Our Top 3 Summer Cocktails

Summer Cocktails: Two Mason jars of cold refreshing sangria with fruits on white table

Summer is finally here and it’s the perfect opportunity to kick back in your comfiest loungewear and your new recliner or armchair and enjoy a refreshing chilled drink. Here’s our 3 favorite summer cocktails and our recommended B&M items to go with it!


Sangria might be one of the easiest and most forgiving cocktails to make. Use whatever fruit you have on hand: citrus, berries, melons, apples, pears – it’ll all taste delicious! Even the wine can be your choice. I like a good mellow red wine blend but rose and white wine works too. Brandy, triple sec and fruit juice rounds out the flavor with depth and immense drinkability.

Pairs well with: the Tulip Counter Table from Greenington. Perfect for evoking Iberian vibes while you dine alfresco!

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Pimm’s Cup

This author would like you to know that the Pimm’s Cup might be one of the most underrated summer cocktails around. There’s a good reason why it’s been enjoyed since the mid-1800s!

If you’ve never had this British classic, now is the time to try something new! Built around the gin-based Pimm’s No. 1 fruit spirit, it’s a refreshing mix of lemonade or ginger ale, fruits, and a cucumber-mint garnish.

Pairs well with: Vispring’s Elite Mattress. Vispring, born in 1901, is only a teenager compared to Pimm’s, but the longevity of their British heritage is beyond question.

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Classic Mojito

Does this iconic Cuban drink even need an introduction?

Perfectly balancing white rum with lime juice, sugar, soda water and fresh mint. You don’t even need anything more because simple sometimes is just the best.

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It’ll help you sleep good which you may need after one too many mojitos, probably!

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Classic Mojito Cocktail

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