a half years of use. I am furious as I was guaranteed a minimum of 10 years. I live in cape cod on the east coast do you know any store that sells 2 sided mattresses?
    Thanks for your time
    Ken Russo

  2. Rod Grieshaber says:

    Cheapening products, so you have to buy more. Everyone needs to protest by refusing to purchase mattresses that do not last. Complain, hold on to your money, go on-line and look at alternatives..thankyou for this website on 2 sided mattresses. I will definately be spreading the word.

  3. Marlene Jasiorkowski says:

    Wish I saw this before buying last night.
    My $2500.00 no flip mattress lasted almost 6 years.

    • Cynthia Perkins says:

      Me too!!! And, this $2000 Beauty Rest Mattress Is Extremely Heavy!!! And, on a base!!! Not a box spring!!! Have to pay someone to turn it for me!!! I’m a 73yr. Young Lady! And, now I have to worry about buying another one!?

  4. Tara says:

    I have a Sealy and I was under the impression that it was a flip matress since the guy made a big ordeal about the non flipping does void out the warranty, my question is how am I not suppose to “void the warranty?” It’s been less than 2 years and both my husband and I are suffering w/ numb limbs, back aches and concerns b/c the more we rotate the more of a “W” our bed looks like and it has a 10yr warranty. Looking into getting it resolved soon hopefully.

    • DedBerd says:

      Try small pillows or blankets under the neck and knees- my doctor recommended that to me and I have not slept flat since, no new bed needed.

  5. tori says:

    Have been having to many issues with sagging and cradling even with firm or extra firms, costing $2K+. Before the mfg of 1 sided beds I never had these issues. Need to resolve these issues and buy a 2 sider. When Ive called Sle*pys they said that this is normal wear and tear. I think not. Changes must be made.

  6. GL says:

    I appreciate your integrity. I wish your store were in our area. We tried a one sided mattress, and sure enough, it lasted a little less than 5 years. We are now purchasing hotel models through Sams Club, but have to special order them and buy two at a time. Sigh. But, its better than being screwed and having to go through the whole ordeal every 4-5 years.

  7. Mary says:

    Purchased a one sided twin not knowing or realizing it was one sided. Salesman bragged on he was giving me the best one in the store. this is a warehouse furniture store, Super Warehouse Furniture on Spencer in Pasadena, Texas, cash only. When they delivered, I was given a no match box spring with this one-side piece of no good mattress. I have tried to get them to do me good but they are now ignoring me. Say they will be at my home, I wait, nothing. I know I will have to eat this mattress and box spring but will never buy or recommed them.

  8. Kathryn says:

    After close examination of my new 6 month old Sealy, it now has two valleys on it (one from me and one from my husband) We have rotated the mattresses now twice and are no longer getting quality sleep, I’m absolutely beside myself as our last double sided Sealy lasted 10 years by flipping it every 3 months. I’ve not had to camp out in guest bedroom because my back is killing me….I can’t believe we are going to have to replace this the first year. I’m going to place the mattress cushion side down on the ground and jump on it tonight, see if it irons out the divets…..I’m just disgusted, we replaced all the matresses in our home with no flips!!!!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Actually, thank you everybody for making me feel better. I only paid about $300.00 for “Famous ‘S'” brand mattress. (I thought maybe that was the reason I couldn’t ‘flip’ it – because it was so cheap.)

  10. Blake says:

    Thank you for your comment,

    As with every story, there are always two sides. When it comes to mattresses, there is no magic material that will not change over time. Even botanical latex, which we love and is the longest lasting, is not an unchanging material. If you were to sleep in the same spot every night for 10 years on a 6″ slab of rubber, and never flipped or rotated it, though it would not show visible compression, you would still be able to feel where you slept. When it comes to comfort, feeling flat, and looking flat can be different. For a bed to remain comfortable, and for a person to get real value for their dollar, it is important that a bed be maintained to feel uniform. There is no bed (other than a waterbed) that will not feel uneven over time without flipping.
    What you’re saying is what people that work at stores selling “can’t flip” mattresses often tell people. Having done this for 40 years we know this is not the case. When you have comfort layers on the bottom of the mattress, directly against a box or slat system, the combined weight of the person and mattress are distributed evenly across that surface; this is important, because it ensures the compression created when sleeping on the other side of the bed is flattened out. Flattening that out makes for an even sleeping surface. Even sleeping surface = even comfort = no sag.
    If you have a one sided versions of any bed, it might be a good choice, but only if you need it to last for a few months or years; not if you are looking for long term value. There is no substitute for a two-sided mattress. The average age of one sided beds that we take away from peoples homes is less than 5 years. Many of them are only a couple years old. The comfort layer on only one side of the bed no longer feels even and usually shows where they have been sleeping; people can only tolerate so much variance in the surface of their mattress. It needs to be replaced sooner as a result of the uneven wear on the top of the bed.
    If you want value for your dollar in a mattress, whether it be springs, latex or otherwise, two-sided beds will stay comfortable longer than their one-sided equivalent 10 times out of 10.

