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Sleep Savvy wrote an article about Bedrooms & More called Seattle’s Bedrooms & More Chooses A Different Path.

It was an opportunity for the Garfield family to present their family-owned business. Furthermore, it allowed them to show their vision to provide the best available product and unmatched service to their customers throughout the Pacific Northwest.

A Family-owned Business

Bedrooms & More was started in 1972 by Jeff and his wife, Wanda Garfield. Since then, the company has grown significantly. With support from their three sons: Thane, Blake, and Drew, the business has become a unique place. People can shop for all-natural, organic and high-quality home furnishing products and more.

When it comes to mattresses, Jeff strived to give people a healthier and long-lasting option to sleep on. Two-sided beds, sourced from all-natural and organic materials like latex, wool, and cotton are people’s favorite choice. It has been the bread and butter of this company for the past 30 years. Beyond that, Jeff and his family have taken a different path to educate people about the mattress industry. “How to shop for a mattress,” is a free class that is taught by Jeff and his son, Blake. Class starts every Thursday at noon and Saturday at 9:30 AM. Everyone is welcome to join without having to worry about purchasing.

There, you can find trustworthy brands:

[2019 Update]

Bedrooms & More has a wide range of customers throughout the greater Seattle area. Thanks to their love and support, the Garfields were able to expand their business into a 6-story building, 75-feet east of their original store. Furthermore, this is an opportunity for the family to provide a wider spectrum of comfortable and durable bedding, mattress, furniture including sleeper-sofa and chair.

They Have It All

With now two stores running, Bedrooms & More is still growing fast. However, the Garfields have never lost their focus which is to continue providing people the best available product and great customer service. Beyond that, the family is transforming their stores into a one-stop and you can find all of the home furnishing items.

If you happen to be driving in the Wallingford area, feel free to come check out their new building!

Remember, always shop and support locally and family-owned business! Hope to see you there soon!

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