One-Sided vs Two-Sided Mattresses Quality & Value

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One-Sided Mattresses versus Two-Sided Mattresses

by Jeff Garfield

In the past 15 years, financial groups and retirement funds purchased all of the big “S” mattress brands – Sealy, Simmons, Serta, Stearns & Foster, and Spring Air – that you’re familiar with, and they started replacing the standard two-sided mattresses with one-sided, “can’t” flip versions.

If they cut off the second side of the mattress they can save about 20% to 30% of the cost of the mattress. 

Now, they didn’t give that 20% to 30% to you and they didn’t give it to me. What they did is they used it to parlay it into another sale of the company and several of these mattress companies have been sold multiple times now.

But what’s the problem with one-sided mattresses vs. their two-sided predecessors? The problem with one-sided mattresses is that they don’t last very long. The financial groups don’t seem to care too much about that. All this means to them is that you’re back in the marketplace sooner.

Many stores sell one-sided, “can’t flip” mattresses because there is just too much money to be made when the customer is back in the marketplace in only 3 to 5 short years.

Some salespeople will tell you that companies don’t make two-sided mattresses anymore; however, the same “S” brands DO make two-sided models – they just don’t do it for you. They make them for the hotel/motel industry. These companies will not buy “can’t flip” mattresses because they know that they don’t hold up.

I don’t think the industry is going to go back to two-sided mattresses. There is too much money to be made off of can’t flip mattresses. You will find that the two-sided mattresses don’t necessarily cost more – they just last a lot longer!

Here at Bedrooms & More, we only sell two-sided, flippable mattresses.


2 thoughts on “One-Sided vs Two-Sided Mattresses Quality & Value

  1. gloria says:

    I would like a two sided mattress queen size I would like to get one that has firm support I just need the top mattress I would like to keep the price @ $250.00, but I can go a little higher Does the company have anything available? Thanking you in advance for all your help. Gloria Hines

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