Shopping for a new mattress? There’s a class for that!

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At Bedrooms & More, we’re not afraid to do things differently. From selling only two-sided mattresses to emphasizing natural bedding materials, we’re used to going against the current.

But we want to offer more than just great products; we want you to know how to shop for them. That’s why we hold our “How to Shop for a Mattress” class every Saturday at 9:30 am.

How to shop for a mattress

What’s the difference between latex and memory foam? How supportive should my pillow be? Are waterbeds still a thing? I’m a side sleeper, what kind of mattress do I need?

You’ve got questions. Lots of questions. You deserve to have each of them answered by a knowledgeable individual who cares about your satisfaction and wellbeing. Most mattress companies want two things: To sell you a mattress quickly and to get you back in the market as fast as possible.

Don’t fall for it. Our class teaches you what you need to know and what questions to ask, empowering you to go out into the market and make a good purchase. A great purchase. The best purchase!

Whether you choose to buy from us or go elsewhere, we want you to leave with the confidence you need to shop smart.

What we talk about

We tailor each class to fit your needs, so you get the most out of your time. We answer all of your questions while providing a solid foundation on how the mattress industry has evolved over time.

Some basics we’ll go over:

  • The history of the mattress industry
  • Common types of materials
  • How warranties work
  • Flammability tests
  • The life of your mattress
  • Proper care and maintenance

Come see us

We hold our class in-store every Saturday morning at 9:30 am. Come and see us!

3 thoughts on “Shopping for a new mattress? There’s a class for that!

  1. jamesvinson says:

    Thank you for the useful information. I am planning to purchase a pocket coil mattress (Latex) from Mattressville. My partner does release very much body heat to the mattress. I have heard latex mattress can be good for body heat people. What do recon for me? Should I go with the mattress or should I double checking it?

    • Micah says:

      After reviewing your link, I’d caution against the choices that I saw there. Not a single mattress listed in their pocket coil options is two-sided. I also after going through them, I saw none without poly foam. Almost any bed with poly foam that can’t be flipped is not going to be particularly durable. I would encourage you to seek out a store that sells you a bed you can turn over.

      Regarding the concerns about heat, or lack thereof, you might consider a wool mattress pad. Temperature regulation comes from bedding, and generally not the mattress. If you are getting temperature regulation benefit from a mattress, you’re probably not doing a good job of protecting the bed from body moisture. Heat regulation is a direct result of how body moisture is dissipated in the sleep environment. Each person loses about a pint of moisture every night through perspiration. If that moisture is going to the mattress, it can help regulate temperature, but it will make the bed unsanitary, and will void the warranty. Using a breathable mattress pad like a washable wool, you can prevent the high and low temperature swings that your body would experience through a night.

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