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Englander Latex Mattress Review: A Retailer Speaks

Englander Latex Mattress Review

<pstyle=”padding-left: 30px;”>This is an open letter from Jeff Garfield of Bedrooms & More in Seattle about internet discussions regarding problems with some latex mattresses. My name is Jeff Garfield. My wife Wanda & I own Bedrooms & More, a mattress & bedrooms destination store in Seattle, Washington. We’ve operated our business in the same location since 1972. We’ve been privileged […]

A One Sided Mattress Nightmare!

I visited the Great Wolf Lodge this weekend with my family and had a blast! This place is amazing! Indoor Waterslides, and a truly magnificent place to stay. Highly recommended to all! I would give this place a 5 Star rating if it wasn’t for the horrible Mattresses. I always check out the mattresses wherever I […]

Where to Buy a Natural, Two-Sided Mattress in Seattle that will Hold its Value

    Starting in 2000, some mattress manufacturers began making one-sided mattresses – and just like that, mattresses stopped holding their value. Manufacturers marketed the “no-flip” mattress as a simpler product for consumers to use, as flipping was no longer necessary. Big brands made the outrageous claim “The lifespan of the mattress isn’t affected.” . […]

Officially the Best Seattle Futon Store

Is this an honor or what? We have great futon frame options by Night & Day.  Night and Day offers a vast selection of frame styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an armless futon frame like the one below or something with a Zen appeal (maybe even the best Seattle futon). We have you covered! […]

Need Extra Storage? Try a Captains Bed

Need Extra Storage? Bedrooms & More, Seattle, has been in the Captains Storage Bed and Mate’s Bed business since the day we opened in 1972. A Captain’s Bed, generally taller with more storage space than a Mate’ Bed, will add storage and save you space. Captains storage beds are platform beds with drawers underneath. Some […]

The Best Futon Frame

When it comes to Futons in Seattle, no one compares to our local Vancouver, Washington Futon Frame Manufacturer, Night & Day. Opening a Futon Frame has never been easier and more stable than Night and Days Patented Shoe Fitting. Shoe Fittings™ Operating System Shoe Fittings™ is nothing short of a revolution in futon mechanics. Convenience, ease, […]