    Blake Garfield

    Bedrooms & More
    300 NE 45th St
    Seattle, WA 98105
    (206) 633-4494

  11. Tom Hess says:

    The last 4 “can’t flip” mattresses I bought all lasted about one year before starting to hurt my back. 11 to 13 months and they were already worn out. Finally I told myself NO MORE. I will NEVER buy a mattress again. The mattress industry lost me as a customer for life. Here’s what I did. I bought a used Tempurpedic box spring of craigslist for $40. I first covered the top of it with flat wood boards to make sure it is solid and firm. Then I bought a two regular foam mattress pads (the egg crate type) and two memory foam mattress pads about 2″ thick each. I laid the foam and memory foam pads on top of the wood boards on the box spring and covered with a tight cloth mattress pad. Lo and behold my back immediately got better than it’s been in years. No more back problems. I have been using this for a year now and it’s so much better than a box spring. I wish I would have done this years ago. The greedy rip-off mattress industry can go to hell as I will never buy one of their mattresses again!

  12. Stephanie B says:

    Hi. I don’t know what to do. I purchased a Simmons Beautyrest Black Mattress Yvonne Tight Top Cushion Firm 4 months ago and it is not comfortable like when I first got it. I needed something that had good support for my lower back but not too firm. This mattress felt great in the store and great at home until 3 months of owning it. It sags in the middle just a little but it’s enough for my lower back to feel it and hurt. I was told that this mattress was not going to change in the comfort level so I trusted that. I spent a lot of money that I don’t have any more to buy another bed and of course the store or manufacture won’t take it back since it’s past the 60 days and the sag is not more than .75 inches. What can I do? I am dying.

  13. Peggy says:

    We paid $1700 for a Sealy Vera Wang model. It broke down within 3 months but I was in denial because we spent so much on it, it couldn’t have gone bad already! Sealy told me to call the store, I did and they tols me the 60 day/.75 inch bs story. My back is killing me but before I spend more money on a new mattress, I am going to FLIP this unflippable piece of junk- I just bought a feather pad- I’ll let you know how that works out.
    It just frosts my cookies that these mattress companies have no problems with landfills full of their products. GRR!

  14. pat says:

    i’m need advice on 2 mattresses of the same brand and i’m most concerned about durability of the comfort layer since the innerspring design for both are very similar and very sturdy. i’m about 155 pounds and sleep mostly on my back

    1) a very firm (10 inch thick) 2-sided tight-top but with only high density PU foam in comfort layer so worried that PU foam will break down quickly !

    2) a firm (10 inch thick) non-flip (not tight-top but definitely not pillow-top) – has high resilient PU foam top layer, a latex layer in the middle and a high density PU foam layer beneath – each of the layers not that thick though.

    so which one should give a longer useful life ? i was ready to buy the 2-sided tight-top but really worried the high density PU foam comfort layer won’t last long even with regular flipping of the mattress.

    i don’t understand how the comfort layer of a flipped 2-sided mattress can ”rest and recover” since it’s at the bottom and weight of the mattress and sleepers are placed on the bottom comfort layer ?

    wouldn’t the bottom layer get even more compressed now that it’s between the flat surface of the bed and the innersprings ?

    wouldn’t the comfort layer of a non-flip be subjected to compression for only 1/3 of the time since sleepers spend around 8hrs on it so it can rest for 2/3 of the time ?

    • Blake says:


      The two-sided bed will stay flat longer (it won’t even be close); particularly if you’re good about maintenance. The reason a two-sided bed will stay comfortable longer is: when the foam is on the bottom, the coil system will distribute the weight of the mattress, and the person evenly. The foam that was not being compressed is what is on top, is now what is compressing while it was on the bottom. The foam that had previously been compressed on top is able to recover, and though your mattress is getting thinner through the years it is able to wear evenly and stay flat. With a one sided bed the area that never gets slept on will never get compressed, and the rut that you create while sleeping will simply get deeper and deeper, and your comfort will deteriorate. This is why people are told to replace their can’t flip beds every 5 years by consumer reports.
      The two-sided bed, though it sounds more basic in this circumstance is going to be a significantly better value. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call or email. Thanks,

      Blake Garfield

      Bedrooms & More
      300 NE 45th St
      Seattle, WA 98105
      (206) 633-4494

  15. Kerin says:

    Excellent article. My wife and I fell for the no flip mattress lie 5 years ago and purchased a $1300 Stearns & Foster mattress. The mattress that felt so comfortable in the showroom is now in need of replacement. After doing a lot of research, we bought another mattress at the Original Mattress Factory which actually makes two sided mattresses. We ended up with a better mattress for less than we paid for the Stearns & Foster 5 years ago. If you have an Original Mattress Factory store anywhere near you, be sure to check them out.

  16. Maureen says:

    Looking for a flipable mattress. Only company I can find in the south is the original mattress factory. Can anyone tell me how their products hold up. The warranty is 12 years non-prorated

  17. Linda Arnold says:

    Our 4 year old $1200 mattress that started out great has been so bad for two years that my husband has now got back problems and can’t sleep so we flipped this unflippable piece of junk and put a memory foam topper with 2 inches of dense foam under 2 inches of memory foam, king size for 150 dollars and it is fine. It will be cheaper to just replace this every few years ! I wonder what it is we are laying on but really don’t care as long as it is comfortable.

