bev silver

Bev Silver

Human Resources Manager

“I like that our company environment is very dynamic with lots of discussion about ways to improve the shopper’s experience.

Favorite Products: Our natural comforters that adjust to body temperatures: wool for the Fall/Winter and Silk for the Spring/Summer.

      Krystal Garfield

      “I love that my family really does care about selecting products that are well made and durable, as well as considering the environmental impact that our products play in our customers’ lives (and in the community).”

      Favorite Products: The bamboo sheets (they make your bed feel like heaven), our Washable Wool Mattress Pad (with kids you must have the waterproof pad between you and the mattress, and the Washable Wool Mattress Pad makes that bearable), the Washable Wool Comforter and the Woodland Park Plush.”

          Wanda Garfield

          Senior Vice President in Charge of Finance

          “I’m proud that we carry the best products for every budget.”

          Favorite Products: Our 45th Street Bedding products, the zip-covered mattresses, and the wool products we personally design.

              Jeff Garfield

              “My favorite thing about our company is that we sell products with integrity.”

              Favorite Product: Our zippered mattresses by 45th Street Bedding

                  Drew Garfield

                  “I love that we are consumer advocates.”

                  Favorite Product: “I love all of our Washable Wool bedding items. These prevent that clammy feeling while sleeping.”

                      Blake Garfield

                      General Manager, Primary Product Developer

                      “I love our ability to adapt to customer feedback because there’s no one we have to answer to other than our customers.”

                      Favorite Product: The Forge Bedroom Set

                          Thane Garfield

                          Executive 2nd Vice President

                          “I’m proud that we do the right thing even when it’s not the trendiest thing. We do what makes us feel good about doing this together.”

                          Favorite Product: Meridian Premier mattress