Sleep Like an Olympian

Sleep like an olympic athlete

If you’ve been watching the recent Olympics, you’re probably wondering how Olympians prepare themselves to compete in such a high-level sporting event. Even if most of us don’t have the skillset like an Olympic athlete, the one thing we can do like them is sleep. Sticking to a proper sleeping schedule and getting healthy dose of sleep is equally as significant as training and diet.

Every Olympian needs good sleep, averaging about seven to nine hours each night. Sleep is so important that athletes often incorporate it into their daily training routine. Because not getting a good night’s rest can negatively impact their performances during practice or their big events. So if sleep matters to them, it should to you too.

Olympic Sleep Tips

Let’s focus on what most athletes are sleeping on. A comfortable mattress and a sturdy bed are big factors in how an Olympic athlete sleeps. If a bed feels unpleasant, too small, or if the materials are worn down, replace it immediately because these things can prevent a good night’s sleep. Any Olympian would never risk a gold metal opportunity due to a lack of restful slumber. Neither should you.

So if you want to pick a bed that will allow you to sleep like an Olympian, here’s what we recommend.

Adjustable beds get their own gold medals

We’ve noticed that many Winter Olympic athletes have been going wild on social media for their adjustable beds. We get it. We love ours too! The beds enhance sleeping positions that help athletes snooze all night.

Tessa Maud, Olympic snowboarder, enjoys her sleep in zero gravity mode:

Olympic Athlete Tessa Maud on TikTok raves about her bed

Remedy II

Remedy II Adjustable Base to sleep like an olympianThe Remedy II Adjustable Base has edge-to-edge lumbar support, providing utmost comfort. It comes with a programmable remote control that allows you to adjust the head or the foot of your bed to any position you want. In addition, there is a voice-powered app that lets you set and save your favorite sleeping positions. You can also add massage features that will enhance your relaxation. Now that is pretty cool!

We have more adjustable bases that are similar to the Remedy II:
Clarity II
Tranquility II
Contemporary III

Woodland Park Latex Mattress

Woodland Park Latex MattressIf you’re considering an adjustable bed, there’s no better mattress to put on top other than our organic Woodland Park. This bed is sourced from all-natural botanical latex, wool, and organic cotton. All of that materials, make this bed flexible and comfortable. No matter what you have set your adjustable base to, our Woodland Park will still give you a most pleasing surface feel.

We also provided zippered access to its core layers, giving you the ability to make adjustments throughout its lifetime. If you’re looking for a mattress that feels good from your very first sleep onward, the Woodland Park is the one.


Check out our Latex Mattress section:

Hear what 3x Olympian, Summer Britcher has to say about her adjustable bed:

Olympic Athlete Summer Britcher on TikTok raving about her bed

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