  18. Karen Best says:

    Ah, now I understand. After buying my second “can’t flip” mattress, albeit at half the cost of the first one (which lasted just ~5 years, right on schedule, eh?), I swore never again.

    I didn’t realize until I stumbled upon your website that I probably won’t be able to find a flappable any more (I thought the solution as to go back to cheaper products). Meanwhile, a renter left me his latex foam mattress … my dad had recently said there wasn’t anything better. I’ve rested on it a couple of times so far, and thinking, hmmmm, maybe I’ll switch my second, now ~5 year semi-expensive piece of garbage for this foam ….

    I’m usually a bit weird about using anyone’s hand-me-down mattress — it’s an item I consider uniquely intimate, and I don’t like even friends casually sitting or lounging on my bed, ever (when people do this on home-search shows, I always cringe). But I may make an exception this time (maybe just put an extra mattress cover/pad for sanitary concerns).

    Thanks for your helpful, informative site! Unfortunately, you in Seattle are just about as far away from me in south Florida as it gets!

  19. Teri Larison says:

    We decided recently to upgrade in size, from Queen to King. My spouse and I have different workdays so we decided to shop online. I knew I wanted to go with the same brand and firmness (Serta, firm). We were really excited about our new purchase (bedframe from one company, mattress from another well-known store). However, we received a nonflippable mattress just two days ago. I was somewhat caught offguard but accepted the delivery anyway, and the delivery people took my old mattress. I should have kept it! My last mattress was purchased in 2001 and is flippable. Evidently, once they haul it the old one away, there’s no way of getting it back. I have read the description over and over on this new mattress and nowhere does it say anything about flippable/non-flippable. I feel like this is false advertising. They want to charge us 15% for restocking fee, plus no telling for pickup/delivery charges. Plus the packing for the King mattress is gone with my old one. I wish I had come across your blog before I bought this. I wish I could undo this whole mess. We have slept good on the new mattress these past few nights, but I dread when 6 months or 1 year from now, I’m going to have to shell out more money and time to shop for a replacement. And it’s not even about the money — this is just more trash for landfill. I will definitely do my research before the next buy. Your blog is really helpful. I wanted to stop and write about my recent experience buying elsewhere. If I had any advice for someone buying a new mattress, I would tell them read your blog and don’t let them take your old mattress away. I wish I would have seen this beforehand and could find a store like yours in Texas where we live. The fact that Serta (and the other ones you named) are bought out and aren’t really Serta is quite disturbing too. Now, enough about my rant, and on to read more of your blog…

  20. Flipping on the No Flip! says:

    We purchased a $1700 Sealy Latex noflip mattress. It was great at first until it started to sink where I sleep (not visibly sunken though). My husband’s side is still pretty firm because he is very light weight. When we rotate the mattress, even my skinny husband sinks on the side I used to sleep on and I am so sore from his firm side (I don’t remember being so sore breaking in my side when it was brand new?!)
    I’m wondering how much Latex is really in this no flip mattress. It springs up back to shape pretty well which leads me to believe it is latex but maybe a lower quality? It was a Sealy latex made for Raymour & Flanigan. On a good note, my husband does not mind sleeping on my old side. He still gets a good sleep. But it’s apparent we are not going to get 10 year even of this thing let alone the 20+ years a latex bed should give you. Are there any good flippable latex mattresses on the market?

  21. Flipping on the No Flip! says:

    Thanks for the info. Live in Pennsylvania. That really sucks about the Sealy latex it sinks even in the middle when you apply pressure but no one ever slept in the middle of the bed as husband and I share the same bed. Ugh. I am perturbed with Raymour & Flanigan sales associate duping us into thinking the best was all natural latex. The top of the bed feels like it’s padded with foam or something. Class action lawsuit sounds pretty tempting right about now……

  22. Sandy Braden says:

    We spent over $2500.00 on a Stearns and Foster Euro plus firm pillowtop Kaitlin mattress set on March 2012. It is non- flippable which it turns out is a big mistake. We have two nice sag spots on either side of this king size mattress in a little over a year of normal use. Neither one of us is heavy so this is premature wear but the retailer Sleep Country and Stearns and Foster both say that is “normal” for this mattress. It seems that the generous sounding warranty is only valid if the sag is at least an 1 1/2 inches in depth! So there isn’t anything they are willing to do to correct this problem even though the mattress is totally uncomfortable for me as a recent hip replacement patient. I am furious with both the retailer and Stearns and Foster. I bought that brand because I had one of their mattress sets back in the 90’s and it was a good set, THEN! What has happened to business ethics? Makes a retired school teacher want to go “postal” on the company and/or retailer.

  23. Diana says:

    As a Government employee who procures mattresses for our military, one sided mattresses are costing the Government more money in the long run because they do not last as long and they are costing the tax payers more of their hard earned dollars.

    • Jeff Garfield says:

      This is really sad for all of us! We hear this complaint a lot, but not from a source who is so vastly affected by it. Thank you so much for sharing with us and all our followers.

  24. Joyce Jacobus says:

    Both my husband and I have back problems. We are looking for
    a new flippable mattress. What firmness would help us the most
    and what brand should we consider. We have always purchased Sealy Posturepedic until we bought our current non-flippable mattress which was a big mistake.

