Reintroducing the Two-Sided Mattress

Below is an article written about us in the Wallingford Journal, a neighborhood newspaper here in Seattle.

We are proud to be a part of the vibrant Wallingford neighborhood. We pride ourselves in having the largest two-sided mattress selection in the Pacific Northwest and continue to look for ways to improve the quality of the products we offer to our customers. Since this article’s publication in 2008, we patented our own process of manufacturing latex mattresses – called Botanicore™ – made of 100% botanical latex from rubber trees; no synthetic latex in sight.


Bedrooms & More reintroduces the two-sided mattress

Bedrooms & More, located in Wallingford, recently announced the reintroduction of two-sided mattresses. According to owner Jeff Garfield, the “no-flip” mattress fad has proven to be a success for manufacturers, but an outright failure in the eyes of the consumer.

“We have seen the life expectancy of a mattress drop from 12 to 15 years, down to five to seven years,” explained Garfield. “At Bedrooms & More, we have decided that the era of disposable mattresses has to end. In a world that needs to focus more on sustainability and recycling, it is imperative that we eliminate the wasteful practice of manufacturing ‘no flip’ mattresses.”

When you sleep in a spot on the mattress, you compress the foam only in that area.

After a few months you will be able to see a defined difference between where you sleep and the rest of the bed. If there are two people, then you will develop a crest in the middle of the mattress over time. When you flip the bed, the weight will be distributed across the entire surface. The durability of a two-sided bed then becomes significantly greater – potentially two to three times as long.

Garfield says that the “no flip” mattress was pitched to consumers as a benefit – never having to flip your bed again. “The reality of it is, the cost of manufacturing a one-sided bed is up to 30 percent less, and the prices didn’t drop at all.

Consumers felt like they were getting a great deal, but body impression problems started almost immediately. Sometimes people weren’t even told that the bed couldn’t be flipped though, and when they went to turn the mattress, they thought they had been cheated.”

Though many companies claim you cannot buy a mattress that can be flipped anymore, Bedrooms & More actually never stopped selling them. Bedrooms & More has been in the same location for over 30 years, using their knowledge of mattresses and materials to shape the line of products that they carry.

Bedrooms & More is not a big box or chain store.

More than half of their customers find out about them through a friend, relative or colleague. The staff has remained consistent in their desire to help customers find solutions that suit their needs, which for most people is a comfortable, supportive mattress that will stay comfortable and not break the bank.

Ever since bringing these back on the floor the response has been tremendous. It’s only a matter of time before the major mattress companies start taking notice.


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Dana - Pittsburgh Mattress Expert

Very interesting and a great idea! I guarantee these mattresses take off! Keep us updated.