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The Vegan Lifestyle is Taking Over!

The vegan movement continues to gain popularity in Seattle. You see it everywhere you go. Restaurants are offering more plant-based options, grocery stores stock meat and dairy alternatives, and health and beauty products proudly boast cruelty free practices. It seems like there’s no end to the animal-free positivity going around.

But what about when it comes to your bedding?

If you’re passionate about cutting out the animal products, you shouldn’t have to settle for synthetic. Polyfoams and microfibers may offer cheaper alternatives to wool, silk, and down, but they’re not found in nature. If you’re after a good night’s sleep but want to keep animal products out of your home, we want to help! We’re here to let you know your options so you can shop confidently.

What are the alternatives?


A tried and true classic, you can never go wrong with quality cotton. Most of our products feature cotton covers, as they’re comfortable and less likely to irritate skin.

You can find cotton in everything from our pillows to our mattresses.


You’re probably familiar with bamboo furniture. This beautifully sustainable wood looks good in any home. But did you know that you can turn bamboo into bedding material? It’s true! And it’s a great choice for your bedroom.

We currently stock bamboo sheets and pillows, as well as a wide variety of furniture. No need to worry about the pandas getting their share. Bamboo grows quickly, which is why it’s such a sustainable option!


This last one might surprise you. Did you know latex is regularly used to make mattresses and bedding? That might sound weird, but it’s so incredibly comfortable and supportive in addition to being 100% vegan friendly. Heck yes!

But wait. There’s one thing you absolutely must know before shopping these products, and that’s that there are two types of latex on the market: Botanical latex and synthetic latex. Botanical latex is made entirely from rubber tree sap. Synthetic latex, on the other hand, is created using a caustic mix of petrochemicals. Many companies use a mixture of both to create their latex products.

If you decide to go the latex route, make sure what you’re buying is all botanical. We make it easy; all of our latex products are made entirely from botanical latex, so you don’t have to second guess!

Whether you’re looking for a mattress, topper, or pillows, our latex products will make your vegan lifestyle that much more comfortable.

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