  25. Roberta Metalious says:

    Amen! I had a Simmons Beautyrest “flippable” mattress for 25 years!!! Most comfortable mattress I ever had and I only got rid of it because I had to downsize!

  26. Jennifer says:

    I am also in the mattress, bedroom, furniture business, we have a family business that started 41 years ago by my grandparents. You hit the nail on the head about the cheaper to make and bigger profits for them. We do not sell the S brand of mattresses. We sell Restonic, the make both flipable and non flip mattress, they are a consumers choice 8 yr winner also. They warranty is great, and they stand behind their word. We have very very few calls on problems with them and we sell a lot of them.

    I just wanted to put that put there for information .

    Thanks for all the info you have provided. I will refer clients to this thread when they have questions or anything.

  27. Carol says:

    I don’t have the energy to retell the nightmare I experienced the last time I bought a mattress. I did learn something useful: Sleeping on the floor sometimes relieves a bad back. Just use your pillow and covers for warmth.

    It’s not a permanent solution. However, it’s a lot better than sleeping on a sagging old mattress.

  28. Michael Cahill says:

    Just went thru this at one of the large chain “s ” stores and the “sales professional” said that they do a one sided mattress because of a fire code ? What the H ! The mattress industry is really sleezy! I paid $ 1500 5 years ago and mine is shot!

  29. KC Green says:

    Glad I found this web forum. Hope it’s legit. Fortunately I do have an Original Matt Factory near me – actually within walking distance. Regardless…

    It seems that pocket coil mattresses are exclusively one-sided and continuous-coil mattresses are exclusively two-sided. Is this by necessity or just a trend? If so, it means one cannot buy a non-disturbable (Is that a word?) flippable mattresses.

    Pocket coil mattresses

  30. Tim says:

    Today’s mattresses are a joke. To all those who can’t sleep you must go buy an old school flippable mattress at an estate sale. I am not kidding. “Sagging” of your new mattress has nothing to do with why you can’t sleep on it. And adding a foam “topper” won’t do anything. The same topper, however, WILL revive a worn out old-school flipper. If you have one of these old mattresses DO NOT throw it away. And don’t bother with a 2 sider made today–it will be of the same horrible hard internal construction as the no flippers. Simmons or whoever started this should be thrown in jail. People are suffering.

  31. Sara says:

    I am in search of a flippable mattress. We made the decision to upgrade to a king from a queen. After being advised from many family and friends to NOT purchase a pillow top or non-flippable mattress, we sought out a flippable one. We have the headboard/footboard/frame/bedding already purchased, and when we went to 2 large West coast retailers we were informed that it’s impossible to buy flippable mattresses anymore.

    This can not be true.

    Do you have any recommendations of retailers like yourself in the North/Central California area? We will drive for this, but your store in Seattle might be too far.

    The mattress industry is nothing but a bunch of weasels! I am so frustrated!

    • Jeff Garfield says:

      Hello Sara and thank you for your comment.

      What you have been told from the retailers in your area is very common. Retailers all over the country are telling their potential customers; “It’s impossible to buy flippable mattresses”. Seeing as we sell thousands of two sided mattresses every year, this simply is not true. We have been carrying two sided, flippable innerspring mattresses for decades and will continue to do so.

      I know of mattress retailers in the Portland, OR area who carry two sided mattresses; and though I am unaware of any closer to your area, it is possible one may exist.

      We have had many out of state customers who visit our store specifically for two sided mattresses and have successfully shipped mattresses all over the country. Good luck in your endeavor, and if we can aid in your search please feel free to call or email.

  32. June Heimsoth says:

    You are right on both counts! In 2003 we bought an Amana stainless steel trio, slice in range. large refrigerator, and dishwasher. First the range went at the two year warranty expiration date. We did a brain transplant on it and that fix lasted another year. Bought a new Frigidaire. Two years broiler went out. (Never used it even once.) Putin a new brain after a two year punishment period. Cost $350. Still haven’t used the broiler. :^ )
    The Amana fridge lasted about 5 years had a 200.00 repair then it went out again. Bought a new Whilrlpool. Dishwasher lasted 9 years. I actually broke the pump myself by washing bottles with easy to remove labels. The glue is similar to bubble gum and makes a great trap for paper fibers. I did like the DW. Bought a new Maytag. Washes well. very quiet. Hard to load doesn’t hold many dishes and I need a flashlight to read the panel. My four year old latex flippless mattress is now so soft I have a back ache. I flipped it anyway as we have a fat mattress pad and the underneath part is a very firm urethane foam. Stay tuned.

  33. Kathlyn McCaughna says:

    Will someone please tell me where I can buy a no-so-thick mattress with hand holds on the sides so I can flip it? I hate the hight of my latest mattress & it’s sinking in the middle but it’s too heavy to turn. Why this idiocy in making a product so inconvenient?

