Sturdy Bunks for Bro’s?

Sturdy Bunks

Quality Matters

Bunks that are sturdy enough for rowdy frat guys, might even be strong enough for your kids 😉 We’ve been outfitting fraternities and sororities in the UW greek system for decades, and the word has gotten out. Every year before school starts we have urgent calls from B.O.T. members and house moms, saying they need more sturdy bunks, and more mattresses, because they have more members this year.

Why Us?

The reason we get the call, is the quality we provide, and our service that backs them. Our solid wood bunks are not just heavy duty, we have a 10 year warranty on the most popular options. That’s right…broken slat…free replacement…cracked rail…free replacement. We make it so easy to choose quality, that they keep coming back for more.

No Limit

Need two beds? Separate our bunks into two with ease; which is great for kids and greeks alike. We’ve even set up vacation homes and rentals with sturdy bunk rooms. Twin Extra Long (TXL) bunks are possible upon request. Need one sturdy bunk? Need 50? We’ve got you covered.

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