    • Jeff Garfield says:

      Hello Kathlyn and thank you for your comment. We hear you. That is why we strive to offer practical solutions that avoid the problems you’re describing. Without handles, and/or a manageable weight, how can you be expected to flip and turn your mattress; and if you can’t flip your mattress, all you’ll end up with is a big saggy mess. If you need a bed that just makes more sense, give us a call. We can help coach you through the process of finding the durable two-sided you’ve been seeking. We’re open seven days per week and have shipped mattresses all over the United States. 206.633.4494

  34. Batbara says:

    I actually bought the only two-sided mattress I could find in a local store but it landed up with body indentations in its pillow top in the first week! They only carry a plush firmness level and as well, the padding was a really cheap synthetic, giving little support and causing hip and back pain. Flipping didn’t help nor trying to flatten and bind it with quilt. What a nightmare.

  35. Jackie Littke says:

    I purchased a foam no flip matress from Sears and twelve days later I had problems with a sagging matress, body aches and a crick in my neck. I contact Sears and was told the store would like me to try the bed for thirty days, now its been thirty days and they are singing a different song by asking me to send pictures and

    measure the “sagging sink hole”

  36. Ryan K. S. says:

    Hello, thanks so much for this informative site. If only I had found it three years ago! I too have been suffering from a “no-flip” mattress from one of the big “S” companies. I have a simple question: has anyone had luck just flipping the no-flip mattresses? I intend to try it and supplement the cushion-less side with mattress pads. Has anyone done this???

    • Jeff Garfield says:

      Flipping a one-sided mattress can yield positive results. If you put a topper on top after flipping the mattress you are in essence creating a two-sided mattress. This can help even out the wear on the sagging side, and after a few months, the entire combination should be rotated to maintain even use. The underside of one sided mattresses can vary, and care should be taken to insulate the coils from the foam if there is not already some limited cushioning there. Good luck, and I hope that you get more years of comfort out of your existing bed.

  37. may says:

    I would like to thank Mr. Garfield for his “rant” . I hope someone alerts him to read all the comments. I am disgusted with the mattress industry, and the state of American business and the marketplace in general. Companies exist merely to please Wall Street in the short term, and are no longer even interested in their own long term health. Back to my mattress; I refuse to buy a one sided mattress. I hope some 2 sided ones will remain in US stores. If necessary, I will import one from another country, or have one custom made for me. Failing this, I’ll find a way to buy a just purchased one from a hotel. Whatever it takes. Again, thank you for your insightful comments. We have cousins in Seattle, and we’re alerting them to your store.

  38. Kella Ettinger says:

    Love this blog. We had a Sterns & Foster double sided mattress that was the absolute best. When we replaced it I said I wanted comparable and got a horrible Sterns & Foster that we ended up returning. Was told that the one we originally had was a presidential anniversary model that was no longer made and that they were not made double sided anymore due to the weight issue. We had two mattresses after that and the final one got such gullies that they showed when the bed was made. We switched to talalay latex and and also went up to king size. Absolutely love it but how the heck to you even rotate a king size latex mattress let alone flip it? We live in Naples, FL. Thanks so much for your help.

  39. Laine Foegley says:

    Just bought a non-flappable and so far so good. But wondering about a year or so of sleeping in the middle with no option to flip and even out any potential sagging. Was told by two stores that flippables were no longer available. Go figure! Dumb me?

  40. Dan L. says:

    Just incredible. I’ve even talked to people who were told by sales people one sided mattresses last longer which flies in the face of logic. Simply twisting/spinning a mattress only makes a problem that was on your side of a bed become a problem for your partner.

    Flippable mattresses always have and always shall provide consumers with best value especially when bought from independent local manufacturers that routinely buy only American components.

  41. steve says:

    GRRRR! I hate the new mattresses. I have one sided pillow top mattress which used to be comfortable, now there are two canoes with a ridge/mountain in-between my husband and myself. I will NEVER buy a one sided mattress again. I will forever boycott the major manufacturers who have decided they don’t give a c*** about their customers comfort and since I have three teens, I will make sure that they understand that if they buy one of those pieces of c*** that they will be wasting their $$$$. I hope that your company continues to have the philosophy of never selling one-sided mattresses because companies like yours will have an impact (hopefully negative) on the companies that don’t really care about the customer’s comfort. I think ranting about something as important as a good night’s sleep is good. I was so happy to find your rant and be able to post about my issues. I will definitely check out your mattresses.

  42. Maria Alvarez says:

    This blog is on point. I bought a new mattress three years ago. Now I wish I would have kept my old one. I hate that you cant flip the mattress. Its the worst. The price is too great for the poor quality.

  43. Rox says:

    I have an old 15 yr plus double sided that i started sleeping on again. Woke up fine. Meanwhile, the 3 yr old non flipper has dips from where hubby sat every day and where i slept. Never again.

  44. Frank says:

    agreed – we still sleep on a 20yo double-sided mattress I flip every time we change the sheets – springs still fine – only the top padding under my hip has compressed so I’m starting to feel some pressure against my hip – but not enough to rush out to replace it yet

    yeah I’ve heard the pitch from stores – ‘they don’t make double-sided anymore’ – lies – a local guy who sells by the truckload gets them made to his specs, and only sells double-sided – that’s what I’ll buy again

  45. says:

    Wow I really believed the guys at Sle**** when they said you can’t get the 2 sided mattress and I must be gross to have not needed a mattress for 14yrs on the contrary I said I’m here for my teenaged son who’s 6’2″ and 300lbs I had bought him a mattress (1sided) 1yr ago not realizing what I had bought until it was delivered I kinda felt ripped off but I thought I’ll give it a shot maybe it is as great as the salesman had convinced me it was, haha jokes on me. Needless to say I am disgusted with these 1 sided mattresses and me and my husband will continue flipping and turning our 2 sided mattress for as long as possible cause to this day it’s still so comfortable, no lumps or bumps the man who sold it to me told me to flip and turn it every 3 months and it will last for ever I believe him. Anyway my son got the 1 sided mattress with a 5yr warranty (I paid extra for)I guarantee he will ruin that mattress, 1 sided mattresses are not made for big people and are crap. I’m sorry I didn’t look online and just believed that guy at Sle**** I know were I’m going when I need a new matress.
    Thanks for this site so informative.
    Leigh-Ann from Long Island

  46. John Mason says:

    Great info. We have waited too long to replace our indented pillow top latex Englander. I hope to get up to Seattle to check out your mattresses. I am going through a cancer battle right not so I might have to wait a while for finances. In the meantime I was wondering if I could just flip our latex pillow top and buy a good mattress topper. I also thought it possible to remove the pillow top but not sure if the indents are mostly in the pillowtop or extend past the pillowtop. I was thinking one of these procedures would be more likely to have success because of the foam construction rather than coil. Not sue who weight read this but I know you as a bed retailer needs to sell mattresses but any tips on this idea might get some of out of a jam for a while. Thanks

    • Blake says:

      It is possible to open up a mattress and remove the worn out layers. It can be very labor intensive, and is not always successful. In most mattresses, the layers are glued together, and the process of tearing them apart can leave the remaining layers feeling lumpy.
      Note: Before you start, you should know that the second you cut into the mattress, you have voided your warranty, and it is no longer going to be flame resistant to the degree that it was intended.
      If you’re careful, and can isolate the failed layers and remove them, what you’re left with could be flat, and flat=comfortable. Use a seam ripper along the tape edge and lift off the top panel. The layers below can be peeled back slowly, like a sticker. It probably won’t peel easily. Cut the layers apart carefully with a sharp knife. Serrated tends to work better. The layers that are saggy will be the poly foam or memory foam (remove all of them). If it has latex layers or a latex core, those layers will still be good; at least if it’s tree-rubber latex. If there are coils, they won’t be saggy. Those are the only layers that would be worth keeping. Good Luck.

  47. Rosita says:

    You nailed it in your blog. I totally agree with you about private equity firms which are destroying our nation. It is not just the mattress industry but all aspects of our life, new developments funded with PE $$$. They could care less about a community. I have three friends who all bought mattresses at the same time as I did,we paid top dollar for different pillowtop one sided mattresses and all of us are miserable due to the sinkholes that happened almost immediately and we are all single so the bed isn’t getting that much weight for such caverns to appear. I also think the pillow-tops are so heavy that it is hard to make the bed let alone turn the mattress. I have mattresses that flip that have been in the family for centuries and are still fabulous save their size, say a three quarter bed when a queen is desired. I cannot believe consumers cannot have impact on the industry and get back to quality mattresses being made. How can we make a difference, any suggestions?

    • Blake says:

      Support the people who are making products like ours. Buy that two-sided mattress. Shop at that independent store. Skip the chain. Skip the Private Equity products. Vote with your pocketbook.

  48. frustrated consumer says:

    Omission is a lie by definition. if one deals with someonexwho by character is a liar, what can one expect? two stores, 5 different mattress manufacturers snd still sagging after 3 nights. Our 41 year old mattress was better. chuch those dust mite commercials and in my opinion keep your old masttress until it dies. Bottom line pay or else.

  49. Janet says:

    Was researching whether I could flip my 2 year old Stearns and Foster mattress and stumbled onto Jeff Garfield’s “mattress rant”. So, now I know why this thing looks like it is sagging already. After researching different types of mattresses and brands, I bought a S&F because they were supposed to be such good quality. Don’t remember the salesperson discussing the finer points of the one sided vs two sided mattress (maybe he did/maybe he didn’t). He did call the model I bought “the rock” because of the level of firmness. Went ahead and paid … you guessed it… $2000. Figured it would last 15 or so years. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I first noticed the sag about 6 months ago. I have actually been in denial until reading Jeff’s blog. Now it all makes sense. This really makes me angry. It took me months to pay off this thing. What a piece of c—!

    • Blake says:

      If it’s a coil mattress, I’d recommend flipping it anyway. Put a thin topper on the side that is not upholstered. It will extend the life of the mattress, and you might even be able to flatten out the sags.

  50. Cristina says:

    Great info. We have waited too long to replace our mattress top latex. I hope to go to Seattle to check out your mattresses. In the meantime I was wondering if I could just flip our latex pillow top and buy a good mattress topper. The price is too great for the high quality. Thanks for your post.

  51. James says:

    I have a Serta perfect sleeper that is “unflippable” I still do flip it though! I use a memory foam mattress pad on it when flipped to the other side. It’s a little firmer, but I don’t mind going back and forth. Screw the man, and buy a mattress pad or egg crate or memory foam (that’s really what the padding is made of anyway). Flip your unflippable mattress!!!

  52. John says:

    I’ve learned so much from your blog. Like the others here, I have an expensive ‘no flip’ Simmons Beautyrest Pillow Top Plush that is shot after two years and causing me back and leg problems. Is there any way to get a few more months or more out of this piece of junk before I have to buy a new mattress. You did say, if I’m not mistaken, that flipping it to the other side and using a substantial topper is possible. Are there any hazards when doing that? What type of topper is best? Are the springs (individually wrapped) the same on the bottom side as the top? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Blake says:

      When you’re on a saggy mattress, and need to milk a few more weeks, months or even years, I’d suggest taking a towel and folding it in half, and placing it across the middle third of the mattress below your hips to crown the middle of the bed. It will create the feeling of firmness where it has been lost. One or two bath towels should do the trick.

  53. Pamela says:

    Wish I had read this blog before purchasing a mattress yesterday – Yes, a no flip pillow top and I even asked for it to be soft! Sounds as if we have made a big and expensive mistake. Our old mattress must be 20 years old and is still like new although I have felt a bit guilty about using it for so long. I’m not sure if we can cancel the order now.

  54. Tim says:

    Whoa! I’m loving this blog. I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said. I don’t have to pay more money for things that just wears off easily.

  55. Deb says:

    Ok I purchased a non flip mattress .. Hate it , but I have 1 year to return it . We have been on it for 5 months. We have been back to the company, my hips Hurt all the time. Trying to decide. We bought one of the memory foam and are thinking going back to a spring mattress, — but still like you said all no- flip mattresses. We live in Tulsa, ok how would we find someone locally that has your dedication to quality? Please help

    • Blake says:

      Hi Deb,
      Tracking down mattress stores with our philosophy is unfortunately hard to do. Good news is that we have lots of great mattress that we can ship to you. We’d love to have you visit us here in Seattle, but we can help talk you through selecting a mattress over the phone.

  56. Ray says:

    I went to a mattress store and was surprised to see all the fancy mattresses.Salesman told me they don’t do “two-sided mattresses” no more, so no more flip.I tried all of them at the store, and none of them really satisfied me, went to another store same story.None of them had the “sinking” feeling where you feel like “aaaahh…close the lights!”.The softest ones were the thick pillow-top, and while they are soft, the feeling is not the same as a flip-mattress that has the sinking feeling.The pillow-top mattress doesn’t feel like one single block of sinking softness.You can still feel the firmness beneath the pillow top, and I chose the softest out there.

    • Jeff Garfield says:

      Two-sided mattresses are worth the search. Can’t flip mattresses can feel good for a short time but the plushness on the surface goes away pretty quickly without the ability to flip.

  57. Evelina says:

    Thank you so much for this, you are absolutely spot on. Now I know why my one sided mattress only lasted three years, and was utterly destroyed with springs falling out of it (seriously!) by the time I disposed of it last week. I couldn’t understand why it had gone so quickly because you’re correct in saying that, years ago, mattresses used to last. I couldn’t recall when my parents or grandparents, back in the day, had ever replaced theirs so often. I’m so glad I bought a two sided one to replace it, and that was before reading this article. Keep up the great work!

  58. Kathleen says:

    Finding this article and blog was such a great discovery. So Jeff Garfield thank you for posting this and giving us all a page to air our feelings about the “no flip mattress.” The whole situation is very upsetting and the bedding companies only think of how they can make more $$$$$.
    Our “no flip mattress” has sagged on each side and the middle of the mattress has not. We are left with an uneven top to our mattress, and it is very uncomfortable. Now don’t laugh too hard, but the sales clerk told us to rotate the mattress 4 times a year.

    Thanks Jeff Garfield and thanks to all who shared their issues with the “no flip mattress.”
    Good luck all.

    • Tara says:

      I rotate mine consistently. More than 4 times per year. I have a Beautyrest Elite which was very top of the line when bought. After one year, there are depressions where we sleep. Rotating frequently doesn’t seem to matter.
      I’ll definitely be buying flip mattresses from here forward. I’ve only had this one for four years. I’ve felt it needs replaced for the past 2.5.
      I think king mattresses leave depressions quicker. Never had this problem with my queen size. Between 1996 and 2011, I was only on my second. Between 2011, when I bought the king, and now, this is my third.

  59. John says:

    The real world problem is that many of us have health conditions which prevent us from flipping our mattress and turning our box springs, even with help (if we can get it). My flippable bed is wonderful, but because of this issue I am reluctantly looking to replace it with something that does not require move-maintenance, yet is durable. So I HONESTLY WANT SOME FEEDBACK from anyone who has positive suggestions about how people like me can address this problem. Thank you.

    • Blake Garfield says:

      Being physically unable to flip a mattress is a reality of life for many people. Unfortunately, it is still tough to come up with any good one-sided mattress. There is simply no magic mattress material that won’t create problems over time. The best solution that we have developed for that problem is a zippered mattress that allows you to replace the sagging layers within the mattress, without having to ever replace the entire mattress. Ours is still two-sided and flippable, but you don’t have to flip it if you can’t. Each individual layer is removable and replaceable. Additionally, as single layers within the mattress, each piece is much more manageable. Then you’re not buying a whole new bed every 3-5 years.
      If that sounds overwhelming still, I’d just buy 100% botanical latex mattress with Botanicore™ latex, and you won’t get sags in the latex. However, over time, you will start to feel a little softening where you sleep. You should at least get a decade plus with something like that, even if you don’t flip it. One thing to note is you don’t have to pick it up to flip it. So if you ever have anyone around that is able, the threshold for flipping is really low. It can be folded in half without much effort, and without causing any harm to the mattress, therefore the flipping doesn’t require lifting it up to complete the turn.

    • colleen says:

      john, i purchased a non flip mattress and the sales man told me the the box spring has to be rotated. I now have a flip one again and ask friends that visit to help me flip it. i am much happier.

  60. Sherry says:

    I have a mattress that one year old and it is horrible. It sags in the middle making it difficult to get out of bed and I’m no spring chicken,

  61. Amanda says:

    I wish I lived in Seattle but I live in Ontario, Canada. I’ve had my flippable Sears mattress for 23 years now. I should have replaced it a couple years ago because the side that was down, has rips in the fabric from the wooden Ikea slat platform we have it on. So I haven’t been able to flip it for a while. And when I just changed the sheets last I noticed a tear in the top side now too. So no getting around it, it’s time to replace it. But I’ve been dreading it because buying a mattress is such a time consuming activity. And now I am learning it’s almost impossible to buy a flippable mattress anymore. I guess I’ll really have my work cut out for me to find one. 23 years ago when I bought the Sears mattress, it was a discontinued model at the Sears Outlet location and I got it for $500. Considering it’s given me over two decades of happy sleep, what a bargain it was.

    • Jordan Little says:

      Hello Amanada,

      Thanks for reaching out, we’re happy that you love 2-sided mattresses as much as we do. We offer delivery all over, so it wouldn’t be a problem shipping to Ontario, Canada. Given the distance, I would suggest one of the latex mattress since we can rollpack those, so it would be less expensive shipping. You can reach us through our live chat or by phone if you would be interested!

  62. Suzette Vergnetti says:

    I cut off the pillowtop off my no flip Stearns and Foster and put a 3 in memory foam on top and slept well for the first time in two years. I was very disappointed to see how cheap the materials were inside. Inside were two pieces of very cheap foam, slinky dink long springs and some pocketed coils that seemed flimsy. I’m using the pillowtop for a headboard, but I’m sure it had cheap matting as well. Very disappointing for a $2K mattress. I bought a 2 sided mattress from a local company, but it was too hard even with a topper and i gave it away to a friend. I am a side sleeper, what can I sleep on that will give me support yet not be too hard. I jumped onto a cold Tempurpedic in the showroom and almost broke my arm, and that’s why I stuck with springs, or more like cheap foam.

      • Debbie says:

        I flipped my non flip mattress and its perfect for me, i have an ikea style frame with the slats and just put the mattress ( pillowtop side down) on the slats. My friends are saying that it will ruin the pillowtop part of the mattress if i keep it upside down. Are they right or wrong?

        • Jordan Little says:

          Hello Debbie,

          If your pillowtop side is already going out, then having it being faced down won’t hurt. We would suggest having a piece of cardboard down if you’re planning on flipping it back to the pillowtop. Also, we would suggest a topper for your non-pillowtop side.

  63. JC says:

    Hello All,

    I have a ten year old latex mattress (not hybrid — I think, but I’ll check, it’s a Bassett Carrington Chase) that now has 2 nice little valleys where my wife and I sleep. Like many folks, I rotated it faithfully the first year but then just got lazy. I’m really trying to milk having to get a new mattress and I had considered flipping the mattress and using a 3-4″ memory foam topper for a while. I know it’s a “no-no” in theory, for which the frustration of has lead me to this forum, but what are some actual reasons for me not doing this, if any? Are there any legit health reasons not to flip it? I figured I would do this for a few months and then maybe get a basic firm coil mattress and continue to use a topper.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration!


    • Jordan Little says:

      For a single-sided mattress using a coil system, particularly a linked coil system, flipping the mattress over and adding a topper can work. The mattress you mentioned uses a polyurethane foam support core. The depressions you are experiencing come from the deterioration of that core. Therefore, flipping it over is unlikely to disguise the places where the mattress is breaking down. However, it may be worth a try if you are looking to coax a little more time out of the mattress.
      I would not worry about flipping the 1-sided mattress over causing you any health issues, but I would steer you away from memory foam for the topper due to the material’s high synthetic chemical content and toxic off-gassing.

  64. Dara Jackson says:

    I need a new mattress the no- flip is down right backache trouble. Can this mattress be replaced by the company who made such a jacked up mess?

  65. Terry Dixon says:

    I have work in the mattress industry for over 30years! I have sewed mattress covers and pillow top, box springs. I have worked for three different large Mattress Co. One-sided beds are a rip-off.! It only benefits the mattress co.

  66. Ninella says:

    Just threw away my first mattress… bought by my parents for me in 1984 and flipped faithfully every year, still felt fine on it!! But thought it was time to “upgrade”… Got a big S mattress two years ago and quickly shocked by the need not to sleep in one area or sit up in bed.
    Shame on these mattress companies!
    Thank you, Bedrooms & More, for your integrity! And putting the mattress disgrace in the spotlight